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Overall Club Championship

Club Championship (Male)
2018 Julian Picot
2017 Mark McFadzen
2016 Julian Picot
2015 Shawn Claydon
2014 Liam Mumford
2013 Shawn Claydon
2012 Liam Mumford
2011 Shawn Claydon
2010 Shawn Claydon
2009 Shawn Claydon
2008 Shawn Claydon
2007 Shawn Claydon
2006 Shawn Claydon
2005 Shawn Claydon
2004 Shawn Claydon
2003 Chris French
2002 Chris French
2001 Charlie Martel
2000 Charlie Martel
1999 Charlie Martel
1998 John Schoneveld
1997 John Schoneveld
1996 Charlie Martel
1995 Merv Shields
1994 Charlie Martel
1993 Merv Shields
1992 Charlie Martel
1991 Charlie Martel
1990 Charlie Martel
1989 Charlie Martel
1988 Charlie Martel
1987 Merv Shields
1986 Charlie Martel
1985 Merv Shields
1984 Merv Shields
1983 Merv Shields
1982 Fred Saliba
Club Championship (Female)
2018 Anslie Heinke
2017 Ashlee Scott
2016 Carmel Mahon
2015 Carmel Mahon
2014 Carmel Mahon
2013 Judy Zahn
2012 Lisa Burns
2011 Judy Zahn
2010 Judy Zahn
2009 Jeanette Farrugia
2008 Shaneen O’Brien
2007 Janelle Tilse
2006 Judy Zahn
2005 Judy Zahn
2004 Judy Zahn
2003 Debbie Cowell
2002 Debbie Cowell
2001 Janelle Tilse
2000 Janelle Tilse
1999 Janelle Tilse
1998 Janelle Tilse
1997 Janelle Tilse
1996 Sharon McEvoy
1995 Sharon Kiegerl
1994 Janelle Tilse
1993 Linda Bolton
1992 Linda Bolton
1991 Linda Bolton
1990 Carol Porter
1989 Wendy Shields
1988 Bev Brown
1987 Bev Brown
1986 Bev Brown
1985 Carol Porter

Club Championship Rules

  • All Club Championship races are marked CC on the club calendar
  • Runners must complete a minimum of xx eligible timed club runs (HC, CC or SCR runs) throughout the year to qualify for a club championship or age category trophy

Club Championship Point System

  • Points are awarded to the 1st (3 Points), 2nd (2 points) and 3rd (1 Point) male and female over the line for the Open Club Championship
  • Points are also awarded for the first 3 places in each age / gender category
  • The longer distance race at any club championship event will accrue points for the Open and all the senior age category championships. The short distance races do NOT accrue points.
  • The shorter distance races ONLY count towards the Junior Club Championship.
  • Juniors choosing to run the longer distance race will not be awarded points in the Junior Club Championship however they will be eligible for points in the Open Club championship
  • The Club Championship points leaderboard will be published throughout the year however will be blind approaching the later part of the season prior to presentation night.

Club Championship Awards & Trophies

  • A total of 45 trophies are awarded in the Open, Junior and Category club championships:
    • Open Male and Female Club Champion 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
    • Junior Male and Female Club Champion 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
    • Age / Gender Category Club Champion 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each category

Club Championship Age Groups for 2018

The following age groups are in place for 2018 based on the existing membership base. Age groups may be added / removed based on changes in membership.

Junior FemaleJunior Male
18-29 Female18-29 Male
30-39 Female30-39 Male
40-49 Female40-49 Male
50-59 Female50-59 Male
60 + Female60-69 Male
70+ Male