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Tilse Toddle 5 & 10km

Feb 28 2016

The Mackay Road Runners annual Tilse Toddle 5km & 10km event was a huge success despite the oppressively warm conditions where blazing sunshine beat down unrelentingly upon approximately 100 runners. The 5km two loop course lead runners from the normally quiet streets of West Mackay south towards the Archibald Street roundabout and return.

Club President, Tim Magoffin welcomed many new runners in the huge crowd before announcing the course description and upcoming events, including this Friday night’s Mackay Marina Run Launch 5km event from the City Cinema carpark, Gordon Street.

The Mackay Marina Run Launch 5km commences 6pm, nominations of $10 taken from 5.15pm with all proceeds being fully donated to the Leukaemia Foundation.  The Mackay Marina Run committee together with the Mackay Regional Council invite the entire community to walk/run the 5km course which will include awesome river views from the beautiful Bluewater Trail and Forgan Smith Bridge. There will be post run goodie bags and refreshments from a variety of  City Centre restaurants and eateries.

Meanwhile, at the Tilse Toddle new runner to the Club, Julian Picot blitzed the 10km field in the 10km event, leaving many talented runners in his wake.  Julian, whose first few races with the Club this year have been sensational over distances ranging from 5km to 12km, however, he is looking forward to the challenges of a wide variety of distances offered locally on the Club’s 2016 program. There were some outstanding feats of endurance from many competitors including second placed Ryan Palazzi, Scott Alcorn, Lance Dyer, Daren Galea, Andy List, Derek Woods, Sandy Strong, Tim Caddy, Greame Harris, Mark McFadzen, Shane Donnollan, Dwayne German, Darren Binstead, Ross Connor, Scott McIntosh, Wayne Simpson, Craig McGahey, Stuart Sprott and Greg Coulson.

An exceptional field of female runners raced the 10km with gold and silver finishers Niamh Buckley and  Ashley Davies new to the Mackay Road Running scene.  Both girls showed a clean pain of heels to place ahead of their rivals, Nikki Giles, Carmel Mahon, Jose Short, Judy Zahn, Karla Hook, Vicki Vickers, Talthia Swan, Lisa Burns, Rebecca Calligan, Kylie Binstead, Cath Riggs, Cath Meng and Jan Smith.

The 5km event was a tough affair with talented junior runners Joshua Bornman, Jamie Sanders, Will Morgan and Hayden Connor running courageously to the finish line.  Top placed female, Rachel Silvestri blazed over the course competing well against the top male and female competitors. Ashlee Scott and Shelley Binney proved themselves a classy pair finishing well ahead of talented Lauren Morgan, Layla Sanders and Jamie Bornman.

Congratulations to all runners on their achievements whether it be a personal best time or striving to complete their distances no matter what the time. With racing conditions absolutely stifling, race hosts will be on task to seek higher authority from the weather Gods for 2017!

Many thanks to race day volunteers including timekeeping team of Jo Hughes/Linda McFadzen, Ange Furdek/Di Morgan; registrar Karen Baker;  merchandising, Ulrika Widdowson and Erin Safe, course markers Glen Baker & Tim Magoffin, course setup, Andrew Short and results/handicapper, Andy List.  A big thank you to all the lovely ladies who brought along goodies for the deserved runners for post-race refreshments.

As well as the Mackay Marina Run Launch 5km this Friday night, runners are looking forward to the first Club Championship race on the calendar…the prestigious 5km event from the Queens Park Rotunda, Goldsmith Street, commencing at 5pm. Runners will be vying for valuable open and age category club championship points towards end of year awards. All runners please note that you will need to be registered with numbers attached no later than 10 minutes prior to race start at 5pm sharp.  All members are to check the volunteer list against the event program on the website to see when you are listed, those unable to do their spot are to find a replacement.  The Club would like to thank everyone for their consideration in arriving early to assist the race day volunteers.

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Martel Marina Sprint 5 & 10km

Feb 21 2016

Mackay Road Runners staged its annual Martel Marina Sprint from the Harbour Lighthouse boat ramp precincts.  The Martel race is named after one of the Club’s Life Members and legends of local racing, Charlie Martel, who now lives in Brisbane. Charlie was one of Mackay’s top runners, winning events over several years in sensational times in a wide range of distances from 1.6km (mile) to the half marathon.  Charlie is most famous for his record number of Eungella King of the Mountain crowns where he still holds the race record of 27 min 51 sec set in 1991.

Meanwhile, runners who took on the Martel Marina Sprint 5 & 10km events need to be congratulated on their tenacity and endurance in conditions that had temperatures soaring in the mid-thirties and humidity that felt like the high nineties!  Thankfully the sea breezes prevailed as 5km runners traversed the beautiful Southern Breakwater and return with those doing the 10km adding another loop.

There was excellent running by all runners despite the tough conditions with Shawn Claydon sprinting the 10km event in a great return to racing for the first time this season.  Shawn, who is the current male Club Champion, looks set for another successful season, however, the return of Daren Galea, also for the first time this season, looks in fine form as well.  Congratulations to Daren and Karlee on their return to running after the safe arrival of their beautiful baby boy just six weeks ago.

The top female contingent were running very strongly at the front of the 10km with the likes of Ashlee Scott, Alana Ford, Nikki Giles, Carmel Mahon, Jose Short, Vicki Vickers and Karla Hook all in great contention for podium finishes this year.

Competitors in the 5km were also in outstanding form, with many runners wisely choosing the shorter distance due to the risky perils of dehydration if not fully prepared.  Jamie Sanders ran extremely well even after a recent ankle injury kept him on the sidelines for several weeks.  Jamie is one of the Club’s top class juniors alongside Will Morgan, Rachel Silvestri, Layla Sanders, Lauren Morgan, Hannah Morgan and Hayden Connor.  Twelve year old Matthew Magoffin, who is a relative newcomer to running, was very excited to clock an impressive personal best time in the 5km event.

The Club would like to thank all the volunteers on race day who gave up their run to assist all competitors with timekeeping, race setup and tidy-up, merchandising, race registration, water stop, etc….where would we be without you!  Thanks also to all the behind the scenes work that creates the weekly events into the success that they are, a lot of work is conducted by the hardworking committee and their assistants.  The Committee including Erin Safe, Ulrika Widdowson and Sandra Henderson are working on several merchandising ideas including new banners, hard copy photo calendars, 40th Anniversary celebrations where all will be revealed throughout the year….so watch this space….or ask at any of the upcoming weekly events for further info.

Runners are reminded to ensure that are registered and paid up with their race numbers pinned on at least 30 minutes prior to racing.  Registrations will close strictly 10 minutes before the gun time, thus enabling volunteers to ready themselves for their own event.  Volunteers are Club Members who love to run, however, it would be much appreciated if full consideration was given to assist them by adhering to all rules as instructed by them and the Race Announcer/Director.  Runners also need to be very aware of their surroundings as they run on public roads and pathways that are shared with vehicles and cyclists, therefore, please give way to traffic at all times!  It is also strongly recommended in the current climate to be very aware of your individual hydration requirements, not just on race day, but through the week before and after training and racing events.

The club welcomes new and returning Members and would invite any spectators/supporters of their friends and families to register their interest to assist wherever and whenever possible.  The Club has a great reputation of being very inclusive, so if you’re not into running and would like to volunteer, especially on race day events, we would love to have you.  Timekeeping is an integral role in the club, so any assistance would be gratefully accepted.  The Club Handicapper/Results Co-ordinator, Andy List is an expert on the timing devices and willingly teaches all volunteers.

Runners are now looking forward to this Sunday’s 5/10km Tilse Toddle from 24 Johnson Street, West Mackay.  Paul and Janelle host this annual event from their residence, therefore, residents of Johnson Street, apologies in advance for the influx of vehicles and pedestrians from approx 4.30pm to 6.30pm.  Runners and supporters are welcome to stay for post-race refreshments.

For any further information on the Club’s many events, please check out the calendar or Facebook or phone Janelle 0400 99 7432.

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Shields Stampede 5 & 12km

Feb 14 2016

Mackay Road Runners had a very successful Sunday for their Club, starting out in the morning at the Mackay Regional Council’s Sporting Expo and ending at the Shields Stampede in the afternoon.  The Expo was a huge day for the club with their blow-up start/finish shute the main entrance feature for the Expo as well as many new and existing enquires at the Club stall located just inside the MECC precincts.  The Council is to be congratulated on a wonderful annual event, giving all sporting clubs and associations the opportunity to showcase their specific sporting activity.

The Club also held its annual Shields Stampede 5km & 12km  running event from the home of the Club’s Life Members Merv & Wendy Shields.  In the 40th anniversary year of the Club, it was even more special as Merv, who was a very talented marathon running legend in the 80’s and 90’s, wore his race singlet from his Mackay Marathon in 1984, taking gold in an exceptional time of 2hrs 26 min 47 sec.  Merv was a standout marathon runner, not just locally but state-wide and nationally, taking out several marathons events with his exceptional running ability.  Merv, who is currently suffering an injury, ran the 5km Shields Stampede event in the 32 year old singlet and proved quite easily that he could fit into it with no sucking his tummy in required! Merv & Wendy have been involved as runners and generous sponsors of the Club from its inception in 1976, earning themselves the respect of all Club members and the wider community.

The Shields Stampede attracted approximately one hundred runners across both events, which was a sensational effort especially in the steamy conditions that prevailed throughout the day.  All athletes performed very well across both events as they endured the many undulating hills that the course offered.

In the 5km event, junior runner, talented Rachel Silvestri took outright first in 19 minutes 45 seconds ahead of fast finishing Will Morgan (19:51), with Lindsey Wiggins claiming bronze ahead of Ashlee Scott. Other 5km specialists to perform well were Lauren Morgan, Chelsey Thompson, Jamie Sanders, Layla Sanders, Jay McCullach, Karen Low, Karen Baker, Alex Anderson, Charlie Bone, Anthea Ford, Wayne Simpson, Alison Friswell, Natasha Steenkamp, Hannah Morgan, Kim Saron, Cilla Martland and Ulrika Widdowson.

The longer race was a tough outing as well, which included the treacherous hills of Norris Road and Bona Vista Drive in the final two kilometres.  Approximately fifty runners were well relieved to conquer the testing course as they meandered down James Croker Avenue towards the finish line at Karl Langer Crescent and the well-deserved post-race refreshments.  Excellent running by all athletes including Darren Binstead, Scott Alcorn, Stephen Oberg, Andy List, Greame Harris, Tim Caddy, Carmel Mahon, Sandy Strong, Alana Ford, Andrew Short, Judy Zahn, Peter Ford, Vicki Vickers, Ange Furdek, Greg Coulson, Melissa Harris, Emma Goodman-Jones, Stephanie Allan, David Isbister, Shane Barben, Kylie Binstead, John Rodden, Stuart Sprott, Robyn Madill and Paul Tilse.

Many thanks to ALL the volunteers at the Sporting Expo with many of them fronting up again to help out at the afternoon run with great course marking and description by Martin Lambert, excellent race setup by Andrew Short, Tim Magoffin, Andy List, awesome timekeeping by Jo Hughes, Leanne Connor and Hayden Connor, outstanding waterstop duties by Ross Connor for the VERY needy runners, sensational registrar and merchandising by Karen Baker and Ulrika Widdowson as well as photographer assistants ….all so much appreciated.  Mackay Road Runners also extend our thanks once again to the race hosts and their neighbours for allowing one hundred runners and their cars to take over their house and street at this time every year!

With next Sunday’s event commencing from the Harbour Boa ramp precincts at 5.30pm, competitors are reminded to ensure they arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the event so they can sign on and warm up with their race numbers attached.  This is critical in assisting the timekeepers to record all runners as they cross the line.  Pre-race instructions must be adhered to in every way to ensure the safety of all runners and for the ease in collating results for the Handicapper/Results Co-ordinator, Andy List.  Andy does a great job, but it takes an enormous amount of work on his Sunday evening to have the results processed for viewing on line in a timely fashion.  The respect and consideration to all our volunteers is very much appreciated.

Members are also requested to check in ASAP with Volunteer Co-ordinator, Paul Tilse to register your selection of one event to help out at so that all races can run efficiently. Members may be allocated an event if no preference is supplied, therefore, please check the calendar however, if members are unable to volunteer, it would be appreciated if they please seek a replacement.

Congratulations and welcome to all the new and returning runners….. for updates on any of the Club’s upcoming events and news, please check out the website, Facebook or phone The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

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Harbour Lighthouse 5km

Feb 7 2016

Mackay Road Runners, who will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, had a very successful 5km social event for their first official run on the Club’s 2016 Calendar despite the consistently rainy conditions.  Over one hundred runners thoroughly enjoyed the light showers which was a welcome relief to the recent stifling humidity runners have endured in the off season.

Club President, Tim Magoffin welcomed and thanked the huge crowd for their attendance, including all new and past runners as well as the many volunteers who helped out with registration, merchandising, race set up, photography, etc….. Tim congratulated the many new and familiar faces lining up for what it looking to be a great year for The Mackay Road Runners’ 40th Anniversary year, where there promises to be several anniversary highlights throughout the year.  The club will also have 40th Anniversary singlets with “your running fix since 76″…see Erin or Ulrika to place your order.

All runners thoroughly enjoyed the pleasantly cool and misty conditions in the 5km event in lieu of the usual heat and humidity which generally prevails for the first run on the annual program.  The 5km course  was a very scenic one taking runners from the Harbour Lighthouse/boat ramp precincts onto the beautiful Breakwater and return.  Several runners who kept up their training offseason were in great form, performing extremely well including Tim Caddy, Ashlee Scott, Rachel Silvestri, Levi Alexander, Carl Pinkstone, Julian Picot, Chelsey Thompson, Lindsey Wiggins, Jack Simpson, Darren Binstead, Aidan Donnollan, Melissa Harris and Angie Furdek.

Runners can visit this Sunday’s Mackay Regional Council Sports Expo at the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre where the Mackay Road Runners as well as hundreds of other sporting clubs and associations are showcased under one roof. Those interested in checking out the Mackay Road Runners are welcome to visit their stall at the MECC where you will find them as you enter the Expo via the Club’s huge inflatable start/finish arch.  Mackay Road Runners volunteers will be on hand to offer loads of information on how to join their club as well as answering all your queries.

Many thanks to all the volunteers helping at the Expo, as they will then be lining up to race the same afternoon at the 5km  & 12km Shields Stampede from 21 Karl Langer Crescent, North Mackay.   Our generous hosts and Life Members, Merv & Wendy welcome runners to their home for the annual event commencing 5.30pm.  Runners are reminded to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start so that they can sign on and warmup as registrations will definitely close 10 minutes prior to racing.  This then allows all volunteers the opportunity to pack up and warm up for themselves.  Please consider and thank your volunteers and sponsors as these events would not be possible without them.

Members are also reminded to check in with Volunteer Co-ordinator, Paul Tilse to register your name for at least one event where you will be available to volunteer for timekeeping or water stop duties.  Paul will need to allocate members in vacant areas to ensure all the spots are filled, therefore, runners are requested to check in with Paul ASAP so that you can choose a date to suit you.   Many thanks to the heaps of members who have contacted Paul already, this is so much appreciated, the club is very fortunate to have so many willing helpers.

Mackay Road Runners would also like to thank the incoming 2016 Management Committee who were duly elected at the Club’s recent Annual General Meeting.  The Club has a great team, headed by President, Tim Magoffin, who have already been working very hard organising a bigger and better 2016 for its Members.

Those wishing to join the club are invited to register online ASAP so that they are immediately eligible for handicap and club championship points. For any further updates or information, check out this website or phone The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

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Magpies 4.5 & 9km

Jan 24 2016

Approximately forty Mackay Road Runners enjoyed the 4.5km & 9km  events last Sunday from Magpies Sporting Complex.  The very humid conditions prevailed throughout the entire afternoon, with several runners opting for the shorter course in the extreme heat.

Whilst our usual Sunday Race Director, Jim Ford was away, Simon Henderson, ably stepped into his shoes to offer the course description where runners noted their time upon completion and a mystery time was noted secretly before the race.  Whoever, came in closest to the secret time, was the winner…..and there were prizes!!!!!  Congratulations to Ange Furdek for winning the shorter course and Greame Harris for taking out the longer distance title.

Despite the humid conditions, there was some awesome running efforts from all the runners including Ashlee Scott, Rachel Silvestri, Travis Mumford, Ryan Mumford, Ulrika Widdowson, Bill Robinson, David Vincent, Craig McGahey, Jo Skinner, Russell Vandenbosch, Carol Brown, Carmel Mahon, Karla Hook, Stephen Oberg, Wayne Simpson, Alison Friswell, Carl Pinkstone and Leanne Connor.

Santa was very generous to Mackay Road Runners Ultramarathon runner, Martin Lambert, who scored himself an awesome ElliptiGo trainer. Martin was ecstatic with the Big Man’s choice, which will enable him to do low impact cross training and even assist should he, perish the thought, gain an injury through all the kilometres he puts his body through in an endeavour to conquer his long distance running goals.  Martin gave the crowd of very interested runners a demonstration of the unique ElliptiGo, so don’t be surprised if you see more of them riding the paths and streets of Mackay….a very useful piece of equipment.

Mackay Road Runners are now looking forward to this Sunday’s last offseason social run from the Harbour’s North Wall at 5.30pm.  With Jim still away, the course is looking like being a gentle beach run, hopefully on hard said, depending on the tidal movements,  towards Lamberts Beach, with possibly a ‘little’ sand dune or two on the way…great strength training especially as runners will be heading into the formal running season the following week.

Intending Members are invited to join up with the Club online asap, so that any handicap and club championship points start accruing immediately.  Mackay Road Runners will also be at the Mackay Regional Council’s Sport’s Expo on 14th February. All new and existing Members are very welcome to attend any of the Club’s weekly events throughout the season which commences February and goes through until October.

For further information, visit website, Facebook or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

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Planet Paget 6, 8 and 11km

Jan 17 2016

A small, but dedicated group of approximately twenty Mackay Road Runners relished the low humidity and glorious rain last Sunday afternoon for the 6/8/11km Plant Paget event from the Railway Station carpark, Paget.  Race Director/Club Captain, Jim Ford’s original course concept was amended due to the day’s continual rainfall which was a welcome relief from previous offseason Sunday events.

Runners enjoyed the variety of several course options as they left the Railway Station precincts onto the pathways of Paradise Street into Evan Street. While the shorter course athletes turned at the skate park roundabout, the rest of the field continued East down Evan Street.  All 8k runners turned off at Juliet Street towards Bridge Rd, whilst the 11km runners headed towards Town Beach into Iluka Street, meandering through parklands to link up with Binnington Esplanade at Ocean International before heading for home via Bridge Road and Paradise Street.

The precipitation was prevalent throughout the entire course however it did ease in the later stages allowing runners to coast across the line in slightly sprinkly rain.  Despite the watery conditions, runners enjoyed the amended course where they regrouped at regular checkpoints to include the slower runners. Many thanks to Jim for organising a great course once again, much appreciated by all runners including Paul Tilse, Kim Saron, Lindsey Wiggins, Jose Short, Carl Pinkstone, Alana Ford, Andrew Short, Anthea Ford, Bernadine McKinnon, Robyn Richards, Adam Knezevic, Jay McCulloch, Scott McIntosh, Simon Henderson and Janelle Tilse.  Runners also enjoyed some well-deserved post-race fruit and cake during a brief window of clear sky shortly before the heavy clouds opened up again, causing runners to cut the usual banter and scuttle to their cars.

Mackay Road Runners will meet again next Sunday at 5.30pm at Magpies Sporting Complex carpark for another innovative course to look forward to.  This will be the second last run on the offseason social program, with the formal 2016 Mackay Road Runners calendar commencing on 7th February at 5.30pm at the Mackay Harbour Boat ramp.

This year promises to be another enjoyable and successful year, especially as it is the 40th Anniversary year for the Club. Check out the calendar for regular weekly runs, including Signature events, training groups, etc…. available to all new and existing members.  Runners are reminded to join up online with one of the region’s most inclusive sporting groups, Mackay Road Runners, for a great year of running and comradery….look forward to seeing you soon.

For further information check out the website, ph the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

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Harbour to Mt Bassett Hill reps 10km

Jan 10 2016

Approximately fifty runners braved the very humid conditions last Sunday afternoon at 5.30pm for a series of hill sprints on the very testing Mt Bassett ascent.  Runners easily paced themselves from the Old Mulherin Park precincts for the 1.5km run to the base of Mt Bassett, whereupon Club Captain and race director, Jim Ford explained the hill repeat concept that suited all abilities.

The fastest runner, Shawn Claydon lead the field up and down Mt Bassett, sounding the alarm once he reached the bottom.  Runners then stopped at varying points on the hill depending on where they were when Shawn completed his first lap. All runners then had a one minutes rest before the whistle was blown for them to run up the hill from where they stopped, then head for the finish line….that was one rep.  As Shawn was the lead runner, he actually did two laps as his one rep…. that’s what happens when you’re fast! All other runners did varying distances depending on their placement on the hill.  Jim’s innovative course meant that all runners would be completing the rep at approximately the same time.   Participants then had a two minute break then repeated the course three more times, before heading back to Old Mulherin Park for some well-deserved post run fruit/cake/random draws.

All runners ran exceptionally well in the sweltering heat including Carl Pinkstone, Jack Simpson, Flynn Wilson, Ashlee Scott, Caitlin Farlow, Alana Ford, Greg Coulson, Wayne Simpson, Scott McIntosh, Jose Short, Sophie Webb-Smith, Emma Goodman-Jones and Stephen Oberg.  A big welcome to new runners, Danielle Garner and June Bradley who performed very well in their new surroundings.

Runners are now looking forward to Jim’s next exciting race course this Sunday at 5.30pm from the Railway Station carpark, Paget, which in previous years, has always proved to be very interesting!  All new and existing runners are most welcome to attend, no need to be a Mackay Road Runners Member as the off season runs are of a very social nature with only a gold coin donation towards after run refreshments.

Those interested in becoming a 2016 member are invited to join up online for a very reasonable cost of:- $55 for a single adult; $110 for a family; $22 for a junior (under 18 years of age) – due last day of February to be eligible for handicap/club championship points.  There are weekly race fees: Members – $2 per race per person (senior and junior) and payable on registering each race day; Non-Members – $10 seniors, $5 juniors and no race time recorded. For any further information, contact the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

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Base to Mater Hospitals 6 & 10km

Jan 3 2016

Over forty new and existing runners need to be congratulated on their huge efforts at last Sunday’s Base to Mater Hospitals 6 & 10km team event.  Race Director/Club Captain, Jim Ford once again came prepared with an unusual course concept whereupon runners were teamed up with other runners as per their sign on number.  Runners had the option of a shorter course from the Base Hospital to the beginning of the Canelands Bluewater Trail boardwalk and return, whilst the longer course runners continued to the Forgan Bridge.  Competitors had the pleasure of running across the bridge, Riverside Drive towards Sams Road, Mater Hospital and return to the start via the road under the Ron Camm Bridge, Hume Street and Bridge Road.

Jim instructed teams to regroup every fifteen minutes at various checkpoints, so that they could support each other throughout the entire course.  All runners did a great job encouraging not just their team, but all other runners so that they could all get to the finish line feeling very proud of their achievements in the tough conditions. Jim does a great job involving all runners into these types of team events, thus creating an environment of great comradery.

The oppressive conditions saw many runners sensibly take the shorter option due to their individual running experience, hydration and injury issues.  Runners need to ensure they take extra care with their hydration requirements, particularly in Mackay’s extremely humid summer months.

There were some awesome performances including those from new and returning athletes eg Carl Pinkstone, Carol Brown, Travis Mumford, Heath La Gersche, Ashlee Scott, Rachel Silvestri, John Rodden, Robyn Madill, Stephen Oberg, Dylan Coppo, Bernie McKinnon as well as experienced runners Liam Mumford, Jamie Sanders, Andrew Short, Glenn Baker, Russell Van Den Bosch, Carmel Mahon, Karla Hook, Paul Tilse, Megan Notnagel, Mark Pashalis, Karen Baker, Jo Hughes, Karen Low, Mel Harris, Jose Short, Alana Ford, Greg Coulson, Kim Saron, Jo Skinner, Craig McGahey, Lindsey Wiggins, Layla Sanders and Jose Short.

Farewell and best wishes to Liam Mumford as he travels back to the United States this week to continue his Athletics Scholarship in Virginia….I’m sure the weather conditions there will be way cooler than he is currently experiencing at home. Mackay Road Runners look forward to catching up when he visits later in the year.

Congratulations to Rachel Silvestri on a great running season last year, where she only just collected her 2015 trophies for her gold medal performances in the Junior King of the Mountain and Mackay Road Runners Junior Female Club Champion.  Rachel, who has been very busy with her running, school and family commitments was unable to get to the Club’s Presentation Night, was very excited to be presented with her trophies.  Rachel is in great form and set to have another successful year of running after easily completing the 10km run at today’s event.

Intending Mackay Road Runners members are reminded that Club registration for 2016 is open via the registration page with fees for seniors, juniors and families the same as last year.

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The Benita Willis Handicap 10km Trophy

Mackay Road Runners and Mackay’s only specialised running coaching store ”On the Run” joined forces in presenting the prestigious annual Benita Willis 10km handicap Trophy event from the Bluewater Lagoon parklands last Sunday afternoon. In perfect running conditions, over fifty runners contested the 5km and 10km options with the first placed 10km handicapped runner across the line deemed the 2018 Benita Willis 10km Handicap Trophy recipient.

“On The Run’s” Martin Lambert has been a huge supporter of running in the local and wider community for many years, with great results from many of his personally trained athletes. Martin, himself, is a very experienced runner, tackling and conquering many longer distance endurance events including the Anzac Centenary 100km event in Sydney and the Mackay to Moranbah Trail to Triumph in honour of Tony Britton who passed away from mesothelioma cancer. Martin’s quality experiences and knowledge in running includes trail and road running over varying distances. Mackay Road Runners appreciates Martin’s support in presenting the coveted Benita Willis Trophy event.

Benita is one of Mackay’s most treasured icons, competing in four Olympic Games and two Commonwealth Games and the holder of many Australian records. Benita was the sensational 2004 World Cross Country Champion where she blitzed a field of world class runners to take an unprecedented first place ahead of her more fancied rivals. Benita is a beautiful role model who still remains a country kid at heart, calling Mackay home, generously supporting our 10km event as well as being the BMA Mackay Marina Run race ambassador. We are very proud to have Benita share her time and experiences with the Mackay Road Runners where she still holds the Club’s local Magic Mile race record.

The winner of this year’s event went to a very thrilled Simon Henderson who snatched line honours based on his handicapped start ahead of a very fast finishing Dannelle Thompson and third placed Geoff Neale. Simon, who is a teacher at Mackay North High School, just so happens to be the same secondary school where Benita went, was stoked with the spectacular trophy. His first thought upon winning was placing the enormous trophy in the High School’s main entrance in honour of their past student. Simon, who has been battling injury for some time, was a very deserved winner of the majestic prize. Runners who ran extremely well to chase down the front markers included Tim Caddy, Stuart Sprott, June Bradley, Alan Zamparutti, Karla Hook, Peter Ellison, Carl Pinkstone, Judy Zahn, Mitchell Thompson, Mark Takagaki, Scott McIntosh, Steve Oberg, Jose Short, Kylie Harbour, Carmel Mahon, Colin Hardy, Leon Ryan and David Isbister.

Junior runner, Will Morgan, ran a courageous race, challenging himself with the tough ten kilometre event, where he placed highly among his more experienced peers. Will is heading to Townsville this weekend to compete in Athletics North Queensland championships in the 800 metres, 1500 metre and high jump.

In the five kilometre event, Darrin Pullen sprinted from his handicapped start, placing only seconds behind winner, Janelle Tilse. Delightful comradery from third and fourth placed Paula Easton and Tam Wanstall as they crossed the line together ahead of the very speedy Nick Rewald. Mark Walz timed his run to perfection crossing the line marginally ahead of Stacey Tresise, Peter Wright, Andrew Short, Carolyn Steginga, Jo Hughes, Craig McGahey and Ross Connor. Following in quick succession were Bill Morgan, Kim Saron, Leanne Connor, Sandy Strong, Arthur Dick and Russell VanDenBosch.

Thank you once again to Martin for his support of the event and donating five x $50 random draw and competition prizes to lucky winners. One of the competition prize questions included a guess of Benita’s long standing 3km Australian record which was won by David Isbister. He was one second off the sensational time of eight minutes 38 seconds……amazing time, no wonder it still stands! The second prize winner, Karla Hook was ecstatic to have her birthday in May closest to Benita’s. If you need running coaching guidelines, look no further than ‘On the Run’…maybe you can do a sub nine minute 3km!

Having said that, this Sunday happens to be the Club’s 3km Club Championship event at 4pm from the Queens Park Rotunda via Goldsmith Street entrance. Attempting a sub nine minute 3km at this time is not recommended…the eliteness of that spectacular time is certainly a tough goal. Our awesome new sponsors of the 3km will be Construct Health Physiotherapy who will be on hand generously supporting the event as well as offering professional assistance. If you do decide to do an unrealistic wondrous personal best, they may be the first person you need to see post run! Thank you Construct Physio for your sponsorship, it is so much appreciated.

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