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Run Reports 2016

Tourist Information Centre 10km

Dec 25 2016

Six Mackay Road Runners were very dedicated athletes on Christmas Day afternoon, not allowing their full day of festivities to hinder their fitness regimes

Carmel Mahon, Karla Hook, Ashlee Scott, Carl Pinkstone, Noel Barnett and Andrew Wallace took advantage of the beautiful late afternoon cooling breezes at 5.30pm as they enjoyed the 10km summer social run through meandering pathways at the Lagoons precinct from the City Gates Tourist Information Centre.

Mackay Road Runners continue to meet through the off season….check out the calendar for this Sunday’s Social Summer run commencing 5.30pm from the Base Hospital carpark. The first of January event will hopefully be the first of many New Year’s resolutions set and achieved for 2017.

Hibiscus Shopping Centre 10km

Dec 18 2016

Approximately thirty Mackay Road Runners enjoyed the awesome cooling sea breezes at last Sunday’s social summer program run commencing 5.30pm from 10km Hisbiscus Shopping Centre, Bucasia. The 10km event which was organised by Race Director, Alana Ford, took runners from the shopping centre carpark precincts onto beautiful Bucasia Beach via Downie Avenue and O’Brien Esplanade.  Runners then headed towards and rounded the very tip of Shoal Point and Shoal Point Park, returning to the finish/start line via the road.

Alana, appropriately dressed for Christmas and running, once again did a great job organising the very unique team run, with instructions forwarded by an overseas advisor. Once Alana explained the guidelines of the run concept and course description, runners then chose a secret random colour name, with each runner then having to link up with their team person/colour at a nominated point. Teams were to then estimate their total combined finishing time and whomever was the closest to their guesstimated time won the coveted prize.  Due to the lateness on a Sunday evening, runners were not in a very mathematical frame of mind, therefore, everyone was a winner as Alana drew random prizes to the lucky recipients, Karla Hook, Ross Connor, Adam Knezevic and Jose Short.

Alana once again suggested runners donate an unperishable food item to give to Charity in lieu of the gold coin donation for the usual post-race refreshments.  Mackay Road Runners once again wholeheartedly supported the excellent idea for the second year in a row with a car boot full of donations for delivery to worthy local individuals and families. Many thanks to Alana for her time and huge efforts in organising this as well as the race day activities…..it goes without saying, but should be said often……so much appreciated!!!!!

Mackay Road Runners had an exciting turn of events when a surprise interstate visitor photographer/blogger, Hayden from Newcastle, literally sprinted over to the running group just before kick-off with his camera/tripod to take a snapshot of the group having an awesome festive time in the middle of nowhere!  Hayden was ecstatic to get some action, as his day had been quite uneventful. However, he was very disappointed he didn’t get to run as he was leaving in a few days and didn’t know about Mackay Road Runners…..thankyou Hayden, hope we see you again, you are always very welcome!

Mackay Surf Club 5 & 10km

Dec 11 2016

Despite the absence of their fearless leader, Mackay Road Runners Club Captain, Jim Ford, the summer social running continued last Sunday as the Club held its 5 & 10km event from the Mackay Surf Club car park precincts.  However, Jim has left the next couple of week’s race details in the very capable hands of Alana Ford, who is an excellent substitute Race Director and course co-ordinator whilst he is out of the country enjoying himself in the snow.

Alana welcomed over thirty runners to enjoy the course which started with approximately three kilometres south along East Point Road to the mouth of the river before enjoying the very cooling sea breezes as they made their way along the sandy shores of the Mackay Harbour Beach.  Runners then had the option to continue towards the Breakwater Road or veer in towards the finish/start line at any point to reach their distance option within the ten kilometre course.  Each runner had to remember their number as they crossed the line to be the winner of a random draw prize. The coveted item was not disclosed prior to racing, however, Alana can always be relied upon to come up with some very interesting options. Many thanks to Alana for once again for stepping in and organising the run as well as the post run refreshments and fun stuff!

Runners found the course very much to their liking, with relative new runner, Ryan Barben loving the tougher events on the program…. he always seems to be able to tackle the sandy off road terrains with ease.  Ryan must get his tenacious abilities from his Dad, Shane, who also enjoys the more challenging events to test and better his fitness levels. Other runners who enjoyed the conditions included Lee Taylor,  Ashlee Scott, Lindsey Wiggins, Ross Connor, Carmel Mahon, Jo Skinner, Stephen Oberg, Andrew Short, Greame Harris, Carl Pinkstone, Tim Caddy and Liam Mumford.

Liam, who  had only just arrived back into Australia from America on the day of the race for his four week College Christmas break, was very excited to catch up with his local running Club as soon as his feet touched Aussie soil.  Liam continues to perform very well athletically and academically in the two years since he has been on scholarship at Charleston College, Virginia.  Liam will then head back to College after extending his stay by two days to celebrate his twenty-first birthday on the 12th January with his family and friends.

In other international running news, Mackay Road Runners Club President, Tim Magoffin and his family left Australia last week to spend one month in Colorado, USA, swapping homes and running climates with another lucky family. The writer looks forward to updates on their endeavours and experiences in this unique and beautiful part of the World, which is famous for altitude training for elite athletes such as the Magoffins.

Pool to Town Beach 5 & 10km

Dec 4 2016

Over twenty runners enjoyed the warm summer breezes as they departed from the Mackay Memorial Pool carpark last Sunday afternoon.  The Jim Ford organised course lead runners around the far side of Canelands Shopping Centre turning right to link up with the Bluewater Trail before crossing Sydney Street towards Sandfly Creek Path and beyond to Town Beach.

Many thanks to Club Captain, Jim Ford, who organised the course concept which was designed for runners to head out for thirty minutes and back in a negative split of approximately twenty-six minutes.  Jim’s suggestions are always, of course, up to the option of the runner, as all the off season social summer runs are of a very social nature, therefore, many course variations for all abilities. In addition, in the absence of Alana, there were no novel innovative prizes, however, the post run refreshments organised by Jim were much appreciated.

Runners who performed well and covered the most distance were Carl Pinkstone, Ashlee Scott, Russell VandenBosch and birthday girl, Carmel Mahon.  Carmel, who had a very busy day celebrating her special day with family and friends, was still able to attend the run by the 5.30pm timeslot thus having her cake and eating it too!

After competing in an interstate 100km ultramarathon run the previous weekend, Tim Caddy completed a comparatively leisurely 10km today with Shane Barben, Karla Hook, June Bradley, Cath Riggs, Bec Baird, Melissa Harris, Ulrika Widdowson and local runners, Andrew & Jose Short who recently returned from New Zealand’s Queenstown Half Marathon. Congratulations to everyone for their efforts especially in the extremely warm and humid conditions, where runners should be reminded to be very aware of their pre and post event hydration requirements even when exercising gently.

This Sunday’s summer social 5/10km run commences 5.30pm from the Mackay Surf Club where runners will be briefed on the course which will no doubt include a multitude of varying running surfaces to challenge all levels.
All runners are welcome to attend any of these off season events and various other social training groups…..no need to be a Mackay Road Runners Member, however a gold coin donation is appreciated for the Sunday run to put towards post event refreshments……. view the calendar for varying run start locations, course maps, etc

Blacks Beach Hills/Sand 5/10km

Nov 27 2016

Mackay Road Runners’ Club Captain/Race Director, Jim Ford once again set a challenging course for over thirty runners from the Blacks Beach Tavern precincts.  The starters proceeding up Slater Avenue, left into Camilleri Street, winding around towards the tough uphill of Ian Wood Drive and the infamous steep steps that lead down onto the beautiful Blacks Beach parklands and foreshore.

The concept of the course was for runners to choose their route based on a turnaround time of thirty-five minutes, however, they had to be back in the closest time to the secret time to win the coveted weekly prize. Only one person who was not competing, just doing a warm down run/walk knew the precious time, other than Jim and this was entrusted to his future son-in-law, Adam Knesevic…..hmmmm……!

The sensationally lucky winner, taking home the special grand prize was Hayden Connor, with second going to another well-deserved runner, Mark Pashalis.   Alana Ford, who organised the prizes needs to be congratulated and thanked for her thoughtfulness and mindfulness of such prizes at this time of year when healthy habits can go out off track…….bless her!

Other runners to perform very well and sorely disappointed to miss out on a prize included Karen Baker, Russell VanDenBosch, Carmel Mahon, Glenn Baker, Carl Pinkstone, Ashlee Scott, Derek Woods, David Isbister, John Rodden, Shane Barben, Karen Low, Alex Andersen, Marie Muscat, Ricky Parker, Robyn Madill and Stephen Oberg. Thank you to Adam for being a very trustworthy person, keeping the time a secret, even whilst under pressure from some suspected bribes.

Adam also had another exciting event on the day of the run…… the multi-talented sportsman was selected to play for Queensland Country in the National Country Cricket Championships to be held early January in Wollongong. His deserved selection  was announced today after he had an outstanding performance playing for North Queensland over three days against South Queensland at Harrup Park over the weekend……Congratulations Adam!

In out of town news over the weekend, local runner, Tim Caddy conquered his first ever 100km ultramarathon event in the Victorian Mountains. He was ecstatic with his time of 23 hours in the Running Wild Alpine Challenge 100km event and was quoted as saying “I’m very happy, sitting back enjoying a beverage or two watching the 100 mile runners finish. I’ve pulled up good, knees were burning during the run, but ok now, weather was great, but very cold, down to zero degrees overnight….stunning scenery, can’t wait for the next one!”   Tim has had a massive year and still going very strong….well done, Tim!  The Alpine Challenge is without doubt the toughest, most challenging, most spectacular and rewarding mountain trail run in Australia—if not the southern hemisphere. The 100 mile course runners take in 6 major climbs with 7,600 m of ascent and descent including Mt Feathertop, Mt Hotham, Mt McKay, Spion Kopje, Mt Nelse and Victoria’s highest mountain, Mt Bogong and 4 river crossings. The 100 km involves over 4,000 m of ascent and descent.

Town Beach 60 Minute 10km Challenge

Nov 20 2016

Mackay Road Runners Summer Program Town Beach 60 Minute Team Challenge was headed by two fearless leaders, Captains, Carl Pinkstone and Julian Picot.  Club Captain/Race Director, Jim Ford had over twenty runners split themselves into two teams before each team ran in opposite directions. The starting point at the top end of East Gordon Street, Town Beach had one team bolt from the gun onto Sandfly Creek Path, with all runners turning at thirty minutes.  If the faster runners worked their way around the various East Mackay Streets back to the start in under thirty minutes, they would then double back and pick up their other team members before heading in the opposite direction of the other team eg Town Beach Esplanade.  The team to collectively cross the line first would take out the coveted prize of organised by Alana Ford.

Team Captain,  Julian Picot was happy to accept the gold winning prize on behalf of his team, happily sharing the chocolate goodies with his team…although I’m sure he would (NOT) have shared with the other team if there was enough, such is the social nature of the event.

Many thanks to Jim for co-ordinating the unique concept course which had all runners involved regardless of ability.  Jim also ensures there are course distance options for those who choose not to do the organised run, so that they can still run and enjoy the comradery of like-minded individuals.  Runners are then treated to post run refreshments, many thanks to Alana for organising this every week courtesy of the gold coin donation by runners pre-race.  The Summer running program is open to anyone and everyone, no need to be a member of Mackay Road Runners….all welcome ……view the calendar for upcoming venues.

The Athletics North Queensland (ANQ) Awards Dinner (who Mackay Road Runners are affiliated) was held on 19th November, with our own Mackay Road Runners Member Victoria Beck taking out the “Athlete of the Year Out of Stadia” award ahead of many deserved recipients.   Victoria has been having a great running year once again collecting many international, national and interstate Marathon and Half Marathon and various other distance titles. Mackay Road Runners Club President, Tim Magoffin submitted a very impressive nomination proposal noting Victoria’s sensational running successes to the Athletics North Queensland organisation who recognise the achievements of athletes, administrators, coaches, officials, clubs and events during the 2016 Athletics season…….well done Victoria!

ANQ also conduct a Half Marathon Series across several events in various North Queesland towns including ie Cairns, Cairns Dynamic, Burdekin, Mackay, Yeppoon and Airlie Beach. Runners who compete in any of the events accrue points with final calculations based on their best four races to get the 2016 Series result.  Mackay’s Julian Picot, who has been having great running success on the local scene, scored third place……Congratulations Julian!

Several local Mackay Road Runners performed extremely well in out of town and overseas events on the weekend as well.  Andrew and Jose Short competed in New Zealand’s Queenstown Sotheby’s Half Marathon, with them both finishing within seconds of each other (Andrew 1 hr 51min 29 sec and Jose 1:51:54).  This event provides very scenic vistas however, the testing course can throw up any weather conditions, however, no comment has been received from Andrew or Jose  this year….obviously enjoying the downtime after a great run.

Martin Lambert travelled to Canberra’s 8th Stromlo Running Festival to tackle the arduous Lightning Strike 50km Stromlo Forest Park run which had many challenging ascents/descents including the Brindabella Mountains. The Event offers a 10km and 30km option, however, ultramarathon runner, Martin is always keen to challenge himself, nominated in the longer event. The clover leaf course comprised  10km and 20km loops featured in the 30km event, followed by an additional 20km loop which travels east along the Molonglo River and climbs through the Arboretum to the top of Dairy Farmers hill, providing a stunning view of Lake Burley Griffin, before returning through pine forests to the event hub and the well-deserved finish line.  Martin was ecstatic to finish the event (which hurt a lot, but he learnt a lot!) in 5 hrs 38mins in what was extremely oppressive heat and testing terrain, utilising his well-trained physical and mental focus to get to the finish line. Martin is not adverse to challenging events in the past eg  2015 Anzac Centenary 100km (Sydney); Trail to Triumph Mackay to Moranbah 250km via Eungella, etc…. so he can now proudly add another sensational achievement to his list.  Martin had a great time away, enjoying some awesome father/daughter time with Charlotte, who is in her final year of University in Canberra…..bonus!

Andergrove to Slade Point Melaleuca Trail Run 5/10km

Nov 13 2016

Mackay Road Runners Club Captain/Race Director, Jim Ford made a very wise location amendment for last Sunday’s Social Summer run based on the oppressive weather conditions that were yielding scorching temperatures from the threatening stormy heat and humidity. The 4.30pm start for the “Cape Hillsborough Hurt Locker” was rescheduled to commence from the Andergrove Tavern at 5.30pm which was a welcome relief from what would have been a very suffocating rainforest trail, hills and sand course that was originally set.

Over twenty runners welcomed the blustery open breezes even though the warm conditions prevailed throughout the entire 5/10km flat, fast course from the Andergrove Tavern through the meandering scenic melaleuca wetlands towards Slade Point, via the Keeley’s Road off road trail.  A multitude of runners backed up after an awesome fundraising event “Run as 1 for Cystic Fibrosis”  Fun Run at Canelands Park that morning including Ashlee Scott, June Bradley and Jo Skinner. Other runners to run well at the Melaleuca run were Shane Barben, David Isbister, Carl Pinkstone, Julian Picot, Carmel Mahon, Ulrika Widdowson, Jim Ford, Alana Ford, Shawn Claydon, Andrew Short, Russell VandenBosch, Mark Pashalis, Stephen Oberg and Ross Vickers.

Meanwhile, local runner Scott McIntosh (right) had an excellent run in the Tasmanian Point to Pinnacle Hobart Half Marathon at the weekend with conditions totally opposite to his backyard training paddock in North Queensland. Scott’s time of one hour 46 minutes (ascent in 58 minutes, negative split 48 minutes)  was five minutes outside his personal best.  Tasmanian race Organisers had to alter the hilly course for the 1700 runners and 1400 walkers which usually goes to the top of Mt Wellington as the temperature was zero degrees caused by the atrocious rainy and windy conditions, which had a chill factor of below ten degrees. Scott and his wife, Dale are now enjoying a two week holiday in the beautiful Apple Isle after Scott’s sensational effort, although Scott is still pretty keen to have a go at the pinnacle of Mt Wellington, possible slot it in before he heads for home?

Congratulations also to those who also travelled to compete in the Hamilton Island Triathlon Series which is a must do event on most Mackay Athlete’s calendars.

This Sunday’s Summer Social 10km run commences 5.30pm from the Bluewater/Sandfly Creek Trail, Town Beach……view course map. The course will have a variety of checkpoints where runners have the option to choose whatever distance they choose thus making it suitable for everyone’s ability. Many thanks once again to Jim and Alana Ford for organising the Summer Series program events, a lot of time and effort goes into each weekly run as well as the post run fruit refreshments which are purchased using the gold coin that runners donate towards the event.

Bluewater Lagoon to Lookout 10km

Nov 6 2016

Mackay Road Runners Club Captain/Race Director, Jim Ford, welcomed over thirty avid runners as he outlined the third summer season social run course and rules attached to the unique team event, which of course, had points and prizes on offer.

The breezy warm conditions were perfect for running especially at the 5.30pm race start with plenty of light to get back to the finish before dark and home in time for dinner.

Jim also welcomed Canadian runner, Cory Genderon to his first run with the Mackay Road Runners…Cory Genderon, who hails from a small town outside Vancouver was excited about the Mackay weather conditions. Cory linked up with local runners, Carmel Mahon and Karla Hook in the team rule format, so with two locals leading him around the streets, he was sure to not get lost and also have a chat along the way. As part of the race rules, runners selected their own teams and seeded themselves on when to start to ensure a finish in the closest time to the nominated figure as designated by Jim.

Backmarkers, Karla Hook, Carmel Mahon, Cory Genderon, Alana Ford, Ricky Parker, Carl Pinkstone and Julian Picot had a several minute handicap on the rest of the field, but were pretty confident to catch the lead pack on the return route to the finish line.

There was an abundance of runners performing extremely well among the group including, Marie Muscat, Karen Baker, Jo Hughes, Tim Caddy, Ulrika Widdowson, Stephen Oberg, Russell VandenBerg, Andrew Short, Shawn Claydon, Ashlee Scott, Andrew Short, John Rodden, Glenn Baker, Leanne Connor, Cilla Martland, Mark Pashalis, Ross Connor, Jo Skinner, Tam Wanstall, Craig McGahey, David Isbister, Greame Harris, Lindsey Wiggins, Karen Low, Paula Easton and June Bradley

Lamberts Beach Nature Reserve Social 3 x 3km

Oct 30 2016

Lamberts Beach/Slade Point Nature Reserve was the awesome setting for over thirty Mackay Road Runners as they keenly trudged through soft sand and bush trails which also included many serious undulations and beautiful ocean vistas in the 3km loop course.  Summer Season Race Director/Club Captain, Jim Ford always sets an interesting course and this was no exception, as he also had a format for all runners, whatever ability, where in this instance, they could score points for their team.

The social 9km run was a 3km loop circuit which gave all runners the option to do as many as they chose, eg to score points, the fastest runners scored one point per loop, two points for middle runners and three points for the tailenders.  Jim and Alana Ford would no doubt have organised a very special secret surprise to the winning team as promised in the race briefing. Jim does a great job with the course briefing ensuring it is ‘not’ brief, but very entertaining, so that runners are aware of safety and won’t get lost.

Julian Picot, Lindsey Wiggens, Carl Pinkstone, Jamie Sanders and Ashlee Scott led the charge up the first incline, happily looking forward to many more challenging ascents, descents and various testing obstacles before entering their second loop for which they would have been well prepared from the first outing.

Other runners who performed extremely well in the tough conditions were Finn Wilson, John Rodden, Ross Vickers, Shane Barben, Cilla Martland, Ulrika Widdowson, Mitchell Kelly, Tim Caddy, Mark Pashalis, Jo Skinner, Craig McGahey, Peter Ford, Ricky Parker, Alana Ford, Carmel Mahon,  Emma Goodman-Jones, Jose Short, Karen Low and Stephen Oberg. Many thanks to Paul Tilse and Jim Ford for setting the course co-ordination.

Congratulations to a huge contingent of Mackay Road Runners who performed exceptionally well at the Noosa Triathlon over the weekend. Also, a big congratulations to Sandy Strong who celebrated a major birthday milestone offshore so was therefore unable to attend the local running event.

Important dates for intending Mackay Road Runners Members:-
*Calendar Meeting for 2017 – at November’s Monthly Committee Meeting – Monday 14th of November 2016, Andergrove Tavern, 5.30pm;
*Annual General Meeting – Monday 30th of January 2017, Andergrove Tavern, 5.30pm.
*Please note all committee positions will be up re election, all welcome to volunteer in any way…..formally or informally, big or small. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for a role or discuss any of the  positions with the current Committee, the Club would be so appreciative of your interest and enthusiasm. All new and existing runners are welcome to attend and offer suggestions for consideration.

new and existing runners are welcome to attend and offer suggestions for consideration.

Bluewater Quay City Loop 5.6km

Oct 23 2016

Approximately thirty runners were keen to get moving with conditions very cool and wet in the second Summer Season social run last Sunday.

Race Director/Club Captain, Jim Ford explained the very technical course and rules to many bewildered participants in a bid for runners to gain as many points as possible to be the social winner, with a special prize organised of course.  Jim’s assistant and daughter, Alana has been doing an awesome job organising registration of runners and with the gold coin donation that runners donate, co-ordinates the welcome post run refreshments.

As Jim sent runners on their way, he bolted onto the course to support runners throughout the event to ensure their safety and redirect if they were confused when accounting accrual of points at relevant checkpoints. The winner would no doubt be in for a coveted prize, which is always very top secret and late.

Many thanks once again to all who assisted in the success of the Annual Presentation Night, congratulations on your hard work.

Awards / Presentation Evening

Oct 16 2016

Over seventy members, friends, families and sponsors attended the Mackay Road Runners Club’s Awards/Presentation Saturday Night at the Seabreeze Tavern, Lamberts Beach. Club President, Tim Magoffin welcomed the excited crowd to the Club’s Grand Finale, delivering his President’s Report to the appreciative audience on the year that was.  The evening also doubled as the formal 40th Anniversary celebration of the Club’s existence in April, 1976, with attendees invited to dress up in seventies theme. Many took the opportunity to showcase their fashion sense, styled from head to toe in all their finery, apparently some chosen from their current wardrobe.  Tam Wanstall was the winner of the dress up in an eye-catching powdered blue two piece ensemble co-ordinated well with huge silver hoop earrings, platform shoes and afro hairstyle.  Runners up, Simon and Sandra Henderson were also decked out in style, complete with sequins and flares.

Meanwhile, the formal part of the evening got underway after dinner with awardees being presented their well-earned trophies, organised by Erin Safe and produced by Ace Trophy House’s Shane and Trudi Barben and presented by Tim, Erin, Club Patron, Col Meng and Veronica Pettifer (sponsor of the Laura Pettifer King of the Mountain junior Inspirational Award). Erin also organised many lucky door and random draw prizes and should be congratulated on her outstanding effort and role for the evening.

The awards went to a multitude of worthy recipients, with legendary club veteran, Stuart Sprott picking up four awards. The unassuming gracious gentleman received two monthly medals trophies for most handicap points scored in May and September, first in the over seventies Club Championship (third in the over 60’s) and the most coveted of all, the major award of the evening, The Handicap Points Champion for 2016. Stuart has been very close to collecting this award on previous occasions, but due to his very consistent running this year, was a clear winner over Jose Short, who snatched second from husband Andrew.

The Open Male Club Champion victory went to Julian Picot, with Liam Mumford a worthy second over talented veteran runner, Andy List.  Carmel Mahon once again was happy to pick up the top prize for the Open Female Club Champion followed closely by big improver Jose Short and Ashlee Scott.

Special guest, Veronica Pettifer travelled from New South Wales to present the Laura Pettifer Inspirational Junior King of the Mountain in honour of her talented athlete daughter who passed away in 2008 whilst on a training bike ride. Veronica, who is a special part of the Mackay Road Running family, presented the award to the Club President, Tim Magoffin, in the absence of the winners, Jade Bidgood and Layla Sanders.

The Junior Male Club Champion Title was awarded to Hayden Connor who claimed gold over Jamie Sanders and Will Morgan.  Rachel Silvestri claimed a narrow win on countback for the Junior Female Club Champion over Lauren Morgan, with third place to Layla Sanders.

For an outstanding first place performance in the Benita Willis 10km Handicap run, Ashlee Scott was presented with the very special and huge framed award signed by former local girl and four time Olympian, Benita Willis. Benita is a huge supporter of the Mackay Road Runners Club and still holds the Club’s Magic Mile record as well as many national records over varying distances.

Many thanks to the presence of Club Patron Col Meng and his wife Rhonda, presenting The Col & Rhonda Meng Club Person of the Year to Janelle Tilse, who could only attend for a short time.

Another highlight of the evening was the presentation of funds raised for the Leukaemia Foundation via the Mackay Marina Run. The Mackay Branch of the Leukaemia Foundation’s Chris and Barry Comben were on hand to gratefully accept the much needed funds for the very worthy cause.

Life Member, Agnes Farmer, together with Tim Magoffin proudly cut the 40th Anniversary cake beautifully decorated complete with logo and lots of chocolate…..just what road runners love!

Mackay Road Runners continue to run off season via Wednesday and Sunday social runs and various adhoc training groups. The club is constantly providing opportunities for members of the Mackay and District community to participate in group health and fitness….www.mackayroadrunners.com.au.au

Meanwhile, in interstate running news, awesome results were also posted at the Melbourne Marathon on the same weekend with local runners, Victoria Beck third female in a sensational time of 2hrs 46min, Graeme Railton 3:05 and Stuart Bartholomew 3:21.

All the awardees for 2016 can be viewed here.

Gooseponds Galavant

Oct 9 2016

Last Sunday, Mackay Road Runners hosted its final run on the formal program with over seventy runners and supporters attending the social 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km loop style course. The very casual event was also celebrated with post run with drinks and a BBQ from the beautiful Gooseponds precincts.

Many runners who completed the three loop course, also chose to run to the event as well as doing extra loops, relishing in the very warm conditions and post run festivities.  Many thanks to the drinks/BBQ co-ordinators and volunteers.

The Club welcomed back Dale and Kelly Blackburn who were home from Brisbane for the weekend for a family gathering, with Dale managing to fit in a speedy run as part of his training for a Half Ironman event next year in Busselton, WA.

Club President, Tim Magoffin thanked the huge crowd for a great attendance whilst describing the course, suggesting no one should get lost today! He also congratulated them on a great year of running which will no doubt be reiterated at the prestigious annual Awards evening on 15th October at the Seabreeze Tavern, Lamberts Beach.  Runners, their families and friends are always so supportive of each other and can now look forward to formally congratulating individuals on their goals and achievements at the very special 40th Anniversary dress up occasion. RSVP’s need to be in this week to secure your seat, where special guests will include Patron, Col and Rhonda Meng, interstate trophy sponsor Veronica Pettifer and the Mackay Marina Run’s Leukaemia Foundation representative, Barry Comben.  The evening promises to be a lively affair with a multitude of random prizes given to special 70’s themed outfits, lucky door, etc….

Runners are reminded that the Club will continue to run off season with a variety of social training sessions …… see the calendar.

Pre NRL Jungle 5km

Oct 2 2016

Over twenty runners enjoyed the second last run on the Mackay Road Runners 2016 formal calendar – a social Pre NRL Jungle 5km run from the Botanic Gardens precincts on Sunday.

Club President, Tim Magoffin was all in favour of the morning start with his beloved Sharks in the Grand Final that evening. Tim also took the burden of coming in last, carrying the course signs for a quick getaway to start warming up for the big game.

Ashlee Scott had another outstanding race to street the field and take gold overall in the social encounter that lead runners through the meandering pathways of the Botanic Gardens’ entourage of native trees and bushes. Ross Connor was the first male, easily completing the course ahead of Andrew Wallace, Simon Henderson, Andrew Short, John Rodden, Craig McGahey and Colin Hardy. Robyn Madill ran well to place second followed by Chris Webb, Jo Skinner, Tam Wanstall, Emma Goodman-Jones, Karen Baker and Carol Brown.

This Sunday’s final run on the calendar will be a social 3 loop course of the Gooseponds with runners having the choice of 2.5km/5km/7.5km distances, commencing 4pm.  Runners, their families and friends are invited to meet at the Willis Street, North Mackay carpark opposite the school to partake in a free social BBQ post run to celebrate the last run before the off season calendar. Check out the calendar for the Summer social program.

With less than two weeks until the Annual Awards evening on Saturday, 15th October, at the Seabreeze Tavern, Lamberts Beach, Members, their family and friends are invited to the very special evening which doubles as the Club’s prestigious 40th Anniversary celebrations…….please RSVP to erin.safe@gmail.com asap to secure your seat and celebrate everyone’s achievements.  The volunteer committee  and members need to be congratulated and thanked on doing a magnificent job once again this year, with lots of behind the scenes time and effort involved in staging events every week culminating in the Grand Finale Presentation/Trophy night……..please thank them often!

Queens Park 3km Club Championship

Sep 25 2016

In very humid conditions, over thirty Mackay Road Runners, who were vying for crucial open and age category Club Championship points, raced the final Club Championship race of the year from the Queens Park Rotunda last Sunday.

The 3km event was taken out in an awesome time of nine minutes 52 seconds by a very in form Julien Picot, with huge improver, junior Hayden Connor (11:36) snatching the silver medal position from experienced veterans, Andy List (11:38) and Derek Woods (11:51).

The Benita Willis 10km Handicap winner from the previous week, Ashlee Scott once again proved her class, sprinting over the shorter distance by sensationally winning the top female podium position and second overall in an exceptional time of 11 minutes seven seconds. Experienced marathon runner, Carmel Mahon (12:42) was a clear second ahead of talented junior runner, Lauren Morgan (13:04), who stole a one second win over Ross Vickers.

In addition to these outstanding performances, several runners scored excellent times as well as valuable age category points including, Scott McIntosh, Martin Lambert, Russell VandenBosch, Ross Connor, Simon Henderson, Karla Hook, Emma Goodman-Jones, Lisa Burns, Jose Short, Stuart Sprott, Bernadine McKinnon, Cilla Martland and Jan Smith.

With only a few weeks until the Annual Awards evening on Saturday, 15th October, at the Seabreeze Tavern, Lamberts Beach, Members, their family and friends are invited to the very special evening which doubles as the Club’s prestigious 40th Anniversary celebrations…….please RSVP to erin.safe@gmail.com asap to secure your seat.  The evening promises to be very special with a range of random draw prizes and trophies galore.

The Benita Willis 10km Handicap Trophy

Sep 18 2016

One of Mackay Road Runners’ Signature events, the annual Benita Willis Handicap 10km race was held today in very humid conditions from the beautiful precincts of the Blue Water Lagoon parklands.  The event is supported by local girl Benita Willis, Australia’s most successful running athlete of all time due to her awesome ability to hold National race records over varying distances from 3km to 42.2km, including a World 8km Cross Country Championship.

The proud 2015 winner, Ange Furdek was on hand to congratulate the 2016 recipient however 10km results could not be confirmed at time of race completion due to an unforeseen technical issue.   With an enormous amount of processing into the late evening by timkeeping co-ordinator, Brendan Bishop produced the final result – the winner of the 2016 Benita Willis 10km Handicap Trophy is ASHLEE SCOTT. The Trophy is awarded to the first person in the 10km race to cross the line first, male or female, based on their club handicap. Ashlee will be officially presented the trophy at the Presentation Evening next month. Second place went to newbie ultramarathon runner Ross Vickers, with talented triathlete, Emma Goodman-Jones scoring third.

Meanwhile, in the 5km race, Hayden Connor ran exceptionally well to cross the line first on handicap, followed by Alana Ford, Lauren Morgan, Mark Pashalis, Jamie Bornman and Ange Furdek.

In interstate running, Mackay’s Victoria Beck posted an OUTSTANDING result in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival where she came first in the Half Marathon in one hour 18 minutes.  Victoria performed extremely well among top class talented competitors where she blitzed the Australian and international field in brilliant style.  Martin Lambert continued his excellent form to post a personal best time in the Marathon.

Mackay also showed Sydney additional classy representation with many first time marathoners at the same event including Bernadine McKinnon, Jose Short, Jenny Harmer and Di Clulee as well as experienced runners, Andrew Short, Matt Stevens, Tim Magoffin, Karen Low, Charlotte Lambert, Kelly Lambert, Linda McFadzen, Mark McFadzen, Vicki Connole, Tegan Philpott who competed in events from 5km to the 42.2km.

Pre-Father’s Day Run

Sep 3 2016

Mackay Road Runners together with Medibank and the regular Park Run Co-ordinators hosted the weekly 5km Park Run from the Botanic Gardens last Saturday from 7am.  Approximately 150 runners/walkers enjoyed the perfect weather and even more perfect company and surroundings. Park Run Co-ordinator, TriActiv8 Coach, Nikki Giles congratulated all involved quoting “It was a fantastic morning! Everyone was super impressed with the Mackay Road Runners arch, Medibank support and community spirit! It was wonderful so many of the Mackay Road Runners group volunteered and helped on the day – awesome!”

Mackay Road Runners Club President, Tim Magoffin thanked the Park Run committee for their efforts and the Mackay Road Runners members for their strong support of the Park Run concept which also doubled as the Club’s Pre Father’s Day run….as apparently, it’s the most important day of the year! Tim also invited the one hundred and fifty runners to attend any of the Mackay Road Runners events including the post season summer series of social runs. The summer season runs are for everyone, member or not, so runners can still attend the Saturday morning Park Run at 7am.

Mackay Road Runners gave away over one hundred of the Club’s 2016 40th anniversary coffee mugs to the ecstatic and appreciative competitors who were also very spoilt with complimentary bananas and water being handed out by the Medibank team. Runners who formally registered with Park Run can check out their results on http://www.parkrun.com.au/mackay/results/latestresults/
With many local runners competing in the very challenging Run the Great Whitsunday Trail this Sunday, Mackay Road Runners will conduct a social 5/10km event commencing 4pm from the Shoal Point BBQ area.

In international news, Moranbah runner, Gary Jenkinson had an awesome run in the Dublin Marathon, Ireland, clocking 3 hrs 36 minutes and is now currently enjoying the sights and sounds of the beautiful region.

TriActiv8 Bonson’s Scrub 6 & 12km

Aug 28 2016

Mackay Road Runners and the Nikki Giles TriActiv8 Coaching group hosted the very challenging and arduous 6km & 12km Bonson’s Scrub race last Sunday.  Runners enjoyed beautiful rural vistas as they traversed the winding and serious ascents/descents of Bonson’s Scrub Road and Ian Reddacliffe Drive in a bid to gain theTriActiv8 Personal Best Award in the 6km loop course event.

Hayden Connor was the deserved recipient of the inaugural award as he performed an outstanding four minute personal best time, doubling as an early birthday present for the youngster who turns sixteen the next day. Hayden also scored second placed male in the 6km behind fellow junior runner Jamie Sanders, with Russell VanDenBosch relegated to a sensational third place behind the youngsters. Ashlee Scott continued her sizzling form to place first in the female 6km ahead of highly rated distance runner Alana Ford and junior athlete Lauren Morgan.

Julian Picot was in a class of his own, taking out the 12km ahead of ultra-marathon runner, Martin Lambert, with Mitchell Thompson putting in an awesome run to claim third.  Julian loved the challenge of the hills as well as the expected offer of an unlikely pacer for a VERY short distance.  Carmel Mahon’s efforts were rewarded with a win for the girls in the 12km ahead of training buddy, Karla Hook and fellow endurance runner, Vicki Vickers scoring bronze.

Mackay Road Runners wishes to thank Nikki Giles for her very generous sponsorship which included random draw prizes as well as the coveted Personal Best Award.  Nikki is also the instigator of the Mackay Park Run from the Botanic Gardens every Saturday at 7am which has been heralded a major success with up to two hundred weekly runners and walkers enjoying the unique concept of global Park Run culture.

Many thanks also to the race day volunteers including timekeepers, set up crew, handicapper/results co-ordinator etc who make the weekly Mackay Road Runners events such a success.

In out of town news, Mackay Road Runners’ Carl Pinkstone scored outstanding success in Townsville’s Palleranda Adventure Half Marathon by coming first in his age category and third overall. This is a tremendous result as Carl is one of Mackay’s top runners who easily mixed it with more experienced top class adventure runners that converged on the tough North Queensland event.

The next Mackay Road Runners event will be held in conjunction with the Saturday 7am Park Run where Mackay Road Runners will officially host the Park Run from the Botanic Gardens.  As quoted by the Club President, Tim Magoffin, this is an event not to be missed as it is on the day before THE most important day of the year ….Father’s Day. The 5km run will be as per the usual for the Park Run guidelines ie no cost and very social.

NQBP Open and Podiary Mackay Junior Magic Mile

Aug 21 2016

North Qld Bulk Ports (NQBP) and Podiatry Mackay were the generous sponsors of the Mackay Road Runners Signature Club Championship Magic Mile event held last Sunday morning on the beautiful Marina Breakwater. Many thanks to NQBP for their assistance in closing the Breakwater for the running of the event as well as supplying prizes to the first three male and female in the Open race.  Podiatry Mackay’s Donald Orr junior cash sponsorship has been an integral and valued association of the Magic Mile for more than 10 years as well as other junior events, including the recent Mackay Road Runners Eungella junior King of the Mountain race.

Mackay Road Runners had the pleasure of Life Member and Magic Mile record holder, Charlie Martel, who now resides in Brisbane, on hand to start the junior race as well as run in the Open event. Charlie’s race record of 4 minutes 22 seconds has been unbeaten since 1992 as well as many other records, including the Eungella King of the Mountain. The female race record was set by our own famous Olympian Benita Willis in 1996 in a sensational time of 4 minutes 54 seconds.

With a quality field of runners in the NQBP 1.6km Magic Mile, Julian Picot was a clear winner in 4 minutes 50 seconds over Carl Pinkstone (5:17) and Mark McFadzen (5:30) with Russell VandenBosch and Ricky Parker crossing the line ahead of the legendary Charlie Martel who finished in 6th.

Ashlee Scott (5:34) took gold for the girls and maximum club championship points with Nikki Giles (6:10) and Ashley Davies (6:22) filling the final podium places, with Carmel Mahon (6:30), Vicki Vickers (6:34) and Karla Hook (6:38) closing in fast.

The Podiatry Mackay Junior under 13 and under 18 races were a little low in numbers due to runners away on representative duties for Capricornia Trials and Canberra National Cross Country Titles. Year ten Mirani High School student, Rachel Silvestri had an outstanding race in Canberra’s rainy one degree temperatures to place 34th out of eighty-one runners, a sensational result for the North Queensland humidity trained athlete. Rachel will now compete in the relay this week for Queensland.

Youngest runner, Millie Bishop took out the under 13 female Podiatry Mackay 1.6km race and was also the prestigious and delighted winner of the Magic Mile Milo award, which she may or may not have to share with her younger brother, but more importantly, her Dad!

Joshua Bornman (5:05) was a classy winner in the under 18 Podiatry Mackay male event ahead of Hayden Connor (5:24). Under 18 runner Lauren Morgan (6:20) and her under 13 brother Will (5:19) were gold medal winners in their individual category races with Will showing great strength and speed to place second overall. Sensational running also came from second placed under 13 runner, talented Simba Walz (5:13) with Sam Riggs taking bronze. Jamie Bornman collected silver in the under 18 female category for her fine performance.

Many thanks to all the awesome volunteers who assisted in the success of the event as well as Sponsors, NQBP and Podiatry Mackay.

Meanwhile, Moranbah runner, Gary Jenkinson jets out this week to run the Dublin Marathon as well as earning himself a well-deserved holiday in Ireland.

Eimeo Hotel 5 & 14km

Aiug 14 2016

Mackay Road Runners hosted one of its toughest and most popular events on the calendar last Sunday….the Eimeo Hotel 5k & 14km run!  Both courses took in the very hilly terrain surrounding the historically iconic Eimeo Hotel including the many serious undulations of Dolphin Heads, Blacks Beach and the outer residential streets of the Eimeo suburb.

Julian Picot held a decisive lead from the gun to the finish line, with Carl Pinkstone not far behind in second place with multi-sport endurance athlete, Lee Taylor crossing the line third fastest. The female field saw a tight finish between Carmel Mahon and Alana Ford who were still united leaders until the later stages, leaving of a bevy of talented female runners in their wake.

Excellent performances came from runners across both events, including Colin Hardy, Stuart Sprott, Simon Henderson, Lisa Burns, Karla Hook, Jo Hughes, Karen Baker, Emma Goodman-Jones, June Bradley, Carol Brown, Shane Barben, Mark McFadzen, Greame Harris, Craig McGahey, Melissa Harris and Rebecca Baird.

Meanwhile, local Mackay Road Runners, Karen Low (1 hr 22 min 30 sec) and Shawn Claydon (52 minutes, 22 seconds) successfully competed in Sydney’s famous Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac 14km event which is well known for its challenging Heartbreak Hill in the midst of the point to point run from Hyde Park to beautiful Bondi Beach…..congratulations to both on their awesome achievements.

Mackay Road Runners invite its’ Members, all schools, athletes from all sporting codes and the general public to one of their Signature events this Sunday morning at the Marina Breakwater for the running of the annual North Qld Bulk Ports Open and Podiatry Mackay Junior 1.6km Magic Mile running event. The event doubles as a Club Championship race for its Members with valuable open and age category points available. Nominations close Sunday at 9.45am for racing to commence 10am sharp, with runners racing in separate open and junior events on a fast one way track from the outer precincts of the Breakwater towards the sensational Mackay Road Runners finisher’s arch at the start of the Breakwater. Many thanks to over a decade of high regarded sponsorship by Donald Orr (Podiatry Mackay) as well as North Qld Bulk Ports who have generously supported for the last two years.

Seabreeze Tavern 5km & 10km

Aug 7 2016

Mackay Road Runners enjoyed a very social 5km & 10km run from the Seabreeze Tavern, Lamberts Beach last Sunday afternoon in very cool, breezy conditions, whilst many local runners attended other running festivals in Brisbane and Townsville.

Lindsey Wiggins took advantage of the testing course, which included two ascents of the Lamberts Beach Lookout in the 10km, to put a huge gap on the rest of the field in the early stages of the run. In the meantime, several runners took the opportunity to enjoy the small field of competitors who included, Peter Ford, Alana Ford, Mark Walz, Daniel Stampa, Emma Goodman-Jones, Karen Low, Stuart Sprott, Tim Magoffin, Shane Barben, Simon Henderson, Mitchell Thompson, Jaimie Bornman and Michael Feenaghty.

Results from local runners who attended the Intraining Brisbane Marathon Festival were outstanding with good performances from Martin Lambert in the Marathon and Karen Baker, Jo Hughes, Mark McFadzen & Linda McFadzen in the half marathon.

In addition, the McDonald’s Townsville Running Festival heralded successful results from local runners including David Perkins (Marathon), Clay Perkins (10k), Andrew Short (Half Marathon), Jose Short (Half Marathon), Carmel Mahon (Half Marathon), Karla Hook (Half Marathon) and June Bradley (Half Marathon).

Mackay Road Runners are now looking forward to this Sunday’s Pacific Hotel, Eimeo 5k & 14km hilly run commencing 4pm from the carpark precincts of the beautiful iconic and historical pub on one of the most beautiful locations in the World.  The Club welcomes members and non-members to attend any of the Club’s events and enjoy running with like-minded individuals in a supportive environment.

For further information on the Club’s weekly events, check out  the calendar.

Cape Hillsborough Club Championship 5km & 9km

Jul 31 2016

Mackay Road Runners hosted its third last Club Championship event of the year with over sixty runners taking part in both 4.5km and 9km races at the beautiful precincts of the Cape Hillsborough parklands.

Liam Mumford once again successfully contested his final race before heading back to University in the States this week by taking an eight second win over Julian Picot in the 9km Club Championship event which included a multitude of surfaces, including sand, bitumen, rocky roads and rainforest trails.  Shawn Claydon was a credible third ahead of Mark McFadzen whilst talented veteran runner Derek Woods belied his age by crossing the line in fifth thirteen seconds later ahead of Lindsey Wiggins, Russell Van Den Bosch, Andy List, Mitchell Thompson and Martin Lambert.

Jose Short had a sensational race over the mixed terrain to take gold nearly one minute ahead of Carmel Mahon with Nikki Giles and Karla Hook a further two minutes in deficit.  Vicki Vickers also ran well placing fifth with Megan Moa, Ashley Davies, Karen Baker, Robyn Madill and Hayley Lewis rounding out the top ten girls.

Jamie Sanders took maximum junior club championship points in the 5km ahead of fast finishing fellow junior runner, Hayden Connor, with Mark Pashalis claiming the bronze position.  Exciting female junior talent,  Rachel Silvestri continued her fine form to claim first place, just eight seconds ahead of previous junior club champion, Ashlee Scott.

Many thanks to the abundance of volunteers at the event that make the Club’s weekly races a success, including but not limited to our photographer, BBQ chefs, oncourse safety cyclist, registrar, timekeepers, results co-ordinator, course setup, race director, home cooked treats by members and not forgetting the awesome random draw barrel boy!

Best wishes to runners travelling to Brisbane and Townsville this weekend to contest several events at the respective running festivals.  In lieu, the club will host a social 5/10km run from the precincts of the Lamberts Beach (Seabreeze) Tavern at 4pm this Sunday.

Eungella King of the Mountain

Jul 24 2016

Congratulations to the Sponsors, volunteers and competitors in the annual running of the M-Test King of the Mountain, The Laura Pettifer Inspirational/Podiatry Mackay Junior King of the Mountain and Mackay Tyrepower Cycle race.  The event, which included approximately eighty local and out of town runners, was a resounding success with well over one hundred athletes tackling the all up climb across both events from Netherdale to the Eungella Chalet.

Before racing commenced, a minute’s silence was held in honour of previous running Queen of the Mountain, Laura Pettifer who tragically passed away in cycling accident in 2008. Laura’s Mum, Veronica, who lives in New South Wales was unable to attend the event, but has generously donated sports vouchers to the winners of the junior event since this time. The talented triathlete had an awesome work ethic in whatever she decided to do, which should be never be forgotten and serve as an inspiration to many.

Liam Mumford and Carmel Mahon once again took out the respective male and female Open divisions, which also doubled up as crucial Club Championship points.  Liam claimed the title over fast finishing previous ‘King’ of the Mountain’, Proserpine’s Peter Moore, who held the title twenty years ago. Julian Picot was a further minute behind claiming bronze ahead of previous several times title holder, Shawn Claydon. Jose Short claimed second for the girls ahead of fellow Mackay Road Runners, Karla Hook and Lisa Burns.

Jade Bidgood sensationally once again took out the junior title ahead of fast finishing Hunter McGovern, Will Morgan and Sam Riggs.  Despite the humid conditions, Jade broke his own race by seven seconds clocking thirteen minutes ten seconds over the 3.2km course.  Layla Sanders continued her fine form on hilly terrain to take gold for the girls over Annabella Du Toit, Lauren Morgan and Holly Moore.

Many thanks to the awesome support of the Eungella Community Development Committee who supplied sizzling post-race breakfasts in the community hall for the hungry hordes of athletes and supporters.

A full list of results is now available.

Male Cyclists: 1st Brendan Brauer, 2nd Nixon Brauer, 3rd Ashley Brownsley, 4th Wade Mitchell

Female Cyclists: 1st Susan McDowall, 2nd Rebecca Baird, 3rd Tamara Vella, 4th Tracey Marwood

Juniors (full mountain distance) 1st Calvin Franklin and 2nd Nicholas Du Toit

Upcoming Signature Event

Jul 21 2016

Over one hundred running and cycling competitors will be meeting this Sunday at 8am at the small township of Netherdale,  which is 6.4km  at the base of the Eungella Range. The annual M-Test open 6.4km King of the Mountain run, the 3.2km Laura Pettifer Inspirational/Podiatry Mackay Junior  King of the Mountain run and the Mackay Tyrepower 6.4km cycle events are very well attended and looked forward to events by athletes on their running and cycling programs every year in a bid to challenge themselves against the treacherous all uphill climb to the pinnacle.

The Mackay Road Runners’ Signature event which is held in conjunction with the Mackay Triathlon Club and generous long time sponsors, M-Test (Merv & Wendy Shields), Veronica Pettifer, Podiatry Mackay (Donald Orr)  and Mackay Tyrepower (Roy Rosier), is also a Mackay Road Runners Club Championship race for its Members for the open and junior running events.

Last year’s male winner in the M-Test Open 6.4km running event, Liam Mumford will be striving to defend his title against previous and several times winner and long-time friendly rival, Shawn Claydon, before he heads back to the US to continue his athletic scholarship and academic studies the following week. Although, both runners may not have it all to themselves, with the likes of out of town athletes likely to race, including talented local runner, Julian Picot.

Carmel Mahon will also be racing hard to back up her 2015 title, however, with many female runners showing impressive form recently, including , Victoria Beck, Ashlee Scott, Nikki Giles and  Jose Short, the race will be a very wide open affair.

In the junior 3.2km Laura Pettifer Inspirational/Podiatry Mackay run, Rachel Silvestri will be favoured to once take gold with some stiff competition from Layla Sanders, Lauren Morgan and Jamie Bornman. The male section will be tough to call, with Jamie Sanders, Will Morgan, Hayden Connor, Josh Bornman, Mitch Kelly and Calvin Franklin all hot contenders for podium places.

Mackay Road Runners, The Mackay Triathlon and Cycle Clubs wish to thank the Volunteers and Sponsors as well as The Eungella Community Development Committee for their wonderful support in supplying post-race breakfast treats for purchase at the Community Hall where Trophy and random draw Presentations will be held. Please note to win a random draw prize, you must be present to accept. Athletes are also requested to bring cash to register for their races with both cycling and running events having separate individual tables set up by their own club.  Racing will commence at 8am sharp, therefore, competitors must be registered by no later than 7.45am, as Police will be attending to road closure for only one hour, therefore, strict race start times must be adhered to.  It is the competitors own responsibility to ensure they organise their own transport down the mountain post-race, therefore, please allow plenty of time if you wish to take your vehicle to the top prior to racing.

In other running news, a bevy of talented local runners attended the Airlie Beach Running Festival last weekend with some excellent results posted across the Half Marathon, 10km, 5km and 5km corporate challenge events.  In addition to this, our own junior runner, Mitchell Kelly raced in Fiji at the Oceanic Games recently where he scored an impressive place in the Open 10km despite a calf injury whilst sitting in the silver medal position, 5th in the 3000 metres and a bronze medal in the 4 x 400 metre relay. Mitch is currently away competing in a cross country event, with results still not to hand.

Meanwhile, locally, Mackay Road Runners Club had a sensational attendance at its social 5/9km event from Magpies Sporting Club, despite the atrociously damp conditions.

Forsyth Accountants 10km Queens Park Club Championship

Jun 19 2016

Mackay Road Runners and Forsyth’s Accountants hosted the Queens Park 5km & 10km Club Championship races last Sunday in cool wet conditions from the Queens Park Rotunda.  Approximately fifty runners enjoyed the drop in temperature as they challenged themselves through the various suburban coastal streets of East Mackay.

Will Morgan had an outstanding 5km race stopping the clock in 18 minutes 26 seconds nearly one minute ahead of second placed Hayden Connor.  Dwayne German raced well in the slippery conditions, taking bronze in 21 minutes 34 seconds followed by a fast finishing Mark Pashalis (24:07).   Rachel Silvestri was once again the fastest 5km female scorching over the course in 19 minutes 12 seconds with Ashlee Scott (20:13) and Lauren Morgan (22:31) following in quick succession ahead of Karen Low, Jo Hughes, Rhiannon German, Cilla Martland and Kim Saron.

In the 10km race, Liam Mumford (35:25) held on by eleven seconds to take gold over Shane Ward (35:36) with Shawn Claydon (37:20) earning himself the final podium place. All three runners also scored maximum club championship points in their age category as did fourth’s Andy List (38:51).  Mark McFadzen (40:12) ran extremely well despite competing in the Cairns Full Ironman event the previous weekend, finishing two minutes clear of Martin Lambert, Derek Woods and Lindsey Wiggins.

Carmel Mahon (43:56) showed a great return to form, crossing the line first for the girls ahead of Jose Short (45:19) and Nikki Giles (45:43). Nikki had a spectacular race after her awesome efforts in a tough multisport endurance adventure event the previous weekend. Talthia Swan (47:23) showed her fine form, finishing fourth ahead of Karla Hook, Cath Riggs, Jenny Harmer, Robyn Madill, Emma Goodman-Jones, Bernadine McKinnon, Jan Smith and Cath Meng.

Congratulations to all runners who performed well in the tough conditions including Scott McIntosh, Andrew Short, Russell Van Den Bosch, Ross Connor, Leon Ryan, Simon Henderson, Andrew Cronin, Trevor Harvey, Tim Magoffin, Tim Caddy, Daniel Stampa, Stuart Sprott, John Rodden and Peter Ford.

Many thanks to the Club’s long time generous sponsor, Forsyths Accountants, who were unable to attend the event, but were well represented by their employee and local running legend, Shawn Claydon. Many thanks also to the awesome volunteers, especially race setup in the very damp conditions – Andrew Short, Andy List and Tim Magoffin; timekeepers, Jack Simpson, Di Clulee, James Magoffin, Leanne Connor; race registrar Karen Baker.

Runners are now looking forward to this weekend’s The Grove Handicap 10km event which is a very historical and coveted race on the Mackay Road Runners calendar.  There will also be a 5km race, however, runners in this event do not qualify for the 10km trophy. Runners, their families and supporters are most welcome to stay at The Grove post-race for Presentation of the 10km Trophy as well as random draw prizes that you have to be present for.  Mackay Road Runners welcome non-members to attend, however there will be a small additional cost for casual day runners.

Meng’s Cross Country, Rowallan Park 5km & 7.5km

Jun 12 2016

Mackay Road Runners hosted the Meng’s Cross Country last Sunday morning from the beautiful Rowallan Park and it’s awesome cross country trails.  Many thanks to the Mackay and District Mountain Bike Club and Graham Robinson (course director and race marshal) for allowing the Club to use their excellently maintained facilities which included very testing undulating, rocky, grassy and dirt trails meandering through the sensational bushland setting at Farleigh.

Perfectly cool running conditions were very well received by approximately fifty runners as they traversed the technical course which was a welcome relief from last year’s wet and slippery surfaces. The two loop 5km and three loop 7.5km courses had runners tested right from the get go, with a tough ascent within the first one hundred metres before tackling the rocky trails.

Twelve year old Will Morgan had an outstanding run breaking the tape first in the 5k in twenty-one minutes fourteen seconds with Josh Bornman (22:04) and Ryan Franklin (23:43) closing in for the final podium places.  Hayden Connor (23:48) also had an exceptional race finishing five seconds later followed by big improver Matthew Magoffin. Rachel Silvestri continued her winning ways taking gold for the girls in twenty-two minutes twenty seconds and third overall ahead of Ashlee Scott (23:54),  Layla Sanders (25:25), Lauren Morgan (27:05) and Jamie Bornman (30:53).  Although the course slowed competitors somewhat, there were some excellent performances recorded by Leanne Connor, Leanne Franklin, Edan Stolberg, Sandra Henderson and Cilla Martland.

The longer course saw thirty runners further tested with an additional lap to make the quads and calves cringe over the extra distance.  Liam Mumford claimed a thirty-five second victory over Jamie Sanders clocking thirty-one minutes fifteen seconds with Calvin Franklin (33:04) closing in for the bronze medal placing. Brad Allen ran a great race relegated to fourth, only eleven seconds behind the top three talents. Russell VandenBosch (35:26) showed a great return to form crossing the line nearly two minutes clear of Lance Dyer and Mitchell Thompson who were only split by one second.

First female fresh from a third placing in the BMA Mackay Marina Run Half Marathon last weekend, Jose Short showed the field a clean pair of heels taking gold in thirty-seven minutes forty-nine seconds well clear of second placed Talthia Swan (41:50), Karla Hook (41:54) and Carmel Mahon (42:23) with Janelle Tilse and Lisa Burns hitting the tape simultaneously in forty-five minutes fifty-seven seconds. Some excellent off road racing was also on show by Andy List, Leon Ryan, Martin Lambert, Tim Caddy, Andrew Short, Ross Connor, Ross Vickers, Andrew Cronin, Mark Pashalis, Simon Henderson, Paul Tilse, Tim Magoffin, Derek Woods, Levi Alexander and Karen Low.

The Club would like to extend a huge thank you to it’s fabulous race day volunteers including BBQ chef, Bill Morgan; timekeepers; James Magoffin, Bernadine McKinnon, Jenny Harmer, Julie Whibley; course setup Graham Robinson, Martin Lambert, Andrew Short and Tim Magoffin……an excellent job done by all……thank you!

The Club would also like to congratulate all runners and especially the volunteers involved in the highly rated BMA Mackay Marina Run…..the race would not have been as successful if not for the year long organisation by the Mackay Road Runners Club and The Leukaemia Foundation.  The ongoing running of the event which has been operating in the current format for nine years is a credit to them as well as the generous sponsors including major sponsor BMA….everyone’s commitment to promote the Vision of the committee is truly inspiring and so much appreciated.

Slade Point to North Harbour Beach Wall 5km & 11km

May 29 2016

Perfect running conditions were the order of the day for approximately sixty Mackay Road Runners as they raced the Slade Point to North Harbour Beach Wall Loop 5km & 11km commencing at 4pm from the Catherine Freeman Oval.  The testing course led the 5km runners towards the Seabreeze Tavern, Lamberts Beach turnaround marker, while  the 11km runners were dealt a tough hand with approximately 3km of soft sand running into a headwind towards the Harbour North Wall. The North Wall signified a welcome turnaround point for the return trip home via the same route but with the wind at their back this time!

The 5km event saw Ashlee Scott blitz the field to take overall gold in a sensational time of nineteen minutes fifteen seconds well clear of a cluster of fast finishing girls including second placed Jo Hughes (26:37) and third Glynis Forse (26:43). Bernadine McKinnon (26:53), Jenny Harmer (26:54), Di Clulee (27:47), Carol Brown (28:09) Caitlin Farlow (28:38), Ulrika Widdowson (29:20) Kim Saron (29:57), Cilla Martland (30:08), Leanne Connor (31:46) and Leanne Franklin (32:08) followed in rapid succession across the finish line. Hayden Connor ran an exceptional 5km clocking twenty minutes and two seconds to win the male section thirteen seconds ahead of Scott McIntosh and Ross Connor (21:03) with Lindsey Wiggins (22:29) edging out David Vincent by twenty seconds.  Tim Magoffin ran a great race from the scratch start earning himself a win on handicap.

The 11km race saw a great start by some very talented runners including  Liam Mumford, who forged an early lead over Julian Picot and Carl Pinkstone.  The terrific trio raced hard with eventual race winner, Julian (43.33) scoring an awesome victory over internationally trained Liam (46:06) with Carl crossing the line half a minute later. Veteran talent, Andy List proved he was not far out of the mix, crossing the line two minutes in deficit to be just outside the podium finishers. Mitchell Thompson had an impressive race finishing a credible 5th ahead of Mark McFadzen, Leon Ryan, Greame Harris, Lance Dyer, Russell Van Den Bosch and Andrew Short. Big improver and quiet achiever, Scott Todd showed a clean pair of heels on his home turf stopping the clock on fifty-six minutes even, just seven seconds ahead of Sandy Strong, Andrew Cronin, Ross Vickers, Tim Caddy and Peter Ford. Relative new runner, Trevor Harvey (59:59) just cleared the hour mark, followed by Simon Henderson, Andrew Wallace, Daniel Stampa, Shane Barben and fast finishing, David Isbister, Stuart Sprott and Paul Tilse.

A talented bevy of female runners saw an in form Alana Ford (52:23) take gold and seventh overall, with Carmel Mahon (53:18) snatching second from Jose Short (53:32) in what was a great performance on the tough course. Vicki Vickers (57:44) easily handled the varying terrain as did Karla Hook (58:28), Janelle Tilse, June Bradley and Jan Smith.

Mackay Road Runners and the local running community are now looking forward to this weekend’s BMA Mackay Marina Run incorporating a Half Marathon (21.1km), 8km, 5km Fun Run, 5km Corporate Challenge and 3km kids race.  Mackay Road Runners and the Leukaemia Foundation  thank the many valued sponsors, including overall race sponsor, BMA who have supported the event since its inception nine years ago.  The Event organisers are very excited to bring home local girl and four time Olympian, Benita Willis who will be the Race Ambassador for the region’ most successful and must do running event. Benita’s credentials are so exceptional that she is easily rated as the most successful Australian distance runner of all time, still holding a multitude of Australian National records.

Many thanks also go to the hundreds of volunteers via the Mackay Road Runners Club, Leukaemia Foundation, varying running, sporting, corporate and community groups, schools and individuals etc….the event could not be held without you….THANK YOU!

Competitors are reminded to visit the new and improved Sports and Health Expo when they collect their race packs from the Clarion Marquee from 12pm – 5pm on Saturday 4th June.  Late nominations are accepted on the Saturday up until 5pm with no guarantee of a shirt/singlet. Race packs must be collected on the Saturday, as volunteers will be attending to many race day logistics on the Sunday. Please have cash available to pay for any registrations, additional merchandise, etc…. as The Marina Run event does not have eftpos facilities available at this time.  Those who would like to be involved in the event as a volunteer are most welcome to contact the event organisers on 0400 99 7432 (Janelle).

Mt Bassett 5km & 11km

May 22 2016

Mackay Road Runners had an awesome attendance of over seventy runners at the Mt Bassett 5km & 11km held last Sunday afternoon from East Point Rd, Mackay Harbour.  The sea breezes were a welcome relief, however, the humid conditions prevailed as runners made their way towards Harbour Road via one Mt Bassett ascent for the shorter course, with the 11km runners treated to a double ascent of the summit’s scenic vistas.

Julian Picot had a sensational 11km race as he cruised over the course to break the tape in forty-one minutes 52 seconds, two minutes clear of Carl Pinkstone with sixteen year old Jamie Sanders (49:01) taking the bronze placing half a minute ahead of Lindsey Wiggins and talented veteran runner, Ricky Parker (49:53).  Brendan Bishop ran extremely well, easily chatting and pushing his very young son, Hughie in the running pram. There were excellent running by the large field including veteran athletes, David Isbister, Stuart Sprott and Colin Hardy and the not so veteran, Russell Vanden Bosch, Scott McIntosh, David Vincent, Tim Caddy, Scott Todd, Craig McGahey, Andrew Short, Peter Ford, Kay Nyenuh, Shane Donollan, Tim Magoffin, Simon Henderson, Glenn Baker, Heath Lagerche, Dwayne German, Shane Barben and Charlie Bone.

Alana Ford had an outstanding race with a sixth overall placing and a first for the girls in fifty minutes 53 seconds half a minute ahead of Carmel Mahon (51:27) and Nikki Giles (52:03). Vicki Vickers (54:20) followed with a great fourth placing four minutes clear of big improver, Julie Whibley (58:23) and Rebecca Calligan (58:31). Lisa Burns and Mel Harris were also in great form, as were Karen Baker, Jo Skinner, Sarah Jensen, Christine Webb, Carol Brown, Roberta Morris, Natalie Desbois and Cath Meng.

In the 5km event, Rachel Silvestri continued her fine form, sizzling over the course in an outstanding time of eighteen minutes 51 seconds and this included the tough Mt Bassett ascent!  Rachel was first overall with Ashlee Scott hot on her heels, crossing the line sixteen seconds later and second overall, with thirteen year old Layla Sanders (22:04) sprinting to the finish line for third, followed by Lauren Morgan (22:26).  Megan Moa’s fine performance earned her fifth ahead of Jo Hughes, Jenny Harmer, Di Clulee, Caitlin Farlow, Rhiannon German, Cilla Martland, Leanne Connor, Bernadine McKinnon and Sandra Henderson.

For the male contingent, Brad Allen’s 5km time of nineteen minutes 49 seconds was a great win over talented junior runner, Hayden Connor (21:02) with Edan Stolberg (22:36) eight seconds clear of fourth placed Jordan Millar, Mark Pashalis (5th) and Wayne Simpson (6th). Twelve year old Matthew Magoffin should be very proud of his 5km race, which could possibly be his personal best over this distance, clocking sub thirty minutes with the demanding Mt Bassett hill included. He was ably supported by Ross Connor who easily accounted for the 5km distance.

Mackay Road Runners are now looking forward to this Sunday’s North Harbour Beach Loop 5km  & 11km Run from the Catherine Freeman Oval, Slade Point at 4pm.  Members are requested to ensure they wear their club number to have their time recorded and to register by 3.50pm at the latest.  Casual runners are always very welcome, however, their race times will not be recorded, but can be viewed at the finish line via the finishing clock.  To ensure your time is recorded, please register as a member online and check in with the registrar prior to racing to get your race number.

Please note, the BMA Mackay Marina Run is only two weeks away, with Race Ambassador, local girl and four time Olympian, Benita Willis in attendance for the whole weekend! To be involved in one of the must do successful and exciting running events of the year, register online now to enter in the 21k, 8km, 5km, Corporate Team 5km or 3k kids race!  If you wish to support the event as a volunteer, please contact Janelle 0400 99 7432 as all help is much appreciated.

The Alarm Guys Club Championship 5 & 30km

May 15 2016

In the wee hours of last Sunday morning, The Alarm Guys generously sponsored the Mackay Road Runners Club Championship 5km & 30km event from their home.

Brendan, Julie, Millie and Hughie Bishop were the awesome hosts of the arduous event commencing at 6am in cool but humid conditions.  Millie was significantly the most popular Bishop as she sold refreshing icy cups to the runners post-race with all funds raised going to the very worthy Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  The Foundation also received additional funding as the Bishops donated all proceeds from their post-race BBQ, cooked by chef Mark Pashalis.

Meanwhile, as the sun rose, approximately forty runners bolted from the start, although it was mainly 5km runners who bolted, with the 30km runners taking a slightly steadier approach in readiness for the many undulating vistas throughout the course which included the scenic countryside of Glenella, Farleigh, Habana and Rural View.

Ashlee Scott took line honours overall in the 5km event in a sensational time of twenty minutes twenty-nine seconds.  Ashley’s time was very impressive over a course that was definitely not ‘flat and fast’.  Second placed female, Jose Short also made ‘short’ work of the testing course, stopping the clock in twenty-two minutes twenty-six seconds, one minute ahead of  Talthia Swan (23:23) with Jo Skinner closing in fast two minutes later.   For the male contingent, Scott McIntosh (21:08) took gold in the ahead of Russell Van den Bosch (21:29), edging out Ross Connor (21:35) for the silver medal with Craig McGahey (22:03) just missing a podium placing.  Hayden Connor claim maximum Club Championship points for his age as did Caitlin Farlow, Carol Brown and Trevor Harvey.

The 30km event was a very tough affair with runners finding the humidity a challenge throughout the entire event, especially once the early morning coolness abated. Runners were very thankful for the oncourse aid stations set up by Andrew Short and manned (womaned?) by Jo Hughes, who was the photographer as well and Jose Short. Both girls who were nothing short of brilliant in supporting the many runners as well as additional outstanding on course support from cyclists, Sandra Henderson, Ulrika Widdowson, Linda McFadzen and Emma Goodman-Jones…..so much appreciated.

Male winner and talented endurance athlete, Andy List, ran exceptionally well clocking two hours 17 minutes 32 seconds to take maximum open Club Championship points in the 30km ahead of a quality field. Second placed, Mark McFaden also recorded a sensational time of two hours 23 minutes 18 seconds after his Half Ironman event in Vietnam the previous weekend. Martin Lambert (2:26:02) clinched the final open club championship points available with a seventeen seconds win over Darren Binstead, who is currently in training for a full Ironman event in Cairns later this year. Levi Alexander (2:34:15) was stoked with his first ever thirty kilometre run over more experienced rivals Craig Ward, Andrew Short, Tim Caddy, Ricky Parker, Scott Todd, Glenn Baker, Simon Henderson and Stuart Sprott.

An outstanding performance came from Carmel Mahon, who was a clear winner by six minutes for the girls and fifth overall in two hours 28 minutes 22 seconds, ahead of  Vicki Vickers (2:34:35) and training buddy, Karla Hook (2:37:02) with Janelle Tilse relegated to fourth.

Many thanks once again to the aforementioned volunteers and sponsors as well as our efficient course setup guy, Andrew Short and timekeepers, Mark Pashalis (who doubled up as chef), Craig McGahey, Karen  Low and James Magoffin. They all need to be congratulated for getting up very early, especially Andrew who was up two hours before he ran the 30km event to set up the water stops and road signs…….amazing!  All runners should be eternally grateful for his major assistance that is unseen by the time they run.  James also rates a special mention….he could easily slept in as his Dad, Tim was away at a prior engagement, but he ensured James would be there to help!

Mackay Road Runners and the Mackay Branch of the Leukaemia Foundation remind the community that the most exciting annual running event, the BMA Mackay Marina Run is only three (3) weeks away with online nominations closing Friday 3rd June at 12pm.  Events include a Half Marathon (21.1k), 8km, 5km, Corporate Challenge 5km (raising funds for Leukaemia Foundation) and the 3km kid’s race. Race Ambassador, local girl and four time Olympian, Benita Willis will be hosting a breakfast at the Clarion Hotel on Saturday 4th from 8am, with special early race bag collection for runners for an all-inclusive cost of $35.  Bookings are essential with numbers limited to 100, therefore, secure your seat now!

Casu Jacks Pre Mother’s Day 5 & 12km

May 7 2016

Approximately fifty Mackay Road Runners attended the annual Casu Jacks Pre Mother’s Day event which was held last Saturday morning from Casu Jacks Cafe at the Mackay Marina eatery precincts.  The conditions were perfect for running with a welcoming cool start at 6.30am for the 5km and 12km distances.

In the 5km race, Rachel Silvestri sprinted from the gun to record a sensational eighteen minutes fifty-one seconds to be the first female just ten seconds ahead of fast finishing Ashlee Scott. Alana Ford claimed the final podium position with an impressive run, clocking twenty one minutes and one second. Talthia Swan was also in superb form as she cruised across the line in fourth ahead of Cilla Martland and Leanne Connor.

Speedy veteran runner, Ricky Parker took line honours as the first Club Member in the 5km, in twenty minutes forty-one seconds ahead of fifteen year old Hayden Connor (21:46), Mark Pashalis (23:27, Flynn Wilson (25:25), Wayne Simpson (28:07) and Matthew Magoffin (31:07).

Andy List was the fastest runner in the 12km event, stopping the clock in fifty-three minutes forty-six seconds ahead of first female and overall second, Jose Short (54:21).  Andy ran a sensational race despite the knee issues he’s been having for several months.  Second placed male, Scott McIntosh (56:38) also showed an impressive return to form finishing one minute ahead of Peter Van Vuren with Tim Caddy a further two minutes in deficit. Sandy Strong scored fifth overall only one second behind Tim followed by Ross Connor thirty seconds later.  Ross, who rarely does the 12 km distances, performed extremely well against the more experienced runners in the field including Andrew Wallace,  Scott Todd, Andrew Short, Daniel Stampa, John Rodden, Tim Magoffin, Colin Hardy and Stuart Sprott. Charlie Bone was happy with his 12km outing despite the course including a testing ascent of Mt Bassett where he had the opportunity to view awesome scenic vistas from the pinnacle before the final two kilometres to the finish line.

First female, Jose Short, who has been in scintillating form, blazed over the 12km course taking gold by one and a half minutes from Vicki Vickers (55:58). Jose showed no signs of fatigue from the previous weekend’s Stamford Financial Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon where she was among many Mackay competitors who completed the arduous event. Third fastest female, Ange Furdek proved she is returning to some of her previous form as she easily accounted for the 12km, as did Karen Baker, Karen Low and Lisa Burns. Talented elite veteran runner, Judy Zahn continued to show her class as she finished fifth fastest female ahead of an impressive display by Emily Wicks, June Bradley, Janelle Tilse, Sarah Jensen, Christine Webb, Bernadine McKinnon, Jenny Harmer, Di Clulee, Cath Meng and Ulrika Widdowson.

Many thanks to race hosts at Casu Jacks, Gary, Pauline and staff for their usual congenial hospitality and generosity…always a pleasure.

Mackay Road Runners also attended the Stamford Financial Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon and Marathon the previous weekend, where over fifty local runners contested the Marathon, Half Marathon individual and team event, kids 3km, 1.5km and 750metres.  Many thanks to Hamilton Island’s Race Director Steve Jackson and major race sponsor, Stamford Financial’s Martin Lambert for organising and supporting the outstanding event. With the introduction of the Marathon this year, it definitely added another positive dimension to the euphoria of competing in one of the toughest trail running events in the Country. Congratulations to all concerned on taking the event to the next level on its 10th anniversary…very special!

This Sunday’s Mackay Road Runners event will be a 5km and 30km commencing 6am from the Bishop residence at 39 Vassallo Drive, Glenella.  Many thanks to the Bishop’s for opening up their home to host the event, where they have generously donated a BBQ breakfast, tea, coffee, etc…..with gold coin donations to be donated to the The Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The special of the day will be the return of “The Icy Cup Guys”, where CEO Millie Bishop has informed us that she will be open for business on Sunday 15th to refresh all the tired and weary runners. Being the savvy savage business person that she is, there will be a hefty price of 50 cents per icy cup which will get donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation as well. The pool will be open for use as well.

Farmers Long Gallop 5 & 17km 40th Anniversary Edition

Apr 24 2016

Mackay Road Runners had an excellent attendance of approximately one hundred runners and supporters at the Farmer’s Long Gallop 5km & 17km event last Sunday morning which also doubled as the 40th Birthday celebrations of the Club (established April 1976).  Current members were treated to a special visit and a few words by original members Ian Phillips (current member #1) and ex Mackay local, interstate visitor Trevor Baldock (current member #2).

Life Member, Agnes Farmer has hosted this event from her home for most of the forty year life span of the Club.  Her now passed husband, Fred and another runner, Fred Saliba decided it would be a great idea to have a run from their home and then relax post-race with a ‘cup of tea’ or maybe some other beverage/s!   Agnes is an awesome supporter of Mackay Road Runners even though she has never been a runner herself and dislikes early mornings!

The Mackay Road Runners Club has an excellent group of runners, sponsors and supporters who have made the Club what it is today. Past and current stalwarts include original and early Members, Brian Fiegert, Dave Sedgman, Ian Phillips, Trevor Baldock,  Agnes & Fred Farmer, Merv & Wendy Shields, Clive & Bernadette Desbois, Ian Courtney, Jan & Gary Smith, Carol Hunt, Charlie Martel and the list goes on……  The Club will be conducting a few other casual birthday celebrations throughout the year at a couple of the Club’s historical events, therefore, all those who are interested, past and present are very welcome to attend.

Meanwhile, all runners who contested the Farmer’s Long Gallop were treated to short downpours of rain throughout the 5k & 17k events which commenced from Evans Avenue, North Mackay at 6.30am.  The handicap start event saw runners trickle onto Harbour Road toward the short course turnaround marker, whilst the 17km runners continued into Slade Point and Keeley’s Roads, Maple Drive and  Bedford Road before veering onto Beaconsfield and Norris Roads for the final stretch down Malcomson Street, Gooseponds and back to Evans Avenue.  The rain soaked and weary runners were treated to some scenic vistas as they traversed the challenging undulations of Norris Road in the final two kilometres.

The fastest runner in the 5km and only one of three to break the twenty minute barrier, Joshua Bornman had a sensational race from a handicap start to clock eighteen minutes 52 seconds ahead of Rachel Silvestri (19:41) and Ashlee Scott (19:50).  The handicap start is a great concept for the backmarkers to chase down the field as well as benefiting the lower handicapped runners who are able to take the early lead against the faster runners. Russell Van den Bosch (20:35) had an exceptional sprint from the gun, scoring fourth fastest overall and second male ahead of Scott McIntosh (20:41) and Martin Lambert (20:53).  Ross Connor claimed bragging rights over his son, Hayden, finishing only thirteen seconds ahead of the fifteen year old. Excellent performances also came from third placed female, Lauren Morgan whose time was one minute clear of Karen Low with Zoe Bidgood a further one minute in deficit.

In the 17km event, highest handicapped runner on the day, Shawn Claydon reeled in the majority of the field before sprinting to the finish line, registering the fastest time of one hour six minutes and forty-eight seconds. Brad Allen (1:13:49) scorched over the course to record a one second lead over fast finishing Greg O’Neill (1:13:50) with tenacious Andy List only thirty-eight seconds behind to claim fourth fastest ahead of Greame Harris, Stephen Oberg, Craig McGahey, Darren Binstead, Andrew Short and Kay Nyenuh.  Ross Vickers had a superb run in his first year of running with the club, as did John Rodden, Shane Barben, Daniel Stampa and Stuart Sprott.

Carmel Mahon (1:21:10) set the fastest female time and was fifth overall with big improver Jose Short less than one minute off the pace. Alana Ford (1:22:20) was third by fifteen seconds, well clear of Vicki Vickers, Karla Hook, Robyn Madill, Judy Zahn, Kylie Binstead, Jo Skinner, June Bradley, Ange Furdek and Tammy Wanstall.

Many thanks to our race day volunteers including hostess, Agnes Farmer; timekeepers James Magoffin, Lisa Burns, Talthia Swan; course markers/setup Andrew Short; solo rotating water stop attendant Tim Magoffin; merchandising co-ordinators Sandra Henderson, Ulrika Widdowson, Leanne Connor; oncourse support Russell VandenBosch & Martin Lambert; photographer Matt Stevens, Suzie Silvestri, Sandra Henderson……our volunteers do an enormous amount of background work as well as on event day and are an integral part of the Club…..please thank them often.

Best wishes to those travelling this weekend to the 10th annual Stamford Financial Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon where for the first time, a full marathon will be incorporated (two loops of the Island) for the 10th Anniversary.  Nominations close on the day prior to the run will is held from 5.15am on Sunday.

Mackay Road Runners 40th Anniversary

Apr 16 2016

Mackay Road Runners Club turns 40 this month! It takes a very special group of passionate people to initiate the start of a Club and even more special people to continue its legacy into the future.

Ian Phillips, who started running at 23 years of age in 1975, was one of only a few runners in 1976 keen to join forces with some big ideas generated by two newcomers to the Mackay region. Brian Fiegert landed in Mackay from Adelaide and Dave Sedgman, who hailed from Victoria were passionate runners keen to replicate a running community like their own home towns.

Ian quotes back in the seventies, no one ran much in Mackay, just a few people doing middle distance running on a track via athletics clubs. Ian loved to run and found it difficult to find like-minded individuals, so in the early days, he would do all his running on the road on his own. Ian’s introduction to Club running was when he joined the Sarina Athletics Club in the early seventies, when there was only three athletics clubs in the area. There was no such thing as the Mackay Road Runners Club or any similar group. Ian explains how the Mackay Road Runners Club began……

Once upon a time (and this is not a fairy-tale) Dave Sedgman was driving to Eungella when he saw a man running on the side of the road, Brian Fiegert. Dave was so elated to see someone else who was running, that he stopped and got talking to Brian about all things running, a very passionate subject for both of them. Dave and Brian decided to organise a Fun Run to find out if there were more runners out there who would be keen to form a group. Road running was very difficult to affiliate with any of the current clubs, so they decided to form a distance running club, which proved difficult to promote to the locals as it was such a new concept. They contacted the local radio station, 4MK in Sydney Street, where they got huge support from the local radio jock, Mackay’s current Mayor, Greg Williamson. Greg got his radio station to assist Dave & Brian in being the major sponsor of a 10km Fun Run from the Shamrock Hotel to the Mackay Harbour. Greg promoted the event on the radio so well, that over two hundred people entered the event, for which Ian has glowing praise for Greg’s efforts in assisting the running scene at that time.

When Ian heard the radio ad, he was so excited to hear of such an event, that he immediately entered the race in a bid to mingle with other road runners. Ian humbly admitted to the writer that he won the race, but was even more thrilled to receive a letter two weeks later inviting him for his interest in signing up for a running club. Ex local, Trevor Baldock, who came 5th in the Fun Run also received an invitation and this was where they all met for the very first time and how the Mackay Road Runners Club originated with a total of six members, but they did increase to ten members in twelve months! Brian introduced the successful handicapping system used at his Adelaide Club and this is still being used by Mackay Road Runners to this day.

The original name of the club was The Mackay Distance Running Club, however, the Members decided to change the name to Mackay Road Runners Club as they felt the word ‘distance’ was a bit intimidating. Brian approached Warner Brothers to seek permission to use the cartoon road runner bird (beep beep) as its logo. This was an enormous task, as they had to prove they were not financially gaining from its use and that the club would use the image in a very positive format. Warner Brothers finally gave the Club approval, which was a rarity in the day. The Club values the approval so much that it still retains the current logo, especially revered by the longer serving Members, who are very proud to have the privilege of this logo as their Club’s brand.

Ian said 10km’s was the maximum distance the club organised and was classed as their Signature event, however, this lengthened after approximately two years. His favourite distance is the 10km where his personal best time for this on the track was 30 minutes 58 seconds. His longest race was the Utah Hay Point to Sarina 30km road run, which was an annual Mackay Road Runners event for several years. Ian said in the early eighties, the marathon boom kicked in, but he preferred the track events. Ian was a very elite runner who included a lot of sprinting, hills and sand dunes in his training regime, with mainly water and a very good balanced diet for nutrition. Ian was awarded The Best Performance in Queensland for his triple titles in the 1500 metres, 5000 metres and 10,000 metres, which was a very hard achievement at that time. Ian also played Rugby League, but was too light to withstand the rigours of the full contact sport, finding running much more to his liking. He loved running in the North Queensland heat and found this a massive endurance asset when competing at other competitions within the State.

Another major feat in 1977 achieved by Ian was his contribution in a team of ten runners, in breaking the Australian 24hr marathon relay record. This marathon record attempt was a relay run at the Ooralea racetrack where Ian and his team smashed the current record by more than 18 miles, previously set by a South Australian team. All runners, who were sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Lions Club, had to run a mile in succession with the youngest runner being fifteen and the eldest being Brian Fiegert (46 years) and Dave Sedgman (49 years). Trevor Baldock was also a member of the record breaking team. The event also raised funds for the needy via the World Service Day Project.

By the late eighties, with the Club having progressed to approx forty members, Ian retired from running and the Club due to family commitments, however, his love of the Club has not waned, as he still retains the coveted Club Member # 1 race number. Even though Ian no longer runs, he avidly follows the Club’s progress and continues to pay his membership in support of his beloved Club. The # 2 Membership belongs to Trevor Baldock, who was also a major contributor to the club in its origin, also continues to loyally pay his membership each year despite not running with the Club for several years. Ian and Trevor’s support is very highly valued by the Club and its current Members.

Ian regularly catches up with many past members, including Marathon runner, Fred Saliba (pictured) who was once #3 member in the club. The current Member #3 has now been retired, forever belonging to one of Mackay Road Runners famous marathoners, the now deceased and very much missed, Fred Farmer. Saliba, himself a very successful marathon runner, can be attributed to formally introducing Farmer to the marathon running scene, where his successes rival many local and interstate performances.

Ian credits Brian Fiegert and Dave Sedgmen for setting the fitness tone forty years ago for Mackay, with Dave also opening the first gym in Mackay above the current Healthpoint Pharmacy in Sydney Street. Dave also sought the expertise of Muriel Mulder who started ladies exercise classes at the same premises. (The writer remembers going to Muriel’s classes with her Mum and Sister!)

Ian, who will be speaking and cutting the special birthday cake at this Sunday morning’s Farmer’s Gallop 6km & 17km hosted by Life Member Agnes Farmer, congratulates the Mackay Road Runners Club on their 40th birthday and their outstanding reputation locally, nationally and internationally. He is so proud of the work done by all previous and the current committee in retaining the Club’s excellent standing within the community.

The Mackay Road Runners Club are ecstatic to have Ian among their ranks as a loyal supporter and welcome all past and existing Members to join them this Sunday morning at 62 Evans Avenue, North Mackay. Those wishing to run, please arrive at 6am, however, those who just want to catch up post-race, are invited to arrive approximately 7am for post-race refreshments/cake. The Club will be doing several informal celebrations throughout the year at a few historical calendar runs, however, the formal birthday gala will be held at the annual awards night on 15th October.

The Eungella Chalet 21.1km Trail Run

Apr 10 2016

Mackay Road Runners held one of its feature Signature Events last Sunday from the beautiful Eungella Chalet.  The 21.1km Eungella Trail run was held in very low cloudy and humid conditions, however, over eighty runners enjoyed the beautiful undulating canopy of rainforest trails which were in great condition and very well maintained by the local Wildlife Service, Greg Lennox and his Team.  Although runners were quite focussed on the technical trails and keeping their footing, the low lying clouds hampered visibility in some locations where the sensational views from varying points on the course were hindered.

Race Director, Matt Stevens, was ecstatic with the attendance of so many runners and the excellent bevy of volunteers available to assist in the race set up and on race day.  Matt did an incredible job with co-ordinating the entire event with the assistance of a very supportive group of willing helpers for which he gave glowing praise of their time and efforts.

The event was a huge success with female winner, Victoria Beck claiming first overall by a mere twenty seconds from first male Julian Picot.  Julian and Victoria ran shoulder to shoulder for nearly the entire course with Victoria breaking away to claim victory in one hour thirty-six minutes and twenty seconds, just shy of the race record. Julian had an awesome race to finish nearly four minutes clear of Mackay Road Runners current Club Champion, Shawn Claydon, followed by an outstanding run by Paolo Le Penna to claim bronze two and a half minutes later.  Moranbah’s Luke Dimech claimed fourth ahead of youngster, Jamie Sanders, who had an incredible run in his first ever twenty-one kilometre race. They were then followed by very experienced runners Mark McFadzen, Justin Knight-Gray, Dave Perkins, James Leonard, David Brooker and Niall Ivory.

Following Victoria’s exceptional win, Nikki Giles claimed the silver medal over huge improver and Nikki trained, Jose Short.  All girls are in excellent form heading towards some big goals this year, including the Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon & Marathon.  Julie Wheway placed fourth a few minutes later, followed by Ashley Davies, Talthia Swan, Shaneen O’Brien, Anna Walsh, June Bradley and Janelle Tilse rounding out the top ten.

There were some exceptional performances by many runners including but not limited to:-   Anthony Blines, Andrew Wallace, June Bradley, Jo Skinner, Tammy Wanstall, Leo Ryan, Steve Oberg, Andrew Short, Greame Harris, Marek Karcz, Scott Todd,  Kay Nyenuh, Ross Vickers, Janine Bella, Ulrika Svilans, Danielle Brough, Carol Brown, Teegan Philpott, Alex Anderson, David Isbister, Bernadine McKinnon, Charlie Bone, Sarah Jensen and Gavin Bamford.

Many thanks to the valuable and generous sponsors who make the event possible – Bank Of Queensland (Melissa Green); Zambreros; Financial Linx; Eungella Chalet, M-Test Mackay, Field Engineers, Ace Panel Works.  Also a massive congratulations to the many volunteers on timekeeping, marshalling, water aid stations and photographers who did an amazing job.  Club Handicapper/results co-ordinator Andy List has already updated the results on the website.

A very worthy and special mention to Jo Hughes, Karen Baker and Ross Vickers who were on hand to assist a very needy runner on the course……your efforts to stay with the runner and beyond  was a wonderful example of support and human nature………THANK YOU!  

Meanwhile in interstate running news, local ultra marathon runner, Martin Lambert clocked a very impressive 4 hrs 38 minutes in the 50km event in Canberra at the Australian Running Festival.  Martin was ecstatic with his 5th placing in his age category and a twelve minute personal best time.  He said the weather was beautiful, loved the event, had a few more undulations than expected, but felt very strong at the finish. Martin should now put his feet up and rest, however, he is now looking forward to the annual Stamford Financial Hamilton Island Hilly Marathon event in three weeks’ time!

Another Mackay runner, Tim Caddy,  was competing in the 100km Melbourne Oxfam Ultra marathon at the weekend, but no results to hand at time of printing.

For further info on any upcoming events view the calendar.

Rural View 5 & 10km

Apr 3 2016

Mackay Road Runners Rural View 5km & 10km was supported by over one hundred runners and supporters last Sunday Afternoon from the McCreadie Street Cul de sac.  President Tim Magoffin welcomed the extensive crowd of new and existing members before giving a very detailed course description which included a 5km loop of the seriously undulating suburban streets of Rural View before tackling the pinnacle of Rural View Drive lookout circuit.  The conditions were a little warm in the earlier stages of the event, although 10km runners were relieved when the sun went down in the later stages of their event.

The five kilometre race saw some outstanding performances especially by junior runners, Joshua Bornman and Will Morgan who ran well to clock 18 minutes 27 seconds and 19 minutes 14 seconds consecutively. Third placed male, Brad Allen, broke the twenty minute barrier by four seconds, just twelve seconds ahead of first placed female, talented junior runner, Rachel Silvestri.  Second placed female, junior Lauren Morgan was sensational in her 5km race, breaking the tape twenty-one seconds ahead of thirteen year old Layla Sanders.  Exceptional performances also came from Matt Stevens, Andrew Cronin, Daniel Stampa, Terry Riggs, Charlie Bone, John Rodden, Rowan Barratt, Sarah Jensen, Alex Anderson, Jamie Bornman, Robyn Madill, Karen Baker, Paul Morris, Zoe Bidgood, Matthew Magoffin, Caitlin Farlow, Jenny Harmer and Vicki Connole.

The ten kilometre entrants also had a great day out with backmarkers, Shawn Claydon, Julian Picot and Cark Pinkstone chasing down the field from their handicap start.  Julian’s 37 minutes 11 seconds was the fastest over the challenging course, just nine seconds ahead of current Club Champion, Shawn Claydon. Carl was less than three minutes in deficit to claim bronze ahead of Mark McFadzen, Jamie Sanders and Andy List.  Sixteen year old Jamie ran a great 10km despite only stepping up to the longer distances in his last few outings.   Veteran runner, Derek Woods put in a very classy display to place seventh overall two and a half minutes ahead of Russell Van Den Bosch. Worthy mentions also go to excellent performances by 70 year old David Isbister, 72 year old Stuart Sprott and 62 year old Colin Hardy – just outstanding!

In the female contingent, huge improver, Jose Short showed a very clean pair of heels to place ninth overall, the only rose among the thorns in the top sixteen runners, stopping the clock in 46 minutes 19 seconds ahead of close finishing times by Carmel Mahon (47:32), Karla Hook (47:44), Ashley Davies (47:47), Nikki Giles (47:55) and Vicki Vickers (49:00).  An excellent field of female runners continuing to set high standards included Ange Furdek,  Cath Meng, Cath Riggs, Julie Whibley, Rebecca Calligan, Lisa Burns, June Badley, Tam Wanstall, Jo Skinner, Karen Low, Christine Webb, Bernadine McKinnon, Di Cluelee, Jan Smith, Ulrika Widdowson, Roberta Morris and Natalie Desbois.

Not enough can be said to say THANK YOU to our race day volunteers – Suzie Silvestri,  Andrew Short, Derek Woods, Tim Magoffin, Andy List, Kylie Binstead, Karen Baker, Jo Hughes, Lindsey Wiggins and Linda McFadzen….bouquets to you, so much appreciated.

Mackay Road Runners are ecstatic to announce this Sunday’s annual 21.1km Eungella Trail Run commencing at 8am from the Eungella Chalet precincts.  Race Director Matt Stevens and his team have dedicated an enormous amount of time to bring the Mackay Road Runners Signature event for the third consecutive year to the region.  With many local sponsors generously donating heaps of prizes and with lots of trophies up for grabs, it promises to once again be a success.  With this year’s weather prediction looking fine, the coveted “Most Muddy” Trophy could be a hard decision, especially with the winner from the last two years not present this year.  Many thanks once again to our valued sponsors and volunteers supporting this wonderful event in one of the most spectacular locations in the world!  Bring the family for a great day out if they’re not running, however, for an awesome experience of trail running.

The Zambrero Burrito Bolt 5 & 10km

Mar 27 2016

On a perfectly warm Easter Sunday afternoon, approximately sixty runners were keen for the annual social Zambrero Burrito Bolt 5 & 10km, hosted by Zambrero’s awesome owners and staff from their City Centre restaurant.

Runners had the choice of two course options which took them from Zambrero’s Mexican Restaurant, Gordon Street towards River Street and the beautiful Bluewater Trail.  The five kilometre course turnaround marker was just a few metres past the Ron Camm Bridge, with the 10km participants continuing along the meandering Bluewater Trail pathway to Meadowlands Road prior to the Botanic Gardens.

Even though the event was of a social nature, there was some excellent performances including some very speedy times as runners pitted themselves against each other in a bid to retain their fitness over the Easter break.  Those members who ran well included Julian Picot, Shawn Claydon, Andy List, Nikki Giles, Stephen Oberg, Darren Binstead, Ashlee Scott, Dwayne German, Rhiannon German, Martin Lambert, Jose Short, Carmel Mahon, Russell Van denBosch, Craig McGahey, Andrew Short, Ross Connor, Peter Van Uuvren, Lindsey Wiggins, Tim Caddy, Colin Hardy, John Rodden, Glenn Baker, Robyn Madill, Karen Baker, Karen Low, Jo Hughes, Cilla Martland, Jo Skinner, Tammy Wanstall and Leanne Connor.

Mackay Road Runners were very excited that Zambrero’s, who have now sponsored the event for the second consecutive year, were welcomed into their restaurant despite the varying array of running attire and dishevelled runners. In addition, runners were keen to take advantage of the special deals that Zambrero’s offered to the Mackay Road Runners after their arduous efforts on the road. As with all athletes in these particularly warm conditions, runners were very eager to replenish their energy levels from the restaurant’s generous and varied menu of nutritious foods and fluids.   Many thanks to Peter and his awesome staff, headed by Quincee and Regina, who were on hand to serve the hordes of runners and supporters…the staff were so friendly, happy, helpful and the speedy service was sensational…….thank you ZAMBRERO’S!

Runners are now looking forward to this Sunday’s Rural View 5km & 10km hilly challenge at 4.30pm from McCready Street, Rural View.  The handicap start event will commence 4.30pm sharp, with ALL runners registered into the iPad by 4.20pm at the very latest. Runners are urgently requested to arrive thirty minutes prior to the start so that they have plenty of time to ensure their race number is secured correctly to the front of themselves, sign on with the registrar, warm up, etc…… Runners are also suggested to give serious consideration to parking across the road at the shopping centre as limited parking will be available in the small suburban street at the start line.

This event is a great prequel to the following week’s 21.1km Trail Run which is one of the Mackay Road Runners prestigious Signature events…..The Eungella Trail Run!  The Eungella Chalet will come alive with approximately one hundred runners who will be tackling the awesome trails throughout the Eungella rainforests. Race Director, Matt Stevens, urges all runners who haven’t nominated yet, to secure their spot online ASAP.  Matt also suggests booking ASAP with the various accommodation facilities in the Eungella region, as limited vacancies may be available at short notice. The Mackay Road Runners would like to thank the great support they have from many volunteers and local sponsors including M-Test Mackay, Ace Panel & Paint, Zambrero, Field Engineers, Financial Linx as well as the Eungella Chalet and community.

For further info on any Mackay Road Runners upcoming weekly events, news, training guidelines, etc…. explore this website.

Slade Point Club Championship 5 & 16km

Mar 20 2016

The Mackay Road Runners’ second Club Championship on the 2016 program was held in very warm conditions last Sunday morning from the President’s home at Slade Point.  The early start saw over seventy runners bolt from the gun at 6am along Slade Point and Keeley’s Road towards Andergrove Tavern for the 16km event with a two and half kilometre dash to the turnaround along the same course for the 5km race.

Julian Picot blitzed the 16km field sprinting across the finish line in one hour one minute, six  minutes clear of second placed Carl Pinkstone with Mark McFadzen less than one minute in deficit for the bronze placing.  Greg O’Neill, Andy List and Derek Woods had an awesome congenial battle throughout the 16km with positions constantly changing to finally cross the line in 4th, 5th and 6th respectively all  within one minute of each other. They were followed closely by top performers, Paolo LaPenna, Tim Caddy, Martin Lambert, Ricky Parker, Sandy Strong and Craig McGahey.  Mitchell Thompson was ecstatic to cross the line next in his first ever 16km race.  Shaun Munro and Greame Harris had a sensational sprint to the finish line with Munro overhauling Harris by one second.

The female 16km event also had a superb finish with huge improver, Jose Short leading the female contingent for the entire race until the final few hundred metres where reigning Female Club Champion Carmel Mahon came from behind to snatch the win by eleven seconds.  Vicki Vickers, who ran extremely well to place third, was only two minutes behind the top duo, with Karla Hook, Ashley Davies, Talthia Swan, Lisa Burns, Melissa Harris, Karen Baker and June Bradley closing out the top ten.  Kylie Binstead has made an awesome return to racing since the birth of her second baby, easily accounting for the 16km course in the extreme conditions.

In the 5km Junior Club Championship race, Jamie Sanders scored gold in nineteen minutes twenty-one seconds ahead of senior runners, Scott McIntosh and Mark Pashalis. Matthew Magoffin scored another personal best time as well as valuable junior club championship points for his second placing.

Rachel Silvestri continued her winning ways, breaking the tape first for the girls and second overall in the 5km in a great time of twenty minutes and three seconds ahead of senior runner Ashlee Scott.  Third placed female, Layla Sanders collected a second placing in the junior ranks with Lauren Morgan taking the remaining junior club championship points on offer. Zoe Bidgood put in an excellent performance among her junior rivals, narrowly missing out on club championship points, however, still finishing ahead of her Mother!

Congratulations to all runners across both events having to contend with the stifling conditions including awesome efforts by Colin Hardy, Karen Low, Cilla Martland, Leanne Connor, Andrew Short, Trevor Harvey, Julie Whibley, Brendan Bishop, Charlie Bone, Sarah Jensen, John Rodden, Anthony Blines, Jo Skinner, Bernadine McKinnon, Jan Smith and Stuart Sprott.

Many thanks to the hospitality of hosts for this blue ribbon annual event, Tim, Sandra, James, Matthew, Kate and Dougie who opened up their home and donated the post-race refreshments including the infamous Bacon & Egg Magoffins, cooked by Barry & Chris Comben, all in aid of the Leukaemia Foundation.    The raffle prize valued at $150 donated by Mackay Road Runners with all proceeds going to the Leukaemia Foundation which was drawn by several respectable scrutineers, was won by Sandra Magoffin.

A notable mention to our very valuable race day volunteers – timekeepers, Russell VandenBosch, Jo Hughes, Daniel Stampa; several water station attendants, course marking and setup, photography, etc……THANK YOU!

Mackay Road Runners next event will be Easter Sunday for a 5/10km social run commencing at 4.30pm from the exceptional family restaurant, ZAMBRERO’s on the corner of Gordon and Gregory Street in the City Centre. Mackay Road Runners are extremely delighted to be associated with the Zambrero Management who are happy to host the event for the second time, offering heaps of super meal/drink deals for purchase by runners, their families and supporters….visit Mackay Road Runners Facebook for the special deals available.

Ocean International Canter 5 & 8km

Mar 13 2016

Approximately one hundred competitors lined up for the Mackay Road Runners first handicap start race of the season from Quota Park beside Ocean International, Far Beach. The 5 & 8 kilometre courses were held in warm breezy conditions, with many new and returning members enjoying the challenge of their respective events.

Club President Tim Magoffin and Club Handicapper/Results Co-ordinator, Andy List briefed the huge crowd of runners and supporters on the course description and the concepts of the handicapping system. Andy has a tough job every week, allocating handicaps and processing results for all the runners with handicaps being determined on the individual’s weekly performances.

A great result in the 5km event, with new Mum, Karlee Hayden breaking the line first with several other competitors closing in fast for the minor placings. There were some excellent 5km efforts including Rachel Silvestri, Brendan Bishop,  Layla Sanders, Mark Pashalis, Lauren Morgan, Matthew Magoffin, Caitlin Farlow, Leanne Connor, Di Clulee, Jenny Harmer, Wayne Simpson, Zoe Bidgood and  Natasha Steenkamp.

The 8km race was a tightly contested affair with many of the backmarkers having to sprint to catch the lower handicapped runners.  Julian Picot, Shaun Munro, Shane Ward, Shawn Claydon, Lance Dyer, Jamie Sanders, Carl Pinkstone, Andy List and Darren Binstead were among the speedsters on the day as well as a bevy of new talent to the local running scene. The female contingent also had a strong showing with the likes of Ashlee Scott, Nikki Giles, Alana Ford, Carmel Mahon, Vicki Vickers, Karla Hook, Jose Short and Anthea Ford pounding the pavement in a bid to catch the frontrunners.

Many thanks to all the race day volunteers who gave up their race to help out – Scott McIntosh, Shane Donollan, Linda McFadzen, Glynis Forse, Jo Hughes and Paul Tilse as well as our awesome regular race setup crew of Andrew Short, Tim Magoffin and Andy List.

This Sunday will be the running of the Club’s second Club Championship race – the 16km Slade Point event commences from home of Club President at 367 Slade Point Road at 6am with all runners once again reminded to be there at 5.30am to be registered with numbers on by 5.50am…..racing to commence 6am sharp.  This event promises to have the usual famous Magoffin brekky donated by the Magoffins, with a gold coin donation from runners and supporters going towards the Leukaemia Foundation.  The Magoffin family put on an awesome spread and exceptional hospitality so that runners and their supporters can relax post-race in or beside the beautiful pool area.  Many thanks to Tim and his family for opening up their home for this event which is becoming an iconic and much anticipated part of the Mackay Road Runners Calendar.

Meanwhile at the Six Foot Track Ultra Marathon 45km in the NSW Blue Mountains last Saturday, ex Mackay Runner, David Bellamy performed exceptionally well to clock 5 hours 15 minutes in the very tough and treacherous event. No doubt David is nursing some very sore muscles today, hopefully no broken bones this year!

For more information on how to be involved as a runner or volunteer and becoming a Member of the Mackay Road Runners Club, register or ph 0403 344 289 (Secretary) or Publicity Officer (Janelle) 0400 99 7432.

Australian All-Schools Championships

Mar 13 2016

Mackay Road Runners junior members, Mitchell Kelly, Jade Bidgood and Josiah McCarthy had a great meet at the Australian Athletics All-School Junior Championships which were held in Perth from 8th to 13th March.

Mitchell Kelly, whilst bravely leading for the first five laps of the 5000 metres,  faded in the later stages of the race, however still managed to place 14th overall for Australia and 2nd for Queensland in a time of 17 minutes 47 seconds.  Mitchell was ecstatic with his performance, where he said that the top three runners qualified for Rio.  Mitchell, who is not formally coached,  is looking towards improving himself by getting a formal training coach/program with aspirations of qualifying for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, possibly the 2020 Olympics.   Mitchell’s tenacity and hard work ethic will definitely be an asset in him undoubtedly achieving his goals.

Jade Bidgood, whilst desperately unlucky to clip heels with another runner in the under 20 Men’s 1500 metres heats and falling over, staunchly regathered himself to finish the race in 4 minutes 18 seconds.  Jade, who was on target to clock his personal best time of 4 minutes, eight seconds, and make the final, still clocked an awesome time placing third for Queensland, despite badly damaging his ankle, which is now constantly on ice!

Josiah McCarthy was another standout Mackay, Queensland performer, clocking 1 min 59 seconds in his 800 metre heat, just missing out on a finals berth. Josiah placed second overall for Queensland and is another super athletic talent from the local region.

Mitchell, Jade and Josiah are genuinely humble athletes and excellent role models for the Mackay Road Runners Club, their school and the wider community.  We are all so proud of their achievements… they should be congratulated on representing Queensland and themselves at such a high standard with other top class athletes at events such as the National Championships.

Josiah McCarthy also competed in the 4 x 400 metre relay for Queensland, missing out on a bronze medal by less than one second.

5km Queens Park Club Championship

Mar 6 2016

The Mackay Road Runners Club race held last Sunday afternoon was never in doubt with more than eighty eager runners lining up for the first Club Championship race of the year.  The 5km Queens Park event was held in much cooler weather than has been seen of late, however the very damp conditions were a welcome change and did not deter the avid athletes as they sprinted from the gun in a bid to gain open and age category club championship points.   This event and venue has been an integral part of the Mackay Road Runners Club as it celebrates its 40th Birthday this year, more specifically, next month.

One of the earliest runners of the Club, Jan Smith was on hand to race at the event with her race/member number being # 7.  The coveted historic meaning of your race number with the Mackay Road Runners is the lower the race number, the longer you have been a Member of the club. Jan and her husband Gary have long been associated with the club in many roles as well as competing in varying distance events including several marathons with some excellent results.

Meanwhile at the 2016 5km Queens Park event, there were some outstanding performances from runners of all ages and abilities, including outright winner, Julian Picot, who blitzed the field in a very speedy time followed by junior sensation, Jamie Sanders and Greg O’Neill.  Several of their male counterparts were closing in fast as runners hit the final straight – Scott Alcorn, Andy List, Mark McFadzen, Daren Galea, Brad Allen, Derek Woods, Ricky Parker, Hayden Connor, Martin Lambert, Lee Taylor, Sandy Strong, Greame Harris, Andrew Short, Tim Caddy, Stephen Oberg, Ross Connor, Ross Vickers, Simon Henderson, Mark Pashalis, Terry Riggs and Stuart Sprott.

The female contingent was led by awesome junior running talent, Rachel Silvestri smashing the 5km course in superb form ahead of former Junior Female Club Champion,  Ashlee Scott.  Ashlee, who is now in the senior ranks, displayed excellent running ability against her more experienced rivals claiming silver ahead of Nikki Giles. Excellent running by Carmel Mahon, Karla Hook, Alana Ford, Jose Short, Ange Furdek, Karen Low, Judy Zahn, Vicki Vickers, Talthia Swan, Emma Goodman-Jones, Melissa Harris, Lauren Morgan, Layla Sanders, Cath Riggs, Tammy Wanstall, Jo Skinner and  Bernadine McKinnon.

Congratulations to twelve year old Matthew Magoffin who scored another sensational personal best time, much to the delight of his Dad, until the youngster suggested an incentive treat might be in order!

Many thanks to race day volunteers including timekeepers, Caitlin Farlow, Anna Walsh, Robyn Madill, Karen Baker and Andy List; course setup, Andrew Short and Tim Magoffin and the lovely Suzie Silvestri for yummy post-race treats…..the best every choc slice as voted by choc slice tasting expert, Mark Pashalis.

Last Friday evening, Mackay  Road Runners in conjunction with the Leukaemia Foundation and Mackay Regional Council hosted a 5km Twilight Launch Run at 6pm  from the City Centre precincts for the BMA Mackay Marina Run Event which will be held on 5th June at the Mackay Marina.  The BMA Mackay Marina Run has been heralded as one of the biggest and best local running events in the region, with thousands of runners now in training for the huge community event.

This year, the BMA Mackay Marina Run organisers are very excited to secure an Event Ambassador for this year’s race, local running girl, Benita Willis!  The amazing Benita  will also host an optional  unique breakfast function on the Saturday for race participants with early race bag collection included for a minimal additional fee……check out the website for more details, as there are only 100 seats available…don’t miss this great opportunity to get up close and personal with one of Australia’s most legendary runners.  Registrations are now open online for all events including junior 3km, 5km Corporate Team, 5km Fun Run, 8km and 21.1km….check out the website for all details on the event such as training plans, course maps, race bag collection, etc…. Those who are unable to run are very welcome to be involved in a voluntary capacity, therefore, please contact the organisers and they will be very happy to hear from you.

Congratulations to two of the Club’s junior runners, Josiah McCarthy and Mitchell Kelly who are currently competing this week in Perth at the Australian Junior National Athletics Titles in the 5000 metres and 4 x 400 metre relay….results are still not to hand, so watch this space!

For further info on the BMA Mackay Marina Run www.mackaymarinarun.com

Tilse Toddle 5 & 10km

Feb 28 2016

The Mackay Road Runners annual Tilse Toddle 5km & 10km event was a huge success despite the oppressively warm conditions where blazing sunshine beat down unrelentingly upon approximately 100 runners. The 5km two loop course lead runners from the normally quiet streets of West Mackay south towards the Archibald Street roundabout and return.

Club President, Tim Magoffin welcomed many new runners in the huge crowd before announcing the course description and upcoming events, including this Friday night’s Mackay Marina Run Launch 5km event from the City Cinema carpark, Gordon Street.

The Mackay Marina Run Launch 5km commences 6pm, nominations of $10 taken from 5.15pm with all proceeds being fully donated to the Leukaemia Foundation.  The Mackay Marina Run committee together with the Mackay Regional Council invite the entire community to walk/run the 5km course which will include awesome river views from the beautiful Bluewater Trail and Forgan Smith Bridge. There will be post run goodie bags and refreshments from a variety of  City Centre restaurants and eateries.

Meanwhile, at the Tilse Toddle new runner to the Club, Julian Picot blitzed the 10km field in the 10km event, leaving many talented runners in his wake.  Julian, whose first few races with the Club this year have been sensational over distances ranging from 5km to 12km, however, he is looking forward to the challenges of a wide variety of distances offered locally on the Club’s 2016 program. There were some outstanding feats of endurance from many competitors including second placed Ryan Palazzi, Scott Alcorn, Lance Dyer, Daren Galea, Andy List, Derek Woods, Sandy Strong, Tim Caddy, Greame Harris, Mark McFadzen, Shane Donnollan, Dwayne German, Darren Binstead, Ross Connor, Scott McIntosh, Wayne Simpson, Craig McGahey, Stuart Sprott and Greg Coulson.

An exceptional field of female runners raced the 10km with gold and silver finishers Niamh Buckley and  Ashley Davies new to the Mackay Road Running scene.  Both girls showed a clean pain of heels to place ahead of their rivals, Nikki Giles, Carmel Mahon, Jose Short, Judy Zahn, Karla Hook, Vicki Vickers, Talthia Swan, Lisa Burns, Rebecca Calligan, Kylie Binstead, Cath Riggs, Cath Meng and Jan Smith.

The 5km event was a tough affair with talented junior runners Joshua Bornman, Jamie Sanders, Will Morgan and Hayden Connor running courageously to the finish line.  Top placed female, Rachel Silvestri blazed over the course competing well against the top male and female competitors. Ashlee Scott and Shelley Binney proved themselves a classy pair finishing well ahead of talented Lauren Morgan, Layla Sanders and Jamie Bornman.

Congratulations to all runners on their achievements whether it be a personal best time or striving to complete their distances no matter what the time. With racing conditions absolutely stifling, race hosts will be on task to seek higher authority from the weather Gods for 2017!

Many thanks to race day volunteers including timekeeping team of Jo Hughes/Linda McFadzen, Ange Furdek/Di Morgan; registrar Karen Baker;  merchandising, Ulrika Widdowson and Erin Safe, course markers Glen Baker & Tim Magoffin, course setup, Andrew Short and results/handicapper, Andy List.  A big thank you to all the lovely ladies who brought along goodies for the deserved runners for post-race refreshments.

As well as the Mackay Marina Run Launch 5km this Friday night, runners are looking forward to the first Club Championship race on the calendar…the prestigious 5km event from the Queens Park Rotunda, Goldsmith Street, commencing at 5pm. Runners will be vying for valuable open and age category club championship points towards end of year awards. All runners please note that you will need to be registered with numbers attached no later than 10 minutes prior to race start at 5pm sharp.  All members are to check the volunteer list against the event program on the website to see when you are listed, those unable to do their spot are to find a replacement.  The Club would like to thank everyone for their consideration in arriving early to assist the race day volunteers.

Martel Marina Sprint 5 & 10km

Feb 21 2016

Mackay Road Runners staged its annual Martel Marina Sprint from the Harbour Lighthouse boat ramp precincts.  The Martel race is named after one of the Club’s Life Members and legends of local racing, Charlie Martel, who now lives in Brisbane. Charlie was one of Mackay’s top runners, winning events over several years in sensational times in a wide range of distances from 1.6km (mile) to the half marathon.  Charlie is most famous for his record number of Eungella King of the Mountain crowns where he still holds the race record of 27 min 51 sec set in 1991.

Meanwhile, runners who took on the Martel Marina Sprint 5 & 10km events need to be congratulated on their tenacity and endurance in conditions that had temperatures soaring in the mid-thirties and humidity that felt like the high nineties!  Thankfully the sea breezes prevailed as 5km runners traversed the beautiful Southern Breakwater and return with those doing the 10km adding another loop.

There was excellent running by all runners despite the tough conditions with Shawn Claydon sprinting the 10km event in a great return to racing for the first time this season.  Shawn, who is the current male Club Champion, looks set for another successful season, however, the return of Daren Galea, also for the first time this season, looks in fine form as well.  Congratulations to Daren and Karlee on their return to running after the safe arrival of their beautiful baby boy just six weeks ago.

The top female contingent were running very strongly at the front of the 10km with the likes of Ashlee Scott, Alana Ford, Nikki Giles, Carmel Mahon, Jose Short, Vicki Vickers and Karla Hook all in great contention for podium finishes this year.

Competitors in the 5km were also in outstanding form, with many runners wisely choosing the shorter distance due to the risky perils of dehydration if not fully prepared.  Jamie Sanders ran extremely well even after a recent ankle injury kept him on the sidelines for several weeks.  Jamie is one of the Club’s top class juniors alongside Will Morgan, Rachel Silvestri, Layla Sanders, Lauren Morgan, Hannah Morgan and Hayden Connor.  Twelve year old Matthew Magoffin, who is a relative newcomer to running, was very excited to clock an impressive personal best time in the 5km event.

The Club would like to thank all the volunteers on race day who gave up their run to assist all competitors with timekeeping, race setup and tidy-up, merchandising, race registration, water stop, etc….where would we be without you!  Thanks also to all the behind the scenes work that creates the weekly events into the success that they are, a lot of work is conducted by the hardworking committee and their assistants.  The Committee including Erin Safe, Ulrika Widdowson and Sandra Henderson are working on several merchandising ideas including new banners, hard copy photo calendars, 40th Anniversary celebrations where all will be revealed throughout the year….so watch this space….or ask at any of the upcoming weekly events for further info.

Runners are reminded to ensure that are registered and paid up with their race numbers pinned on at least 30 minutes prior to racing.  Registrations will close strictly 10 minutes before the gun time, thus enabling volunteers to ready themselves for their own event.  Volunteers are Club Members who love to run, however, it would be much appreciated if full consideration was given to assist them by adhering to all rules as instructed by them and the Race Announcer/Director.  Runners also need to be very aware of their surroundings as they run on public roads and pathways that are shared with vehicles and cyclists, therefore, please give way to traffic at all times!  It is also strongly recommended in the current climate to be very aware of your individual hydration requirements, not just on race day, but through the week before and after training and racing events.

The club welcomes new and returning Members and would invite any spectators/supporters of their friends and families to register their interest to assist wherever and whenever possible.  The Club has a great reputation of being very inclusive, so if you’re not into running and would like to volunteer, especially on race day events, we would love to have you.  Timekeeping is an integral role in the club, so any assistance would be gratefully accepted.  The Club Handicapper/Results Co-ordinator, Andy List is an expert on the timing devices and willingly teaches all volunteers.

Runners are now looking forward to this Sunday’s 5/10km Tilse Toddle from 24 Johnson Street, West Mackay.  Paul and Janelle host this annual event from their residence, therefore, residents of Johnson Street, apologies in advance for the influx of vehicles and pedestrians from approx 4.30pm to 6.30pm.  Runners and supporters are welcome to stay for post-race refreshments.

For any further information on the Club’s many events, please check out the calendar or Facebook or phone Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Shields Stampede 5 & 12km

Feb 14 2016

Mackay Road Runners had a very successful Sunday for their Club, starting out in the morning at the Mackay Regional Council’s Sporting Expo and ending at the Shields Stampede in the afternoon.  The Expo was a huge day for the club with their blow-up start/finish shute the main entrance feature for the Expo as well as many new and existing enquires at the Club stall located just inside the MECC precincts.  The Council is to be congratulated on a wonderful annual event, giving all sporting clubs and associations the opportunity to showcase their specific sporting activity.

The Club also held its annual Shields Stampede 5km & 12km  running event from the home of the Club’s Life Members Merv & Wendy Shields.  In the 40th anniversary year of the Club, it was even more special as Merv, who was a very talented marathon running legend in the 80’s and 90’s, wore his race singlet from his Mackay Marathon in 1984, taking gold in an exceptional time of 2hrs 26 min 47 sec.  Merv was a standout marathon runner, not just locally but state-wide and nationally, taking out several marathons events with his exceptional running ability.  Merv, who is currently suffering an injury, ran the 5km Shields Stampede event in the 32 year old singlet and proved quite easily that he could fit into it with no sucking his tummy in required! Merv & Wendy have been involved as runners and generous sponsors of the Club from its inception in 1976, earning themselves the respect of all Club members and the wider community.

The Shields Stampede attracted approximately one hundred runners across both events, which was a sensational effort especially in the steamy conditions that prevailed throughout the day.  All athletes performed very well across both events as they endured the many undulating hills that the course offered.

In the 5km event, junior runner, talented Rachel Silvestri took outright first in 19 minutes 45 seconds ahead of fast finishing Will Morgan (19:51), with Lindsey Wiggins claiming bronze ahead of Ashlee Scott. Other 5km specialists to perform well were Lauren Morgan, Chelsey Thompson, Jamie Sanders, Layla Sanders, Jay McCullach, Karen Low, Karen Baker, Alex Anderson, Charlie Bone, Anthea Ford, Wayne Simpson, Alison Friswell, Natasha Steenkamp, Hannah Morgan, Kim Saron, Cilla Martland and Ulrika Widdowson.

The longer race was a tough outing as well, which included the treacherous hills of Norris Road and Bona Vista Drive in the final two kilometres.  Approximately fifty runners were well relieved to conquer the testing course as they meandered down James Croker Avenue towards the finish line at Karl Langer Crescent and the well-deserved post-race refreshments.  Excellent running by all athletes including Darren Binstead, Scott Alcorn, Stephen Oberg, Andy List, Greame Harris, Tim Caddy, Carmel Mahon, Sandy Strong, Alana Ford, Andrew Short, Judy Zahn, Peter Ford, Vicki Vickers, Ange Furdek, Greg Coulson, Melissa Harris, Emma Goodman-Jones, Stephanie Allan, David Isbister, Shane Barben, Kylie Binstead, John Rodden, Stuart Sprott, Robyn Madill and Paul Tilse.

Many thanks to ALL the volunteers at the Sporting Expo with many of them fronting up again to help out at the afternoon run with great course marking and description by Martin Lambert, excellent race setup by Andrew Short, Tim Magoffin, Andy List, awesome timekeeping by Jo Hughes, Leanne Connor and Hayden Connor, outstanding waterstop duties by Ross Connor for the VERY needy runners, sensational registrar and merchandising by Karen Baker and Ulrika Widdowson as well as photographer assistants ….all so much appreciated.  Mackay Road Runners also extend our thanks once again to the race hosts and their neighbours for allowing one hundred runners and their cars to take over their house and street at this time every year!

With next Sunday’s event commencing from the Harbour Boa ramp precincts at 5.30pm, competitors are reminded to ensure they arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the event so they can sign on and warm up with their race numbers attached.  This is critical in assisting the timekeepers to record all runners as they cross the line.  Pre-race instructions must be adhered to in every way to ensure the safety of all runners and for the ease in collating results for the Handicapper/Results Co-ordinator, Andy List.  Andy does a great job, but it takes an enormous amount of work on his Sunday evening to have the results processed for viewing on line in a timely fashion.  The respect and consideration to all our volunteers is very much appreciated.

Members are also requested to check in ASAP with Volunteer Co-ordinator, Paul Tilse to register your selection of one event to help out at so that all races can run efficiently. Members may be allocated an event if no preference is supplied, therefore, please check the calendar however, if members are unable to volunteer, it would be appreciated if they please seek a replacement.

Congratulations and welcome to all the new and returning runners….. for updates on any of the Club’s upcoming events and news, please check out the website, Facebook or phone The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Harbour Lighthouse 5km

Feb 7 2016

Mackay Road Runners, who will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, had a very successful 5km social event for their first official run on the Club’s 2016 Calendar despite the consistently rainy conditions.  Over one hundred runners thoroughly enjoyed the light showers which was a welcome relief to the recent stifling humidity runners have endured in the off season.

Club President, Tim Magoffin welcomed and thanked the huge crowd for their attendance, including all new and past runners as well as the many volunteers who helped out with registration, merchandising, race set up, photography, etc….. Tim congratulated the many new and familiar faces lining up for what it looking to be a great year for The Mackay Road Runners’ 40th Anniversary year, where there promises to be several anniversary highlights throughout the year.  The club will also have 40th Anniversary singlets with “your running fix since 76″…see Erin or Ulrika to place your order.

All runners thoroughly enjoyed the pleasantly cool and misty conditions in the 5km event in lieu of the usual heat and humidity which generally prevails for the first run on the annual program.  The 5km course  was a very scenic one taking runners from the Harbour Lighthouse/boat ramp precincts onto the beautiful Breakwater and return.  Several runners who kept up their training offseason were in great form, performing extremely well including Tim Caddy, Ashlee Scott, Rachel Silvestri, Levi Alexander, Carl Pinkstone, Julian Picot, Chelsey Thompson, Lindsey Wiggins, Jack Simpson, Darren Binstead, Aidan Donnollan, Melissa Harris and Angie Furdek.

Runners can visit this Sunday’s Mackay Regional Council Sports Expo at the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre where the Mackay Road Runners as well as hundreds of other sporting clubs and associations are showcased under one roof. Those interested in checking out the Mackay Road Runners are welcome to visit their stall at the MECC where you will find them as you enter the Expo via the Club’s huge inflatable start/finish arch.  Mackay Road Runners volunteers will be on hand to offer loads of information on how to join their club as well as answering all your queries.

Many thanks to all the volunteers helping at the Expo, as they will then be lining up to race the same afternoon at the 5km  & 12km Shields Stampede from 21 Karl Langer Crescent, North Mackay.   Our generous hosts and Life Members, Merv & Wendy welcome runners to their home for the annual event commencing 5.30pm.  Runners are reminded to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start so that they can sign on and warmup as registrations will definitely close 10 minutes prior to racing.  This then allows all volunteers the opportunity to pack up and warm up for themselves.  Please consider and thank your volunteers and sponsors as these events would not be possible without them.

Members are also reminded to check in with Volunteer Co-ordinator, Paul Tilse to register your name for at least one event where you will be available to volunteer for timekeeping or water stop duties.  Paul will need to allocate members in vacant areas to ensure all the spots are filled, therefore, runners are requested to check in with Paul ASAP so that you can choose a date to suit you.   Many thanks to the heaps of members who have contacted Paul already, this is so much appreciated, the club is very fortunate to have so many willing helpers.

Mackay Road Runners would also like to thank the incoming 2016 Management Committee who were duly elected at the Club’s recent Annual General Meeting.  The Club has a great team, headed by President, Tim Magoffin, who have already been working very hard organising a bigger and better 2016 for its Members.

Those wishing to join the club are invited to register online ASAP so that they are immediately eligible for handicap and club championship points. For any further updates or information, check out this website or phone The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Magpies 4.5 & 9km

Jan 24 2016

Approximately forty Mackay Road Runners enjoyed the 4.5km & 9km  events last Sunday from Magpies Sporting Complex.  The very humid conditions prevailed throughout the entire afternoon, with several runners opting for the shorter course in the extreme heat.

Whilst our usual Sunday Race Director, Jim Ford was away, Simon Henderson, ably stepped into his shoes to offer the course description where runners noted their time upon completion and a mystery time was noted secretly before the race.  Whoever, came in closest to the secret time, was the winner…..and there were prizes!!!!!  Congratulations to Ange Furdek for winning the shorter course and Greame Harris for taking out the longer distance title.

Despite the humid conditions, there was some awesome running efforts from all the runners including Ashlee Scott, Rachel Silvestri, Travis Mumford, Ryan Mumford, Ulrika Widdowson, Bill Robinson, David Vincent, Craig McGahey, Jo Skinner, Russell Vandenbosch, Carol Brown, Carmel Mahon, Karla Hook, Stephen Oberg, Wayne Simpson, Alison Friswell, Carl Pinkstone and Leanne Connor.

Santa was very generous to Mackay Road Runners Ultramarathon runner, Martin Lambert, who scored himself an awesome ElliptiGo trainer. Martin was ecstatic with the Big Man’s choice, which will enable him to do low impact cross training and even assist should he, perish the thought, gain an injury through all the kilometres he puts his body through in an endeavour to conquer his long distance running goals.  Martin gave the crowd of very interested runners a demonstration of the unique ElliptiGo, so don’t be surprised if you see more of them riding the paths and streets of Mackay….a very useful piece of equipment.

Mackay Road Runners are now looking forward to this Sunday’s last offseason social run from the Harbour’s North Wall at 5.30pm.  With Jim still away, the course is looking like being a gentle beach run, hopefully on hard said, depending on the tidal movements,  towards Lamberts Beach, with possibly a ‘little’ sand dune or two on the way…great strength training especially as runners will be heading into the formal running season the following week.

Intending Members are invited to join up with the Club online asap, so that any handicap and club championship points start accruing immediately.  Mackay Road Runners will also be at the Mackay Regional Council’s Sport’s Expo on 14th February. All new and existing Members are very welcome to attend any of the Club’s weekly events throughout the season which commences February and goes through until October.

For further information, visit website, Facebook or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Planet Paget 6, 8 and 11km

Jan 17 2016

A small, but dedicated group of approximately twenty Mackay Road Runners relished the low humidity and glorious rain last Sunday afternoon for the 6/8/11km Plant Paget event from the Railway Station carpark, Paget.  Race Director/Club Captain, Jim Ford’s original course concept was amended due to the day’s continual rainfall which was a welcome relief from previous offseason Sunday events.

Runners enjoyed the variety of several course options as they left the Railway Station precincts onto the pathways of Paradise Street into Evan Street. While the shorter course athletes turned at the skate park roundabout, the rest of the field continued East down Evan Street.  All 8k runners turned off at Juliet Street towards Bridge Rd, whilst the 11km runners headed towards Town Beach into Iluka Street, meandering through parklands to link up with Binnington Esplanade at Ocean International before heading for home via Bridge Road and Paradise Street.

The precipitation was prevalent throughout the entire course however it did ease in the later stages allowing runners to coast across the line in slightly sprinkly rain.  Despite the watery conditions, runners enjoyed the amended course where they regrouped at regular checkpoints to include the slower runners. Many thanks to Jim for organising a great course once again, much appreciated by all runners including Paul Tilse, Kim Saron, Lindsey Wiggins, Jose Short, Carl Pinkstone, Alana Ford, Andrew Short, Anthea Ford, Bernadine McKinnon, Robyn Richards, Adam Knezevic, Jay McCulloch, Scott McIntosh, Simon Henderson and Janelle Tilse.  Runners also enjoyed some well-deserved post-race fruit and cake during a brief window of clear sky shortly before the heavy clouds opened up again, causing runners to cut the usual banter and scuttle to their cars.

Mackay Road Runners will meet again next Sunday at 5.30pm at Magpies Sporting Complex carpark for another innovative course to look forward to.  This will be the second last run on the offseason social program, with the formal 2016 Mackay Road Runners calendar commencing on 7th February at 5.30pm at the Mackay Harbour Boat ramp.

This year promises to be another enjoyable and successful year, especially as it is the 40th Anniversary year for the Club. Check out the calendar for regular weekly runs, including Signature events, training groups, etc…. available to all new and existing members.  Runners are reminded to join up online with one of the region’s most inclusive sporting groups, Mackay Road Runners, for a great year of running and comradery….look forward to seeing you soon.

For further information check out the website, ph the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Harbour to Mt Bassett Hill reps 10km

Jan 10 2016

Approximately fifty runners braved the very humid conditions last Sunday afternoon at 5.30pm for a series of hill sprints on the very testing Mt Bassett ascent.  Runners easily paced themselves from the Old Mulherin Park precincts for the 1.5km run to the base of Mt Bassett, whereupon Club Captain and race director, Jim Ford explained the hill repeat concept that suited all abilities.

The fastest runner, Shawn Claydon lead the field up and down Mt Bassett, sounding the alarm once he reached the bottom.  Runners then stopped at varying points on the hill depending on where they were when Shawn completed his first lap. All runners then had a one minutes rest before the whistle was blown for them to run up the hill from where they stopped, then head for the finish line….that was one rep.  As Shawn was the lead runner, he actually did two laps as his one rep…. that’s what happens when you’re fast! All other runners did varying distances depending on their placement on the hill.  Jim’s innovative course meant that all runners would be completing the rep at approximately the same time.   Participants then had a two minute break then repeated the course three more times, before heading back to Old Mulherin Park for some well-deserved post run fruit/cake/random draws.

All runners ran exceptionally well in the sweltering heat including Carl Pinkstone, Jack Simpson, Flynn Wilson, Ashlee Scott, Caitlin Farlow, Alana Ford, Greg Coulson, Wayne Simpson, Scott McIntosh, Jose Short, Sophie Webb-Smith, Emma Goodman-Jones and Stephen Oberg.  A big welcome to new runners, Danielle Garner and June Bradley who performed very well in their new surroundings.

Runners are now looking forward to Jim’s next exciting race course this Sunday at 5.30pm from the Railway Station carpark, Paget, which in previous years, has always proved to be very interesting!  All new and existing runners are most welcome to attend, no need to be a Mackay Road Runners Member as the off season runs are of a very social nature with only a gold coin donation towards after run refreshments.

Those interested in becoming a 2016 member are invited to join up online for a very reasonable cost of:- $55 for a single adult; $110 for a family; $22 for a junior (under 18 years of age) – due last day of February to be eligible for handicap/club championship points.  There are weekly race fees: Members – $2 per race per person (senior and junior) and payable on registering each race day; Non-Members – $10 seniors, $5 juniors and no race time recorded. For any further information, contact the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Base to Mater Hospitals 6 & 10km

Jan 3 2016

Over forty new and existing runners need to be congratulated on their huge efforts at last Sunday’s Base to Mater Hospitals 6 & 10km team event.  Race Director/Club Captain, Jim Ford once again came prepared with an unusual course concept whereupon runners were teamed up with other runners as per their sign on number.  Runners had the option of a shorter course from the Base Hospital to the beginning of the Canelands Bluewater Trail boardwalk and return, whilst the longer course runners continued to the Forgan Bridge.  Competitors had the pleasure of running across the bridge, Riverside Drive towards Sams Road, Mater Hospital and return to the start via the road under the Ron Camm Bridge, Hume Street and Bridge Road.

Jim instructed teams to regroup every fifteen minutes at various checkpoints, so that they could support each other throughout the entire course.  All runners did a great job encouraging not just their team, but all other runners so that they could all get to the finish line feeling very proud of their achievements in the tough conditions. Jim does a great job involving all runners into these types of team events, thus creating an environment of great comradery.

The oppressive conditions saw many runners sensibly take the shorter option due to their individual running experience, hydration and injury issues.  Runners need to ensure they take extra care with their hydration requirements, particularly in Mackay’s extremely humid summer months.

There were some awesome performances including those from new and returning athletes eg Carl Pinkstone, Carol Brown, Travis Mumford, Heath La Gersche, Ashlee Scott, Rachel Silvestri, John Rodden, Robyn Madill, Stephen Oberg, Dylan Coppo, Bernie McKinnon as well as experienced runners Liam Mumford, Jamie Sanders, Andrew Short, Glenn Baker, Russell Van Den Bosch, Carmel Mahon, Karla Hook, Paul Tilse, Megan Notnagel, Mark Pashalis, Karen Baker, Jo Hughes, Karen Low, Mel Harris, Jose Short, Alana Ford, Greg Coulson, Kim Saron, Jo Skinner, Craig McGahey, Lindsey Wiggins, Layla Sanders and Jose Short.

Farewell and best wishes to Liam Mumford as he travels back to the United States this week to continue his Athletics Scholarship in Virginia….I’m sure the weather conditions there will be way cooler than he is currently experiencing at home. Mackay Road Runners look forward to catching up when he visits later in the year.

Congratulations to Rachel Silvestri on a great running season last year, where she only just collected her 2015 trophies for her gold medal performances in the Junior King of the Mountain and Mackay Road Runners Junior Female Club Champion.  Rachel, who has been very busy with her running, school and family commitments was unable to get to the Club’s Presentation Night, was very excited to be presented with her trophies.  Rachel is in great form and set to have another successful year of running after easily completing the 10km run at today’s event.

Intending Mackay Road Runners members are reminded that Club registration for 2016 is open via the registration page with fees for seniors, juniors and families the same as last year.