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Run Reports 2015

Tourist Information Centre 6 & 10km

Dec 27 2015

Over thirty runners completed the Tourist Information Centre 6km & 10km events at last Sunday’s social summer run.  The extreme humidity was not easy to contend with as runners carefully ensured they stayed well hydrated with very frequent water stops throughout their respective distances.

Once again, Club Captain/Race Director, Jim Ford planned an enjoyable course from the Botanic Gardens precinct through the West Mackay suburb with options to suit all abilities. Many thanks to Jim for his time and efforts in designing a unique concept where runners could race their chosen course, with prizes for individuals coming in on 55 minutes or 65 minutes…..however, Jim’s prize handling assistant needs an assistant to remind her to bring the well-deserved coveted prizes!

Excellent running by past and present junior Mackay Road Running Champions, Jamie Sanders, Liam Mumford, Ashlee Scott, Jenna Bugeja, Layla Sanders and Anthea Ford.  Some of these runners now live far afield in their chosen studies/professions with Liam currently studying in USA, Jenna heading back to Canberra this week to continue her work and Anthea off to Cairns next year to commence her first year out of University in an Accounting firm.

The Mackay Road Runners’s special appearance runner was not able to make the run today, as she was flying back to Brisbane the next day.  Mackay’s very talented home grown Olympic running champion, Benita Willis was unable to get to the run due to family commitments, however she passed on her good wishes and the indication of a few visits to Mackay next year.  As Benita’s very heavy schedule makes it extremely difficult for her to come home, her Mum, siblings, nieces and nephews were stoked to have her home if only for a few days.  Mackay Road Runners appreciate the support Benita always willingly devotes to the local region and look forward to catching up with her in the very near future.

However, Mackay Road Runners were not disappointed for too long as yet another couple of celebrities appeared within its ranks……a special guest appearance of well-known Mumford and Sons!  The writer was able to get a quick interview, however, a group photo was not possible due to the elder Mr Mumford being a bit camera shy.

The summer off season social runs will continue every Sunday at 5.30pm throughout the off season.  As the present Mackay conditions are extremely warm and humid, runners are reminded to stay hydrated throughout the week as well as on the day they exercise.  It is urgently suggested that runners carry water with them or ensure they are aware of where the taps are on the course as well as taking extra electrolytes if required.

Mackay Road Runners welcome all new and existing runners to any of their events…..check out the website for info on next year’s program or phone the secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Bucasia, Shoal Point Beach Loop 5 & 10km

Dec 20 2015

In very humid, breezy conditions, over thirty Mackay Road Runners enjoyed the last Sunday Summer social run before Christmas which commenced 5.30pm from the Hibiscus Shopping Centre, Bucasia.

Race Director and Club Captain, Jim Ford, once again organised a very unique concept where all 10km runners ran half the distance on the beach, all meeting up at the Shoal Point Park awaiting placement into teams relating to a word drawn from a hat by each runner.  Each word drawn had to match up with four other words chosen by four other runners to make a Christmas themed sentence eg “I’ll be home before Christmas”. This then became the team which then had to run together with the first full team to cross the line winning the coveted prize.

A big welcome back to Liam Mumford who is home for a few weeks from his Virginian University in the States where he was offered an athletics scholarship.  Liam has successfully completed his first year with the second year looking very exciting for his athletics and academic career.

The very competitive and supportive team of Alana Ford, Russell Van Den Bosch, Hayden Connor, Noel Barnett and Janelle Tilse snatched the win and the prize within metres from the Jim Ford/Adam Knezevic team, despite a protest as to where the finish line was.

Many thanks to Alana Ford for suggesting and organising the food items from all runners over the last two weeks which will be donated to the Salvation Army this week….many thanks to all runners for donating the huge amount of items for a very worthy cause.

Runners are now looking forward to Wednesday’s 5km social training run at 6pm from the Mackay Metro Cafe, River Street, in lieu of the usual Bluewater Quay location.  Runners and supporters are welcome to stay and purchase post run refreshments from the awesome menu.

This Sunday’s 5.30pm social training run will commence from the Tourist Information Centre precincts with a possible special guest appearance from a very famous local runner who happens to be in town for Christmas.  All new and existing runners are welcome to attend with just a gold coin donation towards post run fruit, cake, etc…

Runners are also reminded to check out the Club’s calendar as the 2016 formal running calendar has now been posted.

Mackay Surf Club 5 & 10km

Dec 13 2015

Mackay Road Runners Club Member, Alana Ford is the instigator of our Sunday social runners donating an item of non-perishable food to be gifted to a Charity this Christmas.  Runners generously donated heaps of items in the first collection phase at last weekend’s Mackay Surf Club run.  Alana will be collecting once again at this Sunday’s pre-Christmas run from the Hibiscus Shopping Centre, Bucasia, so all donations gladly accepted, as Alana will be dropping off the huge hamper of goodies on Monday 21st December to worthy members of the community.  Many thanks to Alana and the runners for organising and taking part in this very special event.

Meanwhile, in very humid conditions, approximately thirty Mackay Road Runners tackled a 5/10km beach run from the Mackay Surf Club which was made a little more enjoyable by the awesome sea breezes.  Runners ran 3km south east to the mouth of the river along East Point Road before the return trip to the Surf Club carpark via the Harbour Beach.  Those wanting to add a little extra then tackled a blustery 5km stint on the Breakwater wall to the Lighthouse and back.

Excellent running by Jamie Sanders who easily completed the longer distance in the lead pack, as well as Lindsey Wiggins, Scott McIntosh and Alana Ford. Great running in the shorter distance by Layla Sanders, Jo Hughes, Megan Notnagel, Kim Saron, Ryan Barben and Sandra Henderson.

Dale McIntosh was sorely missed at today’s run after her exceptional performance at the previous weeks run, where she smashed her first ever run.  Congratulations to Tammy Wanstall on a scorching run as she chased down the runners from a late start.

This Sunday’s social run commences 5.30pm from the Hibiscus Shopping Centre, Bucasia. Runners are reminded to bring along an item of non-perishable food for the Mackay Road Runners Charity Christmas hamper donation in lieu of the gold coin donation.

The 2016 formal Mackay Road Runners calendar has been updated as well as the Sunday 5.30pm off season casual training group locations.  All welcome!

For further information, ph The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 74 32.

Ricky Parker Painting Memorial 5 & 10km

Dec 6 2015

Approximately forty runners stripped off their timing devices for the running of the Ricky Parker Painting Memorial Pool 5km & 10km.  Mackay Road Runners Club Captain and Race Director, Jim Ford, once again added a unique spin on the social off season 5km & 10km event, whereby runners took off their watches and had to ‘nominate’ their estimated time over their respective course, with the one closest to their time winning a Ricky Parker Painting donated prize.

The longer course took runners via the back of Canelands Shoppingtown onto the Bluewater Trail toward the Bluewater Quay and Sandfly Creek Trail to Town Beach, with the shorter course option allowing for runners to turn at the boat ramp.  The cooling sea breezes made the extremely humid conditions much more pleasant as runners bolted from the start at the Memorial Pool carpark.

Although all runners were winners on the day, it was Shawn Claydon who took home the prize for running the closest to his nominated time, racing across the finish line to be within ten seconds of his estimate, ousting Leanne Connor, who was only fifteen seconds away from her listed time.

Congratulations to the many new runners, including Dale McIntosh who easily completed her first run with the Club in outstanding form, much to the delight of her husband Scott and the tremendous support from fellow runners.

Many thanks to Joanne & Ricky Parker from Ricky Parker Painting who sponsored the event and donated random draw prizes, which included yummy Lions Christmas Cakes and a very generous Hog’s Breath Voucher.  Kim Saron was ecstatic to score the Hog’s Breath voucher as were ALL her friends!  Joanne & Ricky who are great supporters of the Mackay Road Runners, also donate cash prizes to the Club’s prestigious annual Mackay Marina Run….thinking painting…..think Ricky Parker Painting!

This Sunday’s social 5/10km training session commences at 5.30pm from The Mackay Surf Club, with runners reminded to bring an item of non-perishable food that the Club will be donating to a Charity for Christmas.  The Club’s Alana Ford will collect items over the next two Sunday runs in lieu of the gold coin donation currently collected…..many thanks to everyone for supporting a great cause.

The formal 2016 running program is now up for viewing on the Club’s calender. For further info, all new and existing runners are welcome to phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Black Beach Tavern 5 & 7km

Nov 29 2015

Mackay Road Runners had approximately forty athletes in attendance at last Sunday’s 7km run from Blacks Beach Tavern. The run had it all, including perfectly warm humid conditions as runners left the Tavern precincts to head south towards beautiful Blacks Beach.  The awesome cooling sea breezes were enjoyed by all runners as they made their way along the sandy shores toward the testing steps at the Blacks Beach Park just prior to the testing streets of Dolphin Heads before heading home.

Many thanks once again to Race Director/Club Captain, Jim Ford for organising an excellent course which always has a unique twist where he involves all runners into a team environment. Jim always offers options for runners in choosing a shorter course, thus suitable for all abilities.

Jim organised runners into seeded teams based on their average 10km times, with all runners’ teams starting out together prior to the faster runners then being able to break away at designated checkpoints.  The Team to come through first was headed by speedy youngster, Jamie Sanders and his all male support crew of Simon Henderson, John Rodden and Paul Tilse.  Congratulations to the guys who won the coveted weekly prize!

Many thanks to Craig Widdowson for usual loyal support of the Mackay Road Runners events, as he kindly dropped off his wife, Ulrika, so she could run, while he waited patiently watching the cricket in the air conditioned tavern!

A big welcome to all runners, new and old to the Club’s summer social training sessions, with great running by Tim Caddy, Karla Hook, Ulrika Widdowson, Kim Saron, Karen Low, Paul Arvidson, Jose Short, Alana Ford, Anthea Ford, Craig McGahey, Jo Skinner, Tammy Wanstall, Jay McCulloch, John Rodden, Robyn Madill, Emma Goodman-Jones, Megan Notnagel, Alex Ford, Paul Arvidson and Noel Barnett.

This Sunday’s social training run commences 5.30pm from the Mackay Memorial Pool carpark opposite Red Rooster, Canelands.  All new and existing runners are welcome to join in, no need to be a Mackay Road Runners Member, just a gold coin donation for post run refreshments.

The 2016 formal Mackay Road Runners Program has now been approved and uploaded online for those interested in joining next year.

Town Beach Tag Along 8km

Nov 22 2015

Mackay Road Runners held a very social 8km Team Tagalong Race from Iluka Park, Town Beach last Sunday afternoon.  Race Director/Club Captain Jim Ford split the field into two teams under very strict selection criteria. Each team ran in an opposite direction completing a 4km circuit, looping back to tag a member of the opposite team before completing the opposing 4km loop…..sounds complicated, not really, ’cause all roadrunners are really smart and Jim Ford is a great Teacher!  The first five runners home from one team, which was Team 2, took out the coveted prize….and there actually was a prize this week!  Approximately thirty runners enjoyed the unique concept event in the very humid conditions with cooling sea breezes, which included approximately 1.5km of beach running. Many thanks to Jim for his time in organising the course.

Great efforts by regular runners, Sandy Marchetti, Jo Hughes, Tim Caddy, Russell Van Den Bosch, Jose Short, Carmel Mahon, Karla Hook, Shane Barben, Greg Coulsen, Simon Henderson, Paul Tilse, Caitlin Farlow, Leanne Connor, Ulrika Widdowson, Ross Connor, Lindsey Wiggins, Jamie Sanders, Jo Skinner, John Rodden, Kim Saron, Anthea Ford, Jay McCulloch and Alana Ford who found the course a bit short for her liking, so she tacked on a bit extra!

For this Sunday’s 5.30pm social run with a difference, visit the calendar to check out the course and location from Blacks Beach Tavern.

Runners are advised that the last Wednesday 6pm 5km social run before Christmas (23rd Dec) will commence from Metro Cafe near the Bluewater Lagoon. Runners and supporters are welcome to stay for a post run drink.

Meanwhile in exciting overseas running news, several Mackay Road Runners performed extremely well at the Queenstown (NZ) Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km over the weekend. Marathon competitor, Martin Lambert reported over the past week or so the long range forecast had been for rain, however, they were very lucky as there had only been a couple of showers and race day was close to perfectly cool conditions. They awoke to find fresh snow on the hills surrounding them, but no rain. Breakfast on race day was followed by a bus trip to the start line followed by a few stretches and nervous conversation before they were under Starter’s orders. It was very cool so runners stayed wrapped up for as long as possible, discarding jumpers at the start line – one very lucky local will benefit from a coveted Mackay Road Runners hoody!

Excellent results in all races included an outstanding result from local female runner Victoria Beck who defended her Queenstown Marathon (42.2km) title to blitz the female field in two hours 55 minutes, eight minutes clear of the second placed female. Victoria, who has been in great form, was ecstatic with the win, especially as she originally hails from New Zealand, although she has been informally adopted by Mackay as an Aussie.

Awesome efforts came from several other Mackay runners, who were well pleased with their individual events:-
10km – Phoebe Short (inspired by her Dad, Andrew);  Sharon Stevens (inspired by her husband Matt)
21.1km  -Scott McIntosh 1hr 41min; Amanda Boxall 1:56; Marie Muscat 1:56; Steven Boxall 1:59; Alex Anderson 2:14
42.2km – Victoria Beck 2:55 – F EMALE WINNER
42.2km – Graeme Railton 3:10; Martin Lambert 3:46; Matt Stevens 4:02; Andrew Short 4:07; Craig Stewart 4:09; Terry O’Connor 4:16

Mackay North Run

Nov 15 2015

Mackay Road Runners will have a strong contingent racing in the Queenstown Marathon and Half Marathon, New Zealand this weekend. They include Victoria Beck, Martin Lambert, Steven & Amanda Boxall, Matt Stevens and Sharon Etwell, Craig Stewart, Scott McIntosh, Marie Muscat, Alex Anderson, Andrew Short and Terry O’Connor.

New Zealander, Victoria Beck who has been living in Mackay for a few years now, (who we shall call our own),  will be striving once again to take out the Marathon (42.2km) which she did in 2014.  Victoria clocked an amazing 2 hrs 55 min 18 seconds to take gold for the girls and eleventh overall in atrociously cold and windy conditions. Victoria has been training well and is looking forward to bettering her time, however, this will depend on the weather conditions, which can turn at any time. Although snow has been forecast for early this week, the positive vibes from all of the Mackay Road Runners supporters will ensure this will not occur on Saturday 21st November…..the weather will be perfect!

Congratulations and best wishes to all travelling to New Zealand for a great run and an enjoyable event, especially to Martin Lambert who will be celebrating his 50th birthday as well as hopefully, a great time in the Marathon.

Meanwhile, locally, approximately thirty Mackay Road Runners (sort of) enjoyed  a very humid and hilly run from the North Mackay High School, Valley Street.  Not only did they have to contend with the serious undulations of the Mount Pleasant streets, including High and Pollock Streets, Norris Rd, James Croker and Bona Vista Drives and Annie Wood Avenue, but the continuous thunder rumblings and lightning bolts that prevailed and increased through the run.   Runners were rewarded post-race with a sprinkling of rain and well deserved fruit to rehydrate in the very testing conditions.  Many thanks once again to the Club Captain, Jim Ford for organising the event, which consisted of three teams completing their chosen laps within the hour time limit. The team who had all of their runners finish first within the hour was the ‘prize’ winner.  The coveted ‘prize’ is still to be seen!

A big welcome to relatively new runners Adam Knezevic, Jo Skinner and Tammy Wanstall as well as regular Mackay Road Runners – Layla and Jamie Sanders, Jose Short, Simon Henderson, Russell Van Den Bosch, Martin Lambert, Peter & Alana Ford, Carmel Mahon, Shane Barben, Paul & Janelle Tilse, Mark Pashalis and of course our fearless leader, Jim Ford.

Runners can now look forward to this Sunday’s social group training run at 5.30pm from Iluka Park, Town Beach.  The 12km is of a very social nature and has various distance options to suit runners of all fitness levels.  The general public is very welcome, no need to be a Club Member, just a gold coin donation towards post-race refreshments.

For further information and updates, view the calendar or phone The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Bluewater Lagoon to Mt Pleasant

Nov 8 2015

Approximately thirty runners gathered at the Bluewater Lagoon for the weekly Sunday afternoon Mackay Road Runners off season social training group.  The looming storm clouds and very humid conditions did not deter the runners who had several course options heading towards the pinnacle of the heart/leg pumping High Street and beyond.  Congratulations to all runners who endured the extremely tough conditions, where thunder and lightning prevailed in the later stages of the run.

A big welcome to new runners, Chrissy Lando, Mekaela Stevenson and Cath Riggs as well as regular Mackay Road Runners Members, Simon Henderson, Sandy Strong, Peter Ford, Ross and Leanne Connor, Shane Barben, Alana Ford, Scott McIntosh, Tim Caddy, Mark Pashalis, Lindsey Wiggins, Karen & Glenn Baker, Dave Vincent, Mel Harris, Carmel Mahon, Karla Hook, Marie Muscat, Paul Tilse, Chris Webb, Megan Notnagel and Ulrika Widdowson.

Many Thanks to Club Captain, Jim Ford, who as always, organises a great course with varying options for all fitness levels. Runners very deservedly enjoyed the post-race treats in a bid to rehydrate in the oppressive conditions.

A large group of local runners will be heading to Queenstown, New Zealand in the next week to compete in the several events, including the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km. Mackay Road Runner, Martin Lambert has had a great year of ultra-marathon running including The Six Foot Track 45km (March – NSW Blue Mountains), Anzac 100th Anniversary 100km (April – Sydney) and the 250km Trail to Triumph (October – Moranbah to Mackay). Lambert, whose resilience has been amazing, is looking forward to capping off a very successful year of endurance running with his training buddies in beautiful NZ.

Meanwhile, Mackay Road Runners will continue to meet every Sunday at 5.30pm at varying venues throughout the City in the offseason. This weekend’s run commences from the gates of North Mackay High School, Valley Street.  The writer does NOT promise it will be a flat course, however, it will be a loop style course where, once again, there will be options to suit the individual. Mackay Road Runners welcome anyone to come along and have a run, just a gold coin donation to assist in post run refreshments.  Mackay Road Runners also remind runners they have various other casual training groups throughout the week including Wed 6pm Bluewater Quay and Sat 5am Casu Jacks, Mackay Marina, as well as other smaller groups that get together at varying locations, just ask and we can link you into a group that suits.

For further information and updates, view the calendar or phone The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Seabreeze Resort Lamberts Beach

Nov 1 2015

Mackay Road Runners had a very strong contingent of junior runners perform exceptionally at the State Athletics Championships in Brisbane last weekend.  Fifteen year old Jamie Sanders performed extremely well in the under eighteen two thousand metres Steeplechase where he scored an amazing bronze medal!  Jamie was stoked with the result as he has only raced the Steeplechase once before, but obviously he’s a natural, competing very well against his older and more experienced rivals.  Jamie has now been selected in the Queensland Team to compete in Melbourne at the Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park early December in the 2000 metre Steeplechase event.

The Athletics State Championships were an enjoyable first for Layla Sanders, who raced in the very tough under thirteen 1500 metre event. Although, she didn’t place, she had an awesome experience against the many talented Southern Athletes. Rachel Silvestri was also a standout competitor making the finals in the under fourteen 800m and 1500m events.

In his age category, Josiah McCarthy was unlucky to miss a podium placing, finishing a credible fourth in the 800 metre final. Jade Bidgood also put in a classy performance to make the final in the 800m and 1500m finals, where he finished 5th in the 800 metre event.

In local off season running last Sunday, Mackay Road Runners met at the Lamberts Beach Seabreeze Resort Motel to take in several loops of the sandy, hilly trails adjacent to the Motel.  The Club’s Captain, Jim Ford designed a course which consisted of a 2km loop with runners having the option to do as many as they chose.  Shawn Claydon set his usual fast pace, completing five loops whereas the majority of runners completed four loops in the allotted time of fifty minutes.

This Sunday’s off season, social training run commences 5.30pm from the Bluewater Lagoon.  The longer course of 10km will head to the tower at the top of High Street, however, there is always a shorter course option.  All runners, whether a member or not, are most welcome to any of the Club’s events, with just a gold coin donation going towards post run refreshments.

The Club will run every Sunday at 5.30pm in the off season, as well as a social 5km at 6pm from the Bluewater Quay every Wednesday and a Saturday 5am long run from Casu Jacks, Mackay Marina.  Check out the Club’s calendar for upcoming important dates and updated information.  Members are also reminded the Club will be setting it’s 2016 formal calendar at the regular monthly committee meeting on Monday, 9th November at 5.30pm at Haynes Mechanical Boardroom, Paget – all welcome to submit their input prior to the date for consideration.

Annual Awards Evening

Oct 25 2015

Mackay Road Runners Awards Night was held last Saturday from the beautiful function room at The Grove.  Approximately seventy Mackay Road Runner awardees, their families and friends attended the awesome evening hosted by Master of Ceremonies and Club President, Tim Magoffin. Tim congratulated and thanked the runners, volunteers, sponsors and supporters of the Club for a great year, where once again the Club continued its success as one of the region’s most respected and successful Clubs. Many thanks to the Club’s generous Club Patron, Col Meng, who was on hand to present trophies to the deserved recipients as announced by Tim.

A highlight of the evening was the awarding of Life Membership to Club Treasurer Shawn Claydon for his excellent service of over ten years to the Club’s Committee as well as his outstanding reputation for being a great role model in the Club and wider community.  Shawn also collected trophies for winning the Open 2015 Male Club Champion as well as his age category and a ‘funny’ award.

The 2015 open Female Club Champion was once again taken out by the very consistent Carmel Mahon, who also picked up a swag of gold awards including the Eungella King of the Mountain, Handicap Club Champion Age Category and one of the coveted door prizes.

However, if anyone needed the Club trailer on the evening it was Andrew Short. Andrew was the winner of the prestigious 2015 Club Handicap Points Trophy.  The hotly contested trophy is won by any member, male or female, for highly consistent performances throughout the year, based on their handicap. Andrew had a great year despite a few injury hurdles, to take out the award by only three points from Karla Hook and Stuart Sprott.  Andrew also scored two monthly medal trophies for handicap points earned during a four week period of handicap races, as well as bronze in his age category.  Andrew was also the well-deserved Col and Rhonda Meng Club Person of the Year  for the second consecutive year. Andrew’s a champion on and off the track, as his road running wife Jose will no doubt agree, as she also collected a monthly Medal award as well as taking gold in her age category.

An apology was received from former Olympian Benita Willis who was unable to attend the evening to present her Trophy to the 2015 recipient, Angie Furdek.  Benita, who is a great supporter of the Mackay Road Runners Club, penned a few inspirational words to the very excited winner.  Angie’s husband Ken, was also thrilled with the award and has already taken down their wedding photo to replace with the huge framed perpetual trophy!

Several junior runners were unable to make the awards evening due to representative commitments, however, congratulations to Junior Male and Female Club Champions, Jamie Sanders and Rachel Silvestri. These runners are awesome athletes, highly regarded by their senior counterparts, as well as other junior runners, Layla Sanders, Lauren Morgan, Jade Bidgood, Josiah McCarthy, Hayden Connor and Chelsey Thomspon.

Another highlight of the evening was a cheque presentation of $6,056 to Leukaemia Foundation’s Barry Comben for donations received via the Mackay Marina Run registration site.   The Leukaemia Foundation’s local branch executive, Chris Comben,  Barry Comben and Damien Carroll are an integral part of the Mackay Marina Run committee and the event’s success towards raising much needed funds for the worthy charity.

Many thanks to Erin Safe for co-ordinating the presentation venue and lucky door prizes which were very well received by all attendees.  Thank you also to Emma Goodman-Jones and Linda McFazden for the extremely entertaining ‘funny’ awards and Sandra Henderson for the very tough quiz competition.

Congratulations to all runners on their performances throughout the year – such a pleasure to see so many athletes having a go at whatever distance they choose and to achieve their goals.

Mater Hospital Negative Split

Oct 18 2015

Mackay Road Runners staged its first off season social run last Sunday commencing 5.30pm from the Mater Hospital carpark. Course Director and Club Captain, Jim Ford, organised a unique concept where runners had the option of short or long course, running out to a specific time then running quicker from the turnaround, thus hopefully gaining a negative split.  All runners were successful in the task, gratefully assisted by a tailwind on the return trip…yay!

Kim Saron was first to cross the line, finishing in a sprint burst to ensure she scored the required time…..although,  the inspiration was more likely the can of coke at the finish line and the fresh homemade pie waiting at home for dinner.  Excellent running by Peter Ford and Alana Ford who were just beaten home by dad, Jim. Although they chose the longer distance challenge, that did nothing to stop heckling from Jim who was happy to take the win for a change.

Congratulations to Mackay Road Runners who competed at the Melbourne Running Festival, including Shawn Claydon, Shelley Binney, Darren Pullen, Shane Barben and Paul Tilse. Shawn scored an impressive two hours 47 minutes in the Marathon to earn himself gold in his age category and 55th place out of 6,037 runners. It was an awesome effort in the conditions with blustery and cool winds along the St Kilda portion of the race.  Shelley Binney also performed well in her comeback marathon, running four hours even.  Darren Pullen was ecstatic to score under four hours in his first ever marathon, clocking 3 hours 56 minutes.  Paul Tilse and Shane Barben continued the success of flying the local flag, both racing to the finish line in the 10km event in under 60 minutes.

Mark McFadzen ran and cycled an exceptional time of one hour five minutes, twelve seconds in the ITU World Duathlon Championships in Adelaide on the same day. Mark’s 17th place in his age category was outstanding against world class competitors.

Meanwhile locally, Mackay Road Runners Presentation Night will be held this Saturday from 6.30pm at The Grove.  Tickets are still available by contacting Erin Safe to secure your seat – erin.safe@gmail.com

Check out the clubs website calendar to view the off season running program and any Club updates. The off season social runs are a great way to retain your fitness, where only a gold coin is requested to assist in post-race refreshments. For further info phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Gooseponds Gallivant 7.5km

Oct 11 2015

Mackay Road Runners enjoyed a great social event last Sunday afternoon for the last run on the 2015 formal running calendar.  Over sixty runners gallivanted around the Gooseponds for the 7.5km social three loop course, where runners had the option to do any distance they chose before partaking in a sumptuous BBQ prepared by Craig Widdowson. Mackay Road Runners are very fortunate to have Craig who’s usual partner in crime, Ken Furdek,  was apparently ‘gallivanting’ around the American Basketball scene.  Many thanks to Craig, who’s culinary skills are highly sought after, was very happy to do special cooking requests.

Club President, Tim Magoffin, welcomed the huge crowd of runners, thanking the many volunteers and supporters for a great year of organising/racing the weekly events in and off season.  Tim reminded runners to check the Club’s website for the offseason program every Sunday at 5.30pm from this weekend from varying locations throughout the town, with this weekend’s run starting at the spare allotment just near the Mater Hospital. Club Captain, Jim Ford, has organised very innovative weekly runs so that runners can maintain their fitness in a very social environment in the off season.  All new and existing runners are most welcome, costing only a gold coin to participate, which goes toward post-race fruit, etc.  Runners are also reminded as the summer months loom, to hydrate well throughout the week as well as the days you are running.

Mackay Road Runners congratulate Matt Britton and his team of runners and supporters on the Trail to Triumph 250km ultra marathon event last weekend, where runners could walk/run all or part of the run from Moranbah to Mackay via Eungella! Matt is the founder of the Trail to Triumph event with its inaugural event last year, running from Mackay to Moranbah.  The event is in memory of his dad Tony, who was a very well respected member of the business and sporting community, as well as his biggest supporters, his family! Tony passed away March 2014 from Mesothelioma, a rare and currently incurable cancer caused by asbestos exposure. The Trail to Triumph ‘Tony’s Journey’ event raises much needed funds going to the Bernie Banton Foundation, which is working to alleviate exposure to asbestos and resultant suffering through education, awareness and advocacy.  Congratulations to all of those involved in this very special event.

Best wishes to runners heading to the Melbourne Running Festival this weekend…the weather’s looking perfect!

Queens Park 3km Club Championship

Oct 4 2015

Approximately forty runners  braved windy and rainy conditions last Sunday Morning to contest the final Club Championship race on the Mackay Road Runners Calendar for 2015, the Queens Park 3km. Competitors were tested the entire course, racing into severe headwinds towards Town Beach Esplanade before reaping the rewards of a tailwind for the final 1.5km to the finish line.

Jade Bidgood ran a perfectly timed race to take gold and maximum Club Championship points in the misty rain ahead of fast finishing Jamie Sanders and Shane Ward. Jamie and Shane had a sensational sprint to the finish line, mere seconds separating the pair.

Triathlete, Nikki Giles reigned supreme in the female section in another close race, with Carmel Mahon and Vicki Vickers finishing in quick succession and seconds apart, with Karla Hook a very close fourth.

There were many special performances from several runners including juniors, Hayden Connor, Lauren Morgan and Layla Sanders, all finishing ahead of their more experienced rivals.

Mark McFadzen had a relatively easy race in the lead up to him representing Australia in his age category at the ITU World Duathlon Championships in Adelaide in two weeks’ time. Mark has been training and racing well whilst attempting to taper for the huge event, where he is very proud to represent his Country in the highly competitive event.  Mark, supported by his wife, Linda will leave Mackay next week to travel south where the weather will have far less humidity than his current conditions.

Congratulations to Scott McIntosh who ran a great 3km in the lead up to a very special event next week – his marriage to his beautiful fiancé, Dale!  The dedicated pair or Mackay Road Runners left straight after the 3km event to travel south to family and friends for the special occasion.

Many thanks to race day volunteers, present and absent, Andy List, Tim Magoffin, Shawn Claydon, Brendan Bishop, Karen Baker, Andrew Short, Ulrika Widdowson, Ange Furdek, Di Morgan, Chris Webb and Linda McFadzen – so much appreciated.

Mackay Road Runners’ last race on the formal calendar next Sunday Afternoon will be a 7.5km social run commencing 4pm from the Gooseponds, Willis Street carpark.  The three loop course of the Gooseponds will be held prior to a yummy post-race free BBQ, specially prepared by the awesome Craig Widdowson, more well known for being ABC’s popular radio presenter, as well as the lucky husband of Ulrika! All runners and supporters are most welcome to stay and enjoy the comradery – probably a good idea to bring the aeroguard!

Mackay Road Runners will then be gearing up a great night at the annual Presentation/Trophy Evening to be held on Saturday, 24th October at The Grove Function room….please book and pay for your tickets ASAP so your seat is secured.

For those wanted to continue running with the Mackay Road Runners, the website has been updated to note the usual offseason Sunday afternoon social training runs, specifically designed by the innovative Club Captain, Jim Ford.   The first run will be a 5.4km on 18th October, commencing 5.30pm from the spare allotment near the Mater Hospital. The negative split concept run course will be explained prior to racing, however, the course can be viewed via the calendar page.

The Alarm Guys Jungle Run 5km

Sep 27 2015

The running of the inaugural Mackay Road Runners Alarm Guys Jungle 5km Run was a huge success, with approximately thirty runners lining up in the brisk but perfectly sunny conditions at 7am last Sunday at the Botanic Gardens Playground, West Mackay.  The awesome course led runners through the meandering and slightly undulating trails of the beautiful Gardens precinct before being rewarded with post-race random draw prizes donated by Sponsor, The Alarm Guys.  Many thanks to Millie Bishop for crafting together the awesome prizes which were very well received by the runners and volunteers.

With runners bolting from the start of the 5km, Shawn Claydon showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the field as he led from start to finish, clocking eighteen minutes and four seconds.  Shawn has been in awesome form, currently in full training for the Melbourne Marathon in a few weeks’ time. Second placed Greg O’Neill (18:51) also showed his outstanding class, followed by a sensational run by Andy List (19:42).  Fourth placed Russell VandenBosch (20:31) continued his excellent rise in the ranks with an impressive run ahead of a fast paced Ross Connor (21:13) and Tim Caddy (21:25).

The first three females ran very well, all finishing within one minute of each other – Carmel Mahon (21:43) crossed the line seventh overall ahead of Vicki Vickers (22:04) and Karla Hook (22:19).  Jose Short (24:32) continued her great season coming in fourth ahead of Julie Whibley (25:24) and Karen Baker (26:26).

Congratulations to all runners for a great morning – Peter Wright, Daniel Stampa, Andrew Short, Simon Henderson, Brendan Bishop (and Hughie), Bernadine McKinnon, Stuart Sprott, Cilla Martland, Merv Shields, Leanne Connor and Sandra Henderson.

Many thanks once again to Sponsor, The Alarm Guys (Brendan, Julie, Millie, Hughie and Rory) for their great support to make the event such a success.  Thanks also to volunteers for course setup (Andrew Short/Glenn Baker/Tim Magoffin), timekeeping (Tim Magoffin), Results (Andy List), Registrar (Karen Baker) and Photographer (Jo Hughes).  The Club is so appreciative of all our sponsors and volunteers …there are integral for the continued enjoyment and success of the Club.  Members – please remember to utilise our sponsors where you can and to also thank them and the volunteers often as there would be no Club without them.

Runners can view weekly race results on the Club’s website, which are always speedily collated and processed within a couple of hours of the event by Handicapper Andy List.  Andy, who has a very demanding work job and busy family life as well as his own heavy training schedule, does a great job in this very time consuming role and deserves our wholehearted appreciation.

Runners are now looking forward to the last few races on the 2015 formal program. This Sunday’s final Club Championship race will be a 3km from The Queens Park Rotunda, Goldsmith Street, commencing 7am sharp.  Runners are requested to register by 6.50am at the latest, so that vital consideration is given to the volunteers (who also love to run) to do their own pre-race warm up.

Members are reminded of some important upcoming dates including:-  The Presentation Night (Sat 24th Oct), Calendar Meeting and Annual General Meeting.  The Calendar and AGM dates have not been formally set, however, will be in the coming weeks. In the meantime, this will give Members food for thought when considering what they can do for their Club, whether it be big or small.  All Committee positions and non-committee roles are up for re-election with some positions definitely requiring to be refilled.  As the Club has a great band of excellent volunteers, they would like to encourage any offer of assistance and support that is offered so as to lessen the load of the existing committee.

Mackay Road Runners, who’s 40th birthday celebrations for 2016 are in full swing, is a very inclusive Club, with a multitude of volunteers doing various roles to keep it as one of the most respected Clubs in the region.   To become more involved, please contact any of the Committee as you will find they are very approachable and welcoming, happy to have a chat!

For any further info, check out the calendar or ph The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Publicity Officer, Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Whitsunday Trail Run 28km

Sep 21 2015

The Mackay Road Runners had a huge contingent of runners contest the annual 28km Whitsunday Trail Run at Airlie beach last Sunday morning.  The ninth running of the event had over one hundred competitors tackle the arduous one way 28km trail run from Brandy Creek to the Airlie Beach Lagoon via The Conway National Park. The Whitsunday Running Club did an awesome job in organising the event having just taken over the reins this year from the Mackay Road Runner. Event Manager, Wendy Downes and her team need to be congratulated the tough logistical event, where many volunteers are required including the SES, to ensure its success.  Many thanks also go out to the sponsors and volunteers.

An awesome result from local female runner, Victoria Beck, who blitzed the course to take gold in the female category for the second year in a row and was also second overall, mere minutes behind the first male, Townsville’s Sam Steadman. Final podium finisher, third placed female, Carmel Mahon was also another local runner to excel in the arduous event, which was a real test of endurance through the massive ascents and descents of the Conway National Park. Carmel performed extremely well even after a couple of falls in the humid conditions, clocking an impressive three hours.  Mackay’s Karla Hook placed fifth female and first in her age category.  Many runners who endured this course for the first time, as well as experienced runners in the event, were ecstatic to finish due to the treacherous terrain throughout the entire course.

Mackay ultra-marathoners, Brad Allen and Lee Taylor also performed extremely well, finishing in the top ten male competitors.  Paul and Janelle Tilse were well pleased with their efforts where they have now completed every 28km Whitsunday Trail Run since its inception in 2006.  In 2008 the event was not held due to technical issues at the time, therefore, next year will be the tenth anniversary of the awesome event.

Local runners, Di Clulee and Jenny Harmer, who coerced three of their friends (not sure if they’re friends now)  were blown away by the toughness of the course, but delighted to have conquered their goal, even if there was the threat of various wildlife, including snakes, spiders and goannas.  Ross Vickers easily completed the event for the fifth time, supported on the sidelines by his marathoner wife, Vicki.  Scott McIntosh’s first attempt at the run was an emotional time for his fiancé, Dale, who rushed to the local chemist to buy out all their hydration items to aid his post-race recovery. Ulrika Widdowson was another ecstatic competitor, powering over the course to score herself a personal best time.

All runners need to be congratulated on their immense efforts where they found relief in finishing at the beautiful precincts of the Airlie Lagoon, enjoying a dip in the pool as well as very deserved post-race snacks.

The next event on the Mackay Road Runners Program is this Sunday morning’s Alarm Guys 5km social run at 7am from the Botanic Gardens, playground end of Lagoon Street, West Mackay. Many Thanks to the Alarms Guys, Brendan Bishop for sponsoring the event.

The Benita Willis 10km Handicap Trophy

Sep 13 2015

Last Sunday morning approximately fifty Mackay Road Runners raced one of its Signature events, ‘The Benita Willis 10km Handicap’ from the beautiful precincts of the Bluewater Lagoon parklands.  The event consisted of a 5km as well as the feature 10km event, with runners in the 10km vying for the prestigious perpetual ‘Benita Willis 10km Handicap’ framed trophy.  Ten kilometre runners were set off on their individual handicap with the first runner crossing the finish line, male or female, the deserved recipient for 2015.

Four time Olympian, local girl, Benita Willis passed on her congratulations and best wishes to all the runners in her namesake event, however was unable to be present due to prior commitments with Queensland Athletics.  Benita loves to help out regional towns with support for events where she can, suggesting there will be even more support in the near future.  Benita will be heading to Townsville in the next couple of weeks for the North Qld School Championships and also starting a race organised by the Townsville Road Runners. Benita is an awesome role model with an outstanding reputation on and off the road/track.

Last year’s ‘Benita Willis 10km Handicap’ winner, Brendan Bishop presented an ecstatic Angie Furdek, who ran a personal best time, with the coveted award ahead of many talented runners. Angie was rapt with the win finishing just under one minute ahead of Bernadine McKinnon and third placed Jenny Harmer, who was closing in fast, just fifteen seconds in deficit.  Running well, Tim Caddy and Stuart Sprott split a clean sweep of top female finishers ahead of sixth placed Jose Short. Excellent racing by Daniel Stampa, Robyn Madill, Vicki Vickers and John Rodden who rounded out the top ten.  Angie will be the proud owner of the Benita Willis perpetual trophy once engraved and re-presented to her at the Club’s annual awards night on 24th October.

In the 5km race, Mel Rich performed extremely well to take gold on handicap with Kim Saron, Leanne Connor, Layla Sanders, Jamie Sanders, Brendan Bishop, Cilla Martland and Sandra Henderson sprinting to the finish line in quick succession.

This Sunday’s event on the Club calendar will be the extremely arduous 29km Run the Great Whitsunday Trail through the Conway National Park at Airlie Beach.  The Whitsunday Running Club have taken over the organisational reins this year after the inaugural event eight years ago started by the Mackay Road Runners’ then President Will Higham. Whitsunday Running Club Event Manager, Wendy Downes and her team have taken on the role of continuing this exceptionally unique event so that runners can enjoy the awesome atmosphere of trail running in the Whitsundays. For further info  or phone Wendy 0418 768 493.

Father’s Day 5 & 10km

Sep 5 2015

Mackay Road Runners had the awesome privilege of having REPCO once again sponsor their annual pre Father’s Day 5/10km social run from the beautiful precincts of the Botanic Gardens. The cool conditions were perfect for the Saturday morning run where approximately sixty runners enjoyed the slightly undulating and meandering trails of the Gardens. Mackay Road Runners Club members now have their usual Sunday run calendar freed up to spoil their Dads….which, as quoted by the Club President, Tim Magoffin in his pre-race briefing, is THE most important day of the year!

Ashlee Scott enjoyed a welcome return to racing, sprinting the 5km event in her familiar fast paced style, placing first overall in twenty-two minutes thirty seconds.  Daniel Stampa, his daughter Jade and her friend, Ally revelled in the perfect running conditions as did Matt Stevens, Cilla Martland, Leanne Connor, Julie Whibley and Mel Rich.

In the 10km event, Greg O’Neill  broke the forty minute barrier by just seven seconds ahead of Andy List (40:49), Ricky Parker (42:36), Russell Vanden Bosch (43:21) and Scott McIntosh (46:34).  The female contingent had a great day out with Vicki Vickers scorching over the two loop course, clocking forty-six minutes forty-three seconds, less than two minutes clear of Jose Short (48:12) and Carmel Mahon (49:54). Excellent performances also came from Tim Magoffin, Sandy Strong, Ross Connor, Andrew Short, Tim Caddy, Karla Hook, Robyn Madill, Angie Furdek, John Rodden, Jo Hughes, Christine Webb, Emily Wicks, Bernadine McKinnon, Di Clulee, Jenny Harmer, Jan Smith, Ulrika Widdowson and Paul Tilse.

Mackay Road Runners would like to thank its race day Sponsor, REPCO and local Store Manager, Megan for their continued and valuable support of the club…the winners were very excited to win the REPCO donated items in the post-race random draw presentation.  In fact, the winners were so appreciative that their Father’s Day shopping was all sorted, although with REPCO’s new catalogue commencing this week, there were lots more bargains for the Dads to be spoilt with.

Many thanks to the race day volunteers, specifically Tim Magoffin, Andrew Short and Andy List for their awesome help, week in, week out!

This Sunday, the Club will conduct another prestigious annual event, ‘The Benita Willis Handicap 10km’. The Signature Event is a coveted award based on the first Club Member to cross the line in the 10km run, based on their handicap.  The enormous framed perpetual trophy of local girl and four time Olympian, Benita Willis will be handed over from last year’s recipient, Brendan Bishop, who will present it to the 2015 winner, although if Brendan is in his 2014 form, he may have to accept the award himself!  Runners are requested to meet at least twenty minutes prior to the 6.30am start at the Bluewater Lagoon Parkland this Sunday for a 6.30am handicap start. Members must start off on their official handicap to ensure the correctness of the 10km winner.

Benita is still a great supporter of her home town and although has retired from international racing, she is kept busy with her own very successful personal training business in Brisbane,  ‘BPlus Fitness’ as  well as being an official Ambassador/Coach for several events/athletes. Benita is Australia’s most successful female distance runner, holding eleven unbeaten national records over indoors, road and track.  Mackay Road Runners is very proud to have Benita’s support for our special event.

A reminder to all Club Members/supporters with the formal running season drawing to a close next month, the Annual Awards Evening will be held on Saturday, 24th October at the The Grove Tavern….tickets need to be pre-purchased by contacting Erin Safe erin.safe@gmail.com $55 members, $65 non-members.

For further info on any of the Club’s upcoming events, check out the calendar or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432

Bonson’s Scrup Road 6 & 12km

Aug 30 2015

Perfect running conditions greeted approximately forty runners as they tackled the seriously hilly 6km & 12km event from Bonson’s Scrub Road last Sunday afternoon.  The course included a 3km challenging trek to the top of Ian Reddacliffe Drive where the turnaround marker and water stop were located in the cul de sac.  The return 3km via the same route had runners enjoy more downhill than uphill running, although the steep descents were no less difficult.  The 12km competitors proved to be up to the test when they revisited the first loop to complete their event.

Mackay Road Runners volunteer handicapper/results co-ordinator, Andy List welcomed the new and existing runners as he and fellow timekeeper volunteer, Greg Coulson braved the initial brief rain to send runners off on a handicap start, as well as recording their times as they crossed the line in the fading light.

The 12km event saw many outstanding performances, with one of this year’s most improved runners, Russell Vanden Bosh running the fastest time which was just two seconds over the hour.  Russell has been in excellent form as he has steadily increased his training to attain this sensational result. Masters runner, Derek Woods also continued his top form clocking one hour one minute fifty one seconds ahead of first female and third overall Carmel Mahon (1:04:31).   Third placed male Tim Caddy (1:11:48) put in a very solid race ahead of Alex Anderson, David Isbister, Paul Tilse and Stuart Sprott. With a wealth of female runners in the Club, the 12km race saw Karla Hook (1:07:04) finished second ahead of Vicki Vickers (1:08:19), Marie Muscat (1:10:47), Julie Whibley (1:17:11), Janelle Tilse (1:18:31) Erin Safe (1:25:57) and Ulrika Widdowson (1:28:46).

The 6km handicap start race saw junior runner Jamie Sanders have a finish line sprint with Hayden Connor (31:23), where he clocked an impressive twenty-seven minutes 47 seconds ahead of second fastest, Ross Connor (31:08). Daniel Stampa (34:50) ran well to place fourth followed by Mark McFadzen, Darren Sekac, Jim Ford and Shane Barben. Female 6km competitors were also impressive with Alana Ford (30:18) claiming the win over Nikki Giles (30:38) and relative newcomer Jose Short (32:25). Jose, who has been in excellent form over the longer distances enjoyed the challenge of the testing course. Fourth placed Melissa Harris (36:20) is another of the Club’s big improvers, with Karen Baker, Emma Goodman-Jones, Jo Hughes, Kim Saron, Leanne Connor, Catherine Jones-Trifelly and Cilla Martland following in quick succession.

Awesome running by new to the club, David Holford, who made very light work of the 6km as he easily scaled the very scenic rural run. Another big welcome to returning runner, Darren Sekac, who also showed signs of his former running prowess as he sprinted to the finish line. Both runners put in excellent efforts, especially as this is one of the toughest runs on the program.

Many thanks to all race day volunteers, including race setup, course marking, timekeeping, water stop, results co-ordinating…..THANK YOU!

Club and casual runners are invited to this Sunday’s Repco pre Father’s Day 5/10km to be held at the Botanic Gardens at 6.30am.  Runners and their supporters are to meet at the playground end of the Gardens (junction of Lagoon and Jackson Streets) for a social run where runners and volunteers are welcome to stay for the post-race Father’s Day inspired random draws.

For further info on any of the Club’s upcoming events, check out the calendar or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432

Magic Mile

Aug 23 2015

The annual Mackay Road Runners Club Championship Signature Event, the NQBP Open Magic Mile and the Podiatry Mackay Under 13 and Under 18 Magic Mile was held at the opening of the newly restored NQBP Breakwater at the Mackay Marina last Sunday morning.

Mackay Road Runners were ecstatic and very proud to be involved once again with major sponsors North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) and Podiatry Mackay for the running of their annual Magic Mile event.  The conditions were perfect for running as over fifty runners enjoyed the awesome carnival atmosphere hosted by North Qld Bulk Ports.  Hundreds of families and supporters lined the Breakwater in perfectly sunny conditions as runners sprinted from the gun 800 metres to the turnaround marker before heading for the finish line under the huge Mackay Road Runners arch.

There was fierce but friendly rivalry throughout the three events which included under 13, under 18 and Open categories.  The under 13 girl’s event was taken out by speedy Layla Sanders ahead of Lani Featherstonehaugh. Third placed four year old Emmy Alcorn performed the standout inspirational run of the day, earning herself a cash prize from Podiatry Mackay and the very sought after Magic Mile Milo Award (1.25kg tin of Milo).   Talented, Will Morgan, who hails from an awesome line of family running pedigree, claimed first in the under 13 male section ahead of Mackay Surf Club’s Flynn Wilson and Riley Legardo.

The under 18 race was held immediately after their younger counterparts, where a tough battle for supremacy between the front markers continued throughout the 1609 metre race. The eventual winner was only determined in the final few metres, where Josiah McCarthy outsprinted Jade Bidgood for the top prize, with Jamie Sanders closing in fast for the final podium position.   The under 18 girls were classy in their event as well, with Rachel Silvestri taking gold ahead of Lauren Morgan.

The NQBP open race was certainly an open field with many talented locals jostling for position at the start line.  In excellent form over the past twelve months, comeback kid, Paul Arvidson showed signs of his former sprint glory by taking out the race ahead of Mark McFadzen.  Third place was a tightly contested affair with Shane Donnollan just snatching bronze on the line ahead of ultra-marathoner Andy List.

With many talented female runners in the field, the competition was open affair throughout the short but tough event.  Triathlete, Nikki Giles, ran a very controlled race to claim victory ahead of fast finishing Carmel Mahon and Vicki Vickers who were merely seconds in deficit.

Mackay Road Runners Club President Tim Magoffin would like to thank major sponsors, NQBP and Podiatry Mackay as well as the awesome Mackay Road Runners Club members who are always so willing to volunteer their time and assistance at our events. The Club is very proud of it’s Members and it’sreputation as one of the most inclusive sporting bodies in the region.

Congratulations to the NQBP organisation, Member for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert (who officially cut the Breakwater ceremonial ribbon), Mackay Mayor, Deidre Comerford and the Mackay community on the opening of the Breakwater which has already been very well received by runners and walkers locally as well as out of town visitors.

Eimeo Pacific Hotel 6 & 14km

Aug 16 2015

The running of the annual Eimeo Pacific Hotel 6km & 14km was a great success with approximately fifty runners taking to the scenic suburban streets of Eimeo, Dolphin Heads and Blacks Beach from the awesome Eimeo Pacific Hotel carpark. Whilst most runners enjoyed the beautiful vistas from varying locations throughout the course, most were ecstatic to complete their respective distances due to the many tough undulations through the technical six kilometre and fourteen kilometre courses.

Fastest runner in the 14km, Shawn Claydon, with a time of 55 minutes 29 seconds, was the only one to break the one hour barrier in the warm breezy conditions. Shawn sprinted from the start as the most handicapped backmarker due to his awesome pace, catching the majority of the field with lesser handicap. Lindsey Wiggins was also in superb form, clocking one hour one minute and thirty seconds, ahead of  Tim Magoffin (1:03:53).   Magoffin, who has been in excellent form this year, edged out Mark McFadzen (1:04:46), Ricky Parker (1:05:33) and huge improver, Russell Vanden Bosch (1:06:50).

Carmel Mahon (1:07:19), who was seventh outright and first for the girls, set a sizzling pace from the gun, with Alana Ford (1:11:10) and Vicki Vickers (1:13:15) filling up the final podium places. Karla Hook, Marie Muscat, Jose Short, Stephanie Allen, Jo Hughes, Angie Furdek and Emma Goodman-Jones performed extremely well to round out the top ten.

In the six kilometre event, Chris Colwill showed his sprint class crossing the line in an amazing 24 minutes 35 seconds well ahead of second placed, fourteen year old Hayden Connor (27:14), followed by Ross Connor (27:35) and Jeremy Hewitt (30:31). David Vincent had an excellent return to running, placing fifth ahead of Scott McIntosh and John Rodden.

Clare Curran’s thirty-five minutes thirty-six seconds earned her first place for the girls in the six kilometre event, half a minute ahead of Robyn Madill with Karen Baker a further thirty seconds in deficit. Outstanding running by Kylie Binstead whose return to running after the birth of her baby boy was just a minute after fourth placed, Christine Fraser.

Congratulations to all runners and many thanks to the race day volunteers and sponsor, The Eimeo Pacific Hotel’s Milena and her staff for their sensational hospitality.

Runners are now looking forward to the North Qld Bulk Ports (NQBP) Open Magic Mile and the Podiatry Mackay Junior Magic Mile to be held this Sunday from 10am at the Marina Breakwater.  Runners must be registered by 9.45am with racing to commence at 10am sharp due to the scheduled reopening ceremony of the Breakwater. Major celebrations organised by NQBP,  will continue post-race with the official opening of the Breakwater as well as heaps of fun and entertainment for the family in the awesome surroundings of the Mackay Marina.

For further information on any of the Mackay Road Runners events, results, course maps, etc .. explore this website or ph The Secretary 0403 344 289; Publicity Officer, Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Cape Hillsborough Club Championship 4.5k/9km

Aug 9 2015

Mackay Road Runners held their 4.5km/9km Cape Hillsborough Club Championship race in very cool, sunny conditions last Sunday morning from the National Park/Resort precincts.  President Tim Magoffin and Andrew Short arrived early to set up the course for over forty avid runners and supporters….Tim & Andrew…..where would we be without them?

The 4.5km & 9km loop course may  have started off in the lower mercury region, however, race positions and valuable Club Championship points soon had the pace warm up even in the early stages.  The 800 metre beach start had the field stretched, although runners settled quickly into their individual races once they hit the tough undulating off road trails behind the Resort.

Local runner and American Athletics Scholarship student, Liam Mumford set the scene early in the two loop 9km race by taking a slight lead over Shawn Claydon in the first quarter, where he was able to increase the gap to approximately 200 metres at the half way point. Unrelenting veteran runner, Shawn Claydon picked up the pace in the second half gaining on the youngster, however, with only metres to the finish line, both runners exhausted, Liam claim victory by seven seconds.  Third placed Greg O’Neill also setting a punishing pace as did Mark McFadzen (4th) and Russell Vanden Bosch (5th).

Female runners also set a solid pace in the 9km, with eventual winner Carmel Mahon continuing her excellent form over the hilly terrain ahead of fast finishing Alana Ford.  Third placed Vicki Vickers was extremely pleased with her result over the treacherous rocky roads and rainforest trails after her Townsville Marathon success the previous weekend.

The Junior Club Championship 4.5km event was also a speedy affair for male winner, Jamie Sanders over 2nd placed Hayden Connor. First female, Rachel Silvestri continued her sizzling form, outpacing talented runners, Lauren Morgan (2nd) and Layla Sanders (3rd) to take maximum points. Rachel has been finding the cooler conditions more to her liking with additional cold weather training in a bid to acclimatise for a Melbourne competition later this month.

Many thanks to race day volunteers, including Mackay Road Runners running husbands Ken Furdek and Craig Widdowson for cheffing the yummy post-race sausage sizzle.  Runners and volunteers were also treated to some excellent random draw prizes thanks to our Amart rewards program where the Club accrues points from purchases made at the store when supporters present their Amart card.  The Club uses these points towards gift cards which goes back into prizes for its Members and supporters….so if you don’t have an Amart card, make sure you apply when next in store.

This week sees the departure of today’s race winner, Liam Mumford, who heads back to the States to continue his studies and athletics program before returning again to Mackay for Christmas break on 14th December.  We wish him continued success and look forward to his return in four months.

This Sunday’s Eimeo Pacific Hotel 6/14km will commence 4pm sharp from The Eimeo Pacific Hotel carpark.  Runners are advised to park on the hillside or lower road leaving the upper level carpark for the Hotel patrons.  The Hotel Management has allocated a balcony area for the Club to use for pre-race registration and post-race random draws, coffee/drinks, etc…. their annual support and hospitality is much appreciated.

Runners should also note their calendars for upcoming races including the amended venue and start time for the prestigious Magic Mile on 23rd August.  The North Qld Bulk Ports (NQBP) Senior and Podiatry Mackay Junior Magic Mile races will be commencing from the entrance of the newly opened Harbour Breakwater. The Club’s Signature races will be held in conjunction with NQBP festival celebrations for the official reopening.   More information will be circulated in the coming weeks.

Race results can be viewed on the results page. Many thanks to our awesome co-ordinator/handicapper, Andy List who does a great job week in week out on this very important role…..our Members are very fortunate to have him within our ranks.

Lamberts Beach Seabreeze 5/10km

Aug 2 2015

Local runners tested themselves by competing very successfully in two major out of town events at the weekend, the Townsville and Brisbane Running Festivals.

Victoria Beck blitzed the field in the Townsville Half Marathon taking gold and fourth overall in a sensational time of 1 hour 19 minutes 51 seconds, five minutes clear of the second placed female. Jenna Bugeja impressively placed eighth female and fourth in her age category in a very slick time of 1 hour 35 minutes 36 seconds. Marie Muscat, Jenny Harmer, Bernadine McKinnon, Di Clulee, Aleisha Ware, Donna Rath and Linda McFadzen were ecstatic with their individual half marathon performances. Best placed local male in the Half Marathon was Martin Lambert (1:33:43) followed by Tim Caddy (1:40:15) and Mark Ware (2:14:22).

David Perkins was the fastest local in the Townsville Marathon in 3 hours 27 minutes 33 seconds ably supported by Andrew Short (3:49:26); Craig Stewart (3:50:54) and Mark McFadzen.  Lisa Frazer scored an unconfirmed personal best time in the Marathon, clocking 3 hours 35 minutes 3 seconds followed very closely by Vicki Vickers (3hrs 38mins).  All competitors should be justifiably proud of their achievements in the tough Townsville conditions.

Veteran runners (fifty something), Jo Hughes, Karen Baker and Ange Furdek found the conditions to their liking for the running of the Brisbane Half Marathon, with Karen & Ange clocking just under two hours and Jo, just shy of the mark.

Meanwhile, locally, over thirty runners enjoyed the sunny, windy conditions for the running of the social 5/10km from the Seabreeze Tavern at Lamberts Beach.  This event is always very testing with the blustery headwinds straight off the ocean which also includes the serious ascent of the Lamberts beach Lookout.

This Sunday morning’s event will be the running of the annual Cape Hillsborough Club Championship 4.5km (Junior) and 9km (Senior) race.  This enjoyable run includes a short stint on the beach as well as the testing trails of the National Park behind the Resort. With racing to commence at 8am sharp, runners need to consider time allowances travelling to the event, ensuring they are registered with the timekeepers by 7.45am so that the volunteers can warm up for their event.  Please consider your volunteers and thank them for looking after you……they will also be cooking your food at the yummy BBQ post race! Runners, volunteers and supporters are welcome to stay for the free BBQ as well as random draw prizes.

For information on upcoming events, including any amendments, updates, etc… view the calendar; Facebook;  Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

King of the Mountain

Jul 26 2015

The weather was foggy and extremely humid through the entire race, with over seventy runners across both 3.2km and 6.4km events. Many first time runners tackled the arduous ascent as well as very experienced ‘repeat offenders’ from the Netherdale start line to the summit at the right of the Eungella Chalet. Many thanks to sponsors, M-Test, Veronica Pettifer, Podiatry Mackay, Mackay Tyrepower, Eungella Community Development Committee (awesome breakfast), Finch Hatton Police, Kirsty and Peter Robertson’s ‘Work & Play Therapies’ (free massages), Maz Wright’s homemade goodies and Auto Corner (gift baskets).

In addition, Race Director, Janelle Tilse would love to thank all the road runners helpers for volunteering their time to help out to ensure the success of the event ie from race registrations, time keeping, race set up, aid stations, presentations, photos, couriering juniors to the start line, etc….so much appreciated!

The results for the first four in each of the runners’ races are as below:-

M-Test King of the Mountain 6.4km


  1. Liam Mumford 31:43
  2. Shawn Claydon 32:13
  3. Jamie Sanders 33:45
  4. Paul Arvidson 34:47


  1. Carmel Mahon 43:03
  2. Karla Hook 45:20
  3. Vicki Vickers 45:47
  4. Marie Muscat 46:36

Laura Pettifer Inspirational & Podiatry Mackay Junior King of the Mountain 3.2km


  1. Jade Bidgood 13:17 (new course record)
  2. Josiah McCarthy 15:11
  3. Hayden Connor 17:54
  4. Hamish Donnollan 18:39


  1. Rachel Silvestri 17:13
  2. Layla Sanders 17:53
  3. Paige Stolberg 20:59
  4. Jordan Riggs 30:24

Magpies Meander 4/9km

July 19 2015

Approximately forty runners enjoyed the perfectly cool running conditions at last Sunday afternoon’s social 4/9km run from the Magpies Sporting Club precinct, with runners meandering their way through the beautiful Glenella suburb towards the Gooseponds and return.

Chris Colwill was in superb form sprinting the short course finishing well clear of Liam Mumford and Hayden Connor.  Emma Pattemore was the standout female runner in the 4km field easily blitzing the distance in great style ahead of Sandra Henderson and Kim Saron.

Runners in the longer course event used the race as a warmup to next weekend’s prestigious Eungella King of the Mountain race which is one of the Club’s major annual Signature events.  With many runners including Tim Magoffin, Martin Lambert, Carmel Mahon, Ross, Leanne and Hayden Connor sensibly winding down from the Gold Coast Marathon, the Magpies Meander was the perfect relaxed hit out in the lead up to the arduous uphill endurance event.

In addition, many local runners also headed to the Airlie Beach Running Festival to run in the beautiful tropical surroundings of the Whitsunday region.  Brad Allen scored an impressive third in the half marathon with Tim Caddy, Craig Stewart, Glenn Stephens, Kristian Safe and Brendan Bishop in solid support.  Jose Short ran an impressive race to place ninth female in the half marathon and third in her age category ahead of other Mackay local runners, Julie Whibley, Mel Rich, Tegan Philpott and Erin Safe.  Shawn Claydon claimed the silver medal in the 10km less than one minute off the winner’s pace. Jane Ada ran extremely well to place fourth in the 10km with Janine Bella and Catherine Jones-Trifelly following up with impressive efforts. In the 5km, Ricky Parker showed a speedy pair of heels crossing the line just outside the podium in fourth as did Emma Goodman-Jones, snatching herself a bronze medal in the same event.

Runners are now looking forward to the M-Test Senior King of the Mountain 6.4km and the Laura Pettifer Inspirational/Podiatry Mackay Junior King of the Mountain this Sunday Morning.  Racing will commence at 8am sharp, due to the local Police closing the road for one hour for the event. Therefore, entrants are to be registered by 7.45am at the foot of the Mountain at Netherdale.  There will also be the Mackay Tyrepower Cycle race held in conjunction with the runners, however, the cycle race will commence one minute prior to the runners and cyclists will need to be registered with the cycling officials prior to the event.  All entrants, supporters and volunteers are welcome to the post-race Presentation at the Community Hall to the left of the summit (opp Chalet) where the local Communnity Development Committee will have awesome sumptuous homemade breakfasts  for purchase and market stalls to go shopping!

For further info on any of the Club’s weekly upcoming events, view the calendar or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Forsyth’s Accountants 5k & 10k Club Championship

Jun 21 2015

The Forsyth’s Accountants 5k & 10k Club Championship race held at Queens Park last Sunday had an outstanding seventy runners compete across two events in cool blustery conditions. The huge crowd of runners and supporters enjoyed  the exceptional running efforts and post-race celebrations of yummy treats, cash and chocolate random draw prizes donated by the generous sponsor.  Forsyth’s Accountants representatives, David and Bernie Forsyth are avid athletes themselves with David competing in the 10km and Bernie scorching over the 5km course.  Forsyth’s also have local running legend Shawn Claydon on staff, apparently rated as the fastest employee to get from the back office to the front, although I think that’s only at smoko time!

Meanwhile, Shawn ran a great 10km in the Queens Park 10km, placing third behind Liam Mumford (1st) and Shane Ward (2nd).  Liam blitzed the course in 35 minutes 32 seconds ahead of Shane (36:00) with Shawn trailing by a mere 27 seconds to claim bronze. All fierce competitors, the three battled for position early with the younger legs of Liam and Shane prevailing at the finish line. An outstanding effort by relatively novice runner, Russell Vanden Bosch who finished an amazing tenth in 42 minutes 37 seconds behind talented runners, Andy List (4th), Darren Binstead (5th), Brad Allen (6th), Paul Arvidson (7), Lindsey Wiggins (8th) and Derek Woods (9th). Mark McFadzen also had an incredible race after competing in the full Iron Man event in Cairns the previous weekend and the tough Whitehaven Beach Half Marathon just 24 hours prior.

Carmel Mahon continued her winning ways in the 10km event to claim gold and maximum club championship points for the girls, sprinting across the line in 43 minutes 53 seconds ahead of Nikki Giles (45:43) and Vicki Vickers (46:41).  Jose Short has been in exceptional form this year, claiming fourth in 48 minutes 06 seconds just over one minute clear of Karla Hook, with Julie Whibley a further 70 seconds in deficit. Big improver, Robyn Madill also raced very well after her first ever half Iron Man event in Cairns the previous weekend, where she also celebrated her 50th birthday – congratulations Robyn!

In the 5km race, fifteen year old Jamie Sanders was in awesome form to take the title in 17 minutes 27 seconds, ahead of sixteen year old Josiah McCarthy (17:58) with speedy Chris Colwill less than twenty seconds off the pace. Fourteen year old Hayden Connor ran an impressive sub twenty minutes for fourth, with Jeremy Hewitt, Adrian McNichol, Alex Anderson and Leyton McNichol closing in fast.

Fourteen year old Rachel Silvestri ran well to place first over a minute ahead of her closest rival, twelve year old Layla Sanders and fourteen year old Lauren Morgan.  These junior girls have been doing exceptionally well in their respective school cross country events as well as recent top placings at the Mackay Marina Run.  Veteran runner, Karen Low split the junior girls’ party by claiming fourth ahead of talented junior Emma Pattemore, with Mel Rich, Marie Muscat, Claire Curran, Alison Friswell and Nixon Rodden closing out the top ten.

Many thanks to our valuable race day volunteers ie water station setup and trailer keeper, course marking, timekeepers, results co-ordinator, photographer, sponsors, etc…..LOVE your help and your work!  In addition to this, thank you to Mel Rich for collecting running shoes for charity….please contact her through the club if you wish to donate as there are specific guidelines we need to follow to have shoes accepted.

This Sunday afternoon at 4pm is the annual Grove Handicap 10k Handicap Trophy event. This prestigious run is awesome in that the trophy will go to the first runner in the 10km race, male or female to cross the line based on their handicap start time.  It is crucial that all runners MUST start on their 10km time – no exceptions, as the winner is first runner past the post based on their individual handicap, ie a high or low handicapped runners are all evenly eligible to take out the award.  The trophy does not apply to the 5km event, however, there will be post-race celebrations by race sponsor, The Grove in the tavern’s lounge post-race, with random draw prizes on offer to all runners and volunteers.

It is requested that all runners are registered and numbered ten minutes prior to racing so that consideration for volunteers assisting at the event can prepare for their race, with racing to commence 4pm sharp.

For further info on any events or how you can be involved in our club, check out the calendar; phone The Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Meng’s Rowallan Park Cross Country Trail Run

Jun 14 2015

Tough and damp conditions were the order of the day as approximately forty runners sprinted over the awesome trails of the Rowallan Park Scout and Mountain Biking property.  The 6.30am race start saw many avid runners and volunteers give up their Sunday morning sleep in to enjoy the moist country air and test themselves over the rigorous course through the meandering undulating park near Farleigh. The varying terrains of the course set by Graham Robinson and Martin lambert, had runners enjoy traversing hilly headlands, low creeks, grassy expanses and rocky ascents/descents.

Junior runner, Jamie Sanders showed his cross country experience over the 7km technical three loop by leading the field home in 32 minutes 19 seconds only seven seconds clear of marathoner Shawn Claydon.  Andy List closed out the final podium position ahead of Lindsey Wiggins and Scott McIntosh.

First female, Alana Ford, who revelled in the tough conditions, was the first female in the 7km in 39 minutes 32 seconds followed by Carmel Mahon, Melissa Harris and Jose Short. Alana found the loop style course very much to her liking, as she easily skipped over the multi surface terrain.

Well done to the two loop course runners (approx 4.5km)  where Josiah McCarthy showed a clean pair of heels even over the slightly muddy course, to snatch gold by six seconds over Jade Bidgood. Bronze medallist, Hayden Connor split the tape evenly with first female Rachel Silvestri (25:32) just over one minute ahead of Layla Sanders.

Excellent efforts by runners in all divisions including Andrew Short, Ross Connor, Simon Henderson, Russell Vanden Bosch, Greame Harris, Martin Lambert, Tim Caddy, Mark Pashalis, Melissa Harris, Glenn Baker, Daniel Stampa, Karla Hook, Jim Ford, Alison Friswell, Rachel Bidgood, Paul Tilse, Stuart Sprott, Derek Woods, Tim Magoffin, Shane Barben and  Leanne Connor.

Many thanks to race day volunteers including timekeepers (Jo Hughes, Donna Rath and Karen Baker);  BBQ organisers (Andrew Short & Tim Magoffin); course markers and marshalls (Graham Robinson and Martin Lambert) as well as massive appreciation to the MAD Mountain Bike Club and the Rowallan Park authorities.

Congratulations to all involved in the Mackay Marina Run from the awesome committee to the hundreds of sponsors, volunteers and race participants for making it a hugely successful event once again.

The next Mackay Road Runners weekly event on the program is this Sunday – the Forsyth’s Accountants 10km Club Championship race from Queens Park (Goldsmith St entrance) at 4pm. Forsyths have been long time supporters of the club, sponsoring this prestigious annual event with awesome cash random draw prizes for the volunteers and runners.  Runners are urgently reminded to be registered and numbered at least 10 minutes prior to racing at 4pm, as volunteer members will need to prepare for their own race. The Club values our volunteers, so the utmost consideration in this instance will be much appreciated!

For further info on any of the Club’s upcoming events, check out the calendar; ph the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

North Harbour Beach Loop 5 & 11km

May 31 2015

In very warm, humid conditions, Mackay Road Runners staged their 5km & 11km North Harbour Beach Loop from Catherine Freeman Oval, Slade Point last Sunday afternoon. The perfect running conditions were an improvement from the previous week’s rain and wind as runners traversed the undulating roads to the Lamberts Beach Tavern.  The 5km runners  turned at the Tavern, however the gritty (pardon the pun) 11km runners were treated to a 6km sandy stretch along the beautiful Lamberts Beach to the North Wall before making the same return trip to the finish line.

There were some excellent performances in both events including a great return to form by Chris Colwill in the 5km. Chris sprinted from the time keeper’s handicap start gun, as did Liam Mumford,  Julie Whibley,  Ray Barrett, Sandra Henderson, Bernadine McKinnon, Kimberley Porsche, Kim Saron, Leanne Connor, Alison Friswell, Travis Mumford, Di Clulee and Jenny Harmer.

Many thanks to timekeepers, Linda McFadzen and Emma Goodman-Jones who were well in control, sending the 11km runners on their way via individual handicaps.  Excellent running by several inform athletes, including Stuart Sprott, Russell Van den Bosh, Brad Allen, Tim Magoffin, David Vincent, Karla Hook, Alana Ford, Jenna Bugeja, Vicky Vickers, Ross Connor, Carmel Mahon, Julie Whibley, Greg Coulson, Anna Walsh, Peter Wright, Glenys Forse, Mark McFadzen and Simon Henderson.

In international news, local runner Ulrika Widdowson scored a personal best time at the Stockholm Marathon as well as turning the big 50 milestone on the same day – congratulations Ulrika, well done!

For further info on one of the greatest local clubs, Mackay Road Runners, check out the calendar or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Publicity Officer, Janelle 0400 997432.

Mt Bassett 5 & 11km

May 24 2015

Mackay Road Runners had a surprisingly great rollup of fifty runners for the 5km & 11km Mt Bassett run from the southern end of The New Mulherin Park at East Point Road.  The scattered rainy weather did not deter the avid runners who braved the very cool, windy conditions to conquer their respective events which included two ascents of Mt Bassett.

The 5km event saw the return of talented runner, Chris Colwill,  claiming the fastest time of 19 minutes 51 seconds ahead of Liam Mumford, who is home on a break from Charleston University, West Virginia. USA. Liam revelled in our ‘cool’ conditions as opposed to the ice and snow he’s battled over the last few months, where he has been excelling, whilst thoroughly enjoying access to top class athletic and educational facilities.  Hayden Connor rounded out the final podium position in a great run despite the strong swirling breezes straight from the ocean. Fourth placed Samut Widdup also ran well to place ahead of Edan Stolberg, Michael Wilson, Flynn Wilson and Lino Miotto.

Following her recent success at the Moranbah CFMEU Labour Day Fun Run last month, Chelsey Thompson claimed victory in the 5km for the girls ahead of fast finishing rising talent, Lauren Morgan. (Lauren performed extremely well at her recent Secondary School Cross Country race, scoring an unbeaten first in her event.) Ten year old Paige Stolberg ran a great 5km claiming third ahead of her more experienced senior rivals, Karen Low, Robyn Madill, Jo Hughes, Nixon Rodden, Bernadine McKinnon, Leanne Connor and Catherine Jones-Trifelly.

As in the 5km event, 11km runners were set off on their individual handicap, with the fastest runners having to chase down the lower handicapped runners. There were some outstanding performances despite the atrocious conditions, with the fastest 11km runner, Shawn Claydon, only seconds ahead of fast finishing Andy List.  Fresh from a 20km trail run on Magnetic Island the day before,  Brad Allen was a further three  minutes in deficit, followed closely by Lindsey Wiggins, Tim Magoffin, Ricky Parker and Scott McIntosh.  Huge improver, Russell Van Den Bosch appeared to easily cruise over the 11km, claiming 8th ahead of seasoned runners, Andrew Short and Greg Coulson.  Ross Connor has been displaying significant gains in his running of late, successfully stepping up to run the longer distance option with the likes of other talented runners – David Vincent, Darren Binstead and Simon Henderson.

Carmel Mahon was the form runner once again in the 11km, steaming home in 49 minutes 50 seconds ahead of Vicki Vickers (53:14) and Karla Hook (53:28).  Several female runners who are really stepping up to the plate this year include Marie Muscat, Jose Short and Julie Whibley.  Evergreen, Jan Smith ran a very consistent pace through the entire course, even two stints of Mt Bassett didn’t falter her stride as she easily traversed the incline/decline….very impressive!

Mackay Road Runners member, Karla, welcomed her parents, Brian and Dianne from New Zealand to the Mt Bassett event, with Dianne also taking part in the 5km race.  Brian and Dianne were on a flying visit to Australia for their daughter, Karla’s 40th birthday celebrations.

Meanwhile, two Mackay Road Runners’ members successfully competed this weekend in some tough of out of town races…..Moranbah’s Gary Jenkinson placed 3rd in his age category at the Jacob’s Creek Barossa Marathon Running Festival in South Australia. Gary was ecstatic with his race…..”even though very cold, the Barossa Valley is beautiful”.   What a great location to run and of course possibly partake in some sponsor’s post-race treats!  Trail runner, Brad Allen, also performed very well in his event ie The Two Bays 20km Trail Run on Magnetic Island, placing third overall in 1 hour 46 minutes 27 seconds. Brad described the tough course as a true test of trail running ability and agility, with varying surfaces and technical ascents and descents.  Brad really enjoys the mental and physical challenges of trail running, where focussed concentration is paramount over the differing terrains.

Meanwhile, many thanks to Mt Bassett race day volunteers for course setup (Andrew Short & Tim Magoffin), timekeeping (Kim Saron, Jeremy Rich, Leanne Connor, Sandra Henderson), registrar (Karen Baker), water stop (Martin Lambert)….so much appreciated.

For further info on the Mackay Road Runners Club including the upcoming BMA Mackay Marina Run on 7th June, visit the Club’s calendar; Facebook; phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

30k & 5k Northview Club Championship

May 17 2015

Approximately forty runners braved the extremely testing conditions at last Sunday’s 5km & 30km Club Championship race from Northview Park at 6am. The cool, windy and rainy weather prevailed for the entire event making the course very trying, particularly in the later stages of the 30km.

Outstanding veteran athlete, Andy List was the fastest runner over the 30km distance, taking maximum Club Championship points in a great time of 2 hours, 6 minutes and 2 seconds ahead of fast finishing Mark McFadzen (2:12:18) and Greg O’Neill (2:16:35). Just behind the podium finishers, Darren Binstead (2:17:17), who would have had a great night’s sleep (NOT) with a week old baby in the house, ran amazingly well to finish one minute clear of Lindsey Wiggins (2:18:30), Shane Donnollan (2:19:47), Brendan Ridgley (2:22:16) and Greame Harris (2:23:57).

Current Female Club Champion, Carmel Mahon (2:24:10) led the girls from the gun, finishing several minutes ahead of Vicki Vickers (2:38:38) and training buddy, Karla Hook (2:46:35). Karen Baker and Marie Muscat supported each other very well throughout the 30km, as they easily ran in sync for the entire race, with Karen finishing seven seconds ahead of Marie in 3 hours and 16 seconds.

There were some excellent endurance performances as runners battled the elements to conquer their goals – Gary Jensen, Andrew Short, Martin Lambert, Ricky Parker, Greg Coulson, David Isbister, Shane Barben, Alex Anderson and Stuart Sprott.

Meanwhile, the 5km event was no less testing for the entrants, as they sprinted from the gun towards the 2.5km turnaround marker.   Jade Bidgood took gold as he blazed over the course in 19 minutes 6 seconds two minutes clear of Scott McIntosh (21:02) and Ross Connor (21:33) who clinched the bronze medal ahead of Tim Caddy and Daniel Stampa.

Talented Triathlete, Nikki Giles took out the female 5km in 22 minutes 9 seconds ahead of Karen Low (25:25), Jo Hughes (26:37), Mel Rich (26:54), Rachel Bidgood (27:50) and Leanne Connor (31:30).

Mackay Road Runners would like to congratulate all runners and volunteers for their exceptional support of each other throughout the entire event. A special mention to water stop attendants and roadside marshals, Mel Rich, Jo Hughes, Karen Low and Scott McIntosh running their 5km event and then helping out on the 30k race, as well as Linda McFadzen and Emma Goodman-Jones, who missed their Sunday morning sleepin to cycle the 30k course in aid of the runners.

Many thanks to timekeepers  Russell Van den Bosch and Mark Pashalis who also missed their Sunday morning snooze in to brave the conditions as did Andrew Short who generously set up the three water stations for the needy runners before racing the 30km.

Handicapper/results co-ordinator, Andy List did a great job in setting up the timekeepers, then speeding over the 30km event (with a bung knee) before going home to process the results on the site for all to view – great stuff Andy, always much appreciated, week in week out!

Mackay Road Runners are calling for any volunteers who would be able to assist in whatever capacity at the Mackay Marina Run weekend on 6th/7th June…..please call Janelle 0400 99 7432 .

All runners are urgently reminded to be very aware of their safety whilst running on the roads, not only in the dark, but also in the daytime.  Runners also need to be mindful that they share the road with vehicles and cyclists, so all consideration including politeness and extreme visibility should be adhered to at all times.  This cannot be reiterated strongly enough, as a recent survey has shown that runners, drivers and cyclists can be easily distracted at any time, thus causing significant and permanent injury.

Casu Jacks Pre Mother’s Day 5km & 12km

May 10 2015

Mackay Road Runners Casu Jacks pre Mothers’ Day 5 & 12km run last Saturday morning at 6.30am had an outstanding attendance of over fifty runners.  The cool sunny conditions were perfect for running as was the location at the beautiful Harbour precincts.  Runners and supporters enjoyed the awesome hospitality by Greg & Pauline at Casu Jacks Cafe, who served up well deserved treats during and post race.

In the 5km event, fourteen year old, Rachel Silvestri was the fastest overall in 24 minutes 41 seconds in a tough race that included the very testing, but scenic vistas of the Mount Bassett ascent.  Fourth overall and second female, twelve year old Emma Pattemore ran sensationally well with third placed Layla Sanders less than twenty seconds in deficit. Outstanding performances also came from Jo Hughes (4th) ahead of Mel Rich, Jeanette Farrugia, Jenny Harmer, Madonna Burgess, Di Clulee, Kim Saron, Leanne Connor and Sandra Henderson.

First male in the 5km, Hayden Connor had a tough contest against Aidan Donnollan with Hayden crossing the line just five seconds ahead of Aidan.  The bronze medal went to talented veteran athlete Mick Wilson followed by ten year old Hamish Donnollan who ran extremely well against his senior rivals, including new up and coming runner, Lino Miotto.

The 12km handicap start race saw some exceptional running by several runners with the quickest of the day, Greg O’Neill, running 47 minutes  26 seconds ahead of fast finishing and in form Tim Magoffin (49:39). Tim’s efforts were just ten seconds ahead of Lindsey Wiggins with Shane Donnollan closing in fast, hitting the tape in 50 minutes 22 seconds. An outstanding run from junior, Cooper Rath who was including the 12km event in his first 20km training run in readiness for his first attempt at the Mackay Marina Half Marathon next month.

Alana Ford took gold for the girls in the 12km event, clocking 54 minutes 19 seconds followed by fellow sub one hour runners, Vicki Vickers (57:45), Karla Hook (58:04) and Marie Muscat (59:44).  Great running also came from Julie Whibley, Karen Baker, Anna Walsh, Donna Rath, Erin Safe, Jan Smith and Catherine Jones-Trifelly.

Many thanks to race day volunteers – James Magoffin, Andy List, Brendan Bishop, Karen Baker and Tim Magoffin.  Runners and helpers were not only rewarded with a great morning run, but also in line to score one of many excellent Mother’s Day themed random draw prizes.

Congratulations to all runners who can now relax and enjoy their Mothers’ Day…..although….there is an option for a pre-dawn social 21.1km training run on Mother’s Day from Casu Jacks, whereby runners can familiarise themselves with the Mackay Marina Run Half Marathon course, which is now less than four weeks away.

Well done to Di Clulee and Jenny Harmer who were ecstatic with their first attempt at completing the Marathon distance in Rotorua NZ a couple of weeks ago. The girls were glowing with excitement in what could only be described as that runners’ high from their awesome achievements.

Out of town events last weekend included the beautiful Hamilton Island Stamford Financial Hilly Half Marathon and the Moranbah CFMEU Labour Day Fun Run, which were well supported and enjoyed by an extremely large contingent of local runners, who also performed very well to take major places and prizes.

Local runner, Ulrika Widdowson will be participating in her second marathon on 30th May in her home town of Stockholm. The event will be made even more special as her 50th birthday is on the same day as the marathon and she will be travelling with her daughter to catch up with  family and friends for several significant family events. Ulrika is very excited to be heading home for nine weeks of family time, travelling and running….just perfect!

Meanwhile, locally, this weekend’s Mackay Road Runners’ event will be the 5km junior and 30km senior Club Championship race from Northview Park, Royal Boulevard Drive, Glenella, commencing at 6am, with runners vying for valuable open and age category Club Championship points.

For further information on any of the Mackay Road Runners’ events, results, etc…..check out the calendar; Facebook; the secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432

Farmers Gallop 5km & 17km

April 26 2015

Mackay Road Runners annual Farmers Gallop 5km & 17km commenced 6.30am from the residence of Life Member and self-confessed ‘non-morning’ person, Agnes Farmer. Agnes is always an amazingly congenial host, supplying sumptuous post-race goodies for the needy runners and their supporters.

The cool conditions were perfect for over fifty runners as they were sent off on their individual handicap rankings in their respective events.

Talented Club Member Jamie Sanders blitzed the 5km field in 19 minutes 22 seconds ahead of Hayden Connor (22:10), Ross Connor (22:20), Tim Caddy (22:34), Mark Pashalis (24:42), Adrian McNichol (25:20) and Lino Miotto (38:43). Jamie and fellow club member, Jade Bidgood are looking forward to competing in several events at the Oceania Area Athletics Championships in Cairns 8th – 10th May. Jamie and Jade are excellent athletes and role models within their School, sporting clubs and wider community.

Fourteen year old speedster, Lauren Morgan scorched over the 5km course from Evans Avenue towards Palmer Street and Harbour Road, taking a clear lead in the female event, clocking 23 minutes 49 seconds ahead of  Emily Wicks (26:14), Jo Hughes (27:45), Christine Fraser (28:45), Leanne Connor (30:54), Ulrika Widdowson (31:10), Catherine Jones-Trifelly (32:29), Tracey Gray (32:38) and Sandra Henderson (34:31).

The fastest runner in the 17km handicap start event was taken out by backmarker Andy List (1 hour 08 minutes 18 seconds) who ran extremely well to finish over two minutes ahead of Ironman Darren Binstead (1:10:29), ultra marathon runner, Mark McFadzen (1:10:50) and Greg O’Neill (1:14:02).  Fast finishing Shane Donollan (1:15:43) ran an awesome race to be come in fifth, with Lindsey Wiggins and Tim Magoffin hot on his heels.

Current Female Club and Handicap Champion, Carmel Mahon (1:20:27) continued her excellent form to place first for the girls in the 17km, well clear of Vicki Vickers, Marie Muscat, Karla Hook, Jose Short, Jane Ada, Anna Ryan and Karen Baker.

Many thanks to the many race day volunteers on timekeeping, water stops, race setup, etc….and to Mel Rich, who has taken on the task of organising used, but still in good condition running shoes to be transported to needy overseas Countries via ‘Shoes for Planet Earth’. Mel will be collecting clean, used running shoes over the next few weeks at the weekly Road Runners events, conditional upon shoes being clean, wearable and with shoelaces tied together. Runners can also donate a gold coin to assist in fundraising for the recipients.

Congratulations to Mackay’s Martin Lambert who succeeded in his longest ultra marathon effort by completing the Anzac Day 100km Challenge in Sydney on Anzac Day. The course had to be altered at the last minute to accommodate the atrocious weather conditions, whereby runners had to do 155 x 650 metre laps of the St Ives Showgrounds……mentally and physically, a very challenging and satisfying achievement by Martin!

Results for London Marathon runner, Shawn Claydon are not to hand at time of printing, however, watch this space, where his efforts will be reported as soon as possible!

Kmart Loop 5 & 13km

April 19 2015

Two local Mackay Road Runners, Shawn Claydon and Martin Lambert, will be competing in two prestigious events this weekend.  The duo will be heading in opposite directions, as Shawn competes in his second London Marathon on 26th April, whereas Martin will be heading to Sydney for the Anzac Day Challenge Centenary 100km trail event on Anzac Day.

The ANZAC DAY CHALLENGE is a timed running and trekking endurance challenge held on ANZAC Day covering 100km of spectacular and scenic northern Sydney trails through both the Ku-ring-ai and Garigal National Parks. The Challenge gives runners and trekkers the opportunity to remember and commemorate ANZAC, our diggers and their sacrifice, and 100 years of the ANZAC spirit. Not only will the Challenge commemorate 100 years of ANZAC it will raise vital funds for charities Soldier On and Mates 4 Mates for the care of those who have served our country and require ongoing support. The ANZAC DAY CHALLENGE commences at St Ives Showground at 7am on ANZAC Day and finishes at the Manly Warringah War Memorial Park at Manly Dam, alongside the Lakeside Memorial below. The event will have a 24 hour time limit, and will therefore be achievable by many including those who may choose to Trek the course. The ANZAC Dawn Service will be broadcast on a large outdoor screen at St Ives Showground, and the run will commence after the dawn service at 7am.  Martin has been training really well for the event over the last several months locally and with a series of Ultra marathon events, however, Martin is looking forward to what will be his longest run ever!

At the Virgin Money London Marathon, Shawn Claydon will also be looking to secure the best run he can, hopefully attaining a personal best time if possible.  Shawn’s training regime includes well over one hundred kilometres a week, including a variety of distances and efforts across track, road, hill and trail running.   Shawn, who is currently tapering in the lead up week to the running of the 35th London Marathon, is very excited at the prospect of the huge event, which he rates as one of the most well organised and well supported events that he has competed in – “the crowd support is amazing, there are thousands of people everywhere along the 42.2km course”.  As well as racing the Marathon, Shawn is also looking forward to taking in the sights of Scotland and neighbouring regions.

Mackay Road Runners, family and friends will be tracking Martin and Shawn online wishing them all the best in their individual events……wow….go boys…..you are amazing!!!

Meanwhile, Mackay Road Runners held a social 5km & 13km for over fifty runners last Sunday morning from The Gordon White Carpark, Mount Pleasant.  The 5km K-Mart loop course contained a variety of undulations and scenic vistas including Malcomson, Valley, High and Pollock Streets before proceeding onto Annie Wood Avenue, Bona Vista Drive and Charles Hodge Avenue towards the finish line, whilst the 13km event took runners across Ron Camm Bridge onto the Bluewater trail and Forgan Bridge towards the Gooseponds before finishing with the same 5km course ascents of Mt Pleasant.

Runners welcomed the early morning showers, however the rain stopped just prior to the event and only slightly added to the humidity in the later stages of the longer race.  Many thanks to course marshals, Karla Hook and Carmel Mahon who assisted the runners in the very technical, winding course.  Those looking to repeat the course are welcome to join the Thursday morning group who regularly train in the area and yay….you can do it all again!!!!

Many thanks also to race day volunteers and to Ulrika Widdowson and Erin Safe for distributing the latest Club gear, including awesome new singlets, visors, water bottles and Athletics North Qld sports bags.  Mackay Road Runners are very lucky to have a great group of members and volunteers who assist as much as they can.

For further info on Mackay Road Runners and it’s many events, check out the calendar or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Eungella Half MarathonTrail Run

April 12 2015

One of Mackay Road Runners’ Signature Events, The Eungella Half Marathon Trail Run was held last Sunday morning in perfect running conditions.  Race Director, Matt Stevens was ecstatic with the nominations of over 80 runners and an abundance of volunteers to ensure the outstanding success of the annual event in only its second year.  The weather was particularly pleasing this year especially after last year’s monsoonal conditions, where Cyclone Ita was causing havoc in North Queensland and an enormous amount of rainfall in the Eungella region at that time.

The run commenced from the beautiful precincts of the Eungella Chalet, with runners traversing winding rainforest trails towards Sky Window and Broker River before returning along the National Park Ridge. National Parks & Wildlife, represented by Greg Lennox & Marg Barrett, are to be congratulated on the spectacularly maintained trails, steps, bridges, etc…which made for excellent trail running conditions.

Several intrastate runners attended the event, including Airlie Beach’s sixteen year old Lloyd Clode-Roberts who took line honours in one hour 38min 38 sec ahead of Hamilton Island’s Steve Jackson (1:39:04) and Mareeba’s Paolo La Penna (1:41:36).

First female Ashley Davies had an outstanding run, breaking the tape five minutes clear of fast finishing Alanna Ford (2:01:01) followed by an excellent performance by huge improver on the local running scene, Robyn Madill (2:09:32).

There were many awesome performances by the runners including Age Category winners Jose Short, Wendy Downes, Rebecca Blines, Mirta Parenza, Danielle Cahill, Scott McIntosh, Lee Taylor, Mark McFadzen, Andy List and Ricky Parker.

Winner of the ‘Most Muddy’ Trophy was a hotly contested affair at last year’s event, however, Matt Stevens had no qualms this year in awarding it again to a very ‘dirty’ Glenn Baker. Glenn was very excited to take out the prestigious award for the second year running, once again claiming he had “trained hard” with the help of Linda McFadzen and Emma Goodman-Jones. His wife, Karen, was a volunteer at the event this year and was therefore not in contention to vie for the much sought after award, however, she was very ‘proud’ of her husband’s achievements.

To check out the full list of overall and age category winners – www.eungellatrailrun.com

Race organisers would love to acknowledge the generous support of sponsors, partners and volunteers……including major sponsors Bank of Queensland (Canelands Branch), M-Test, Ace Panel & Paint, Zambrero Healthy Mexican Restaurant, Field Engineers and Financial Linx.   Many thanks also for the hospitality of the Eungella Chalet and talented singer, Nikki Vella-Power.

Mackay Road Runners 5 & 10km

April 5 2015

Last Sunday’s Easter long weekend Mackay Road Runners 5km  & 10km social run was hosted by the awesome restaurant, Zambrero’s in Gordon Street.  Peter Quinn and his obliging staff had yummy discounted treats on offer for over fifty runners and their families.  The very humid conditions did nothing to stop the participants enjoy the specialised Mexican menu after they completed their individual events.  Many thanks once again to Zambrero’s for their support at this Easter event and sponsoring the Eungella Trail run this weekend.

Club President, Tim Magoffin welcomed runners before giving a course description which took runners from the inner City onto the Bluewater Trail towards the Botanic Gardens and return. The extremely warm weather was evident as runners sweated up a storm, specifically, Paul Tilse who carried the 2.5km and 5km turnaround witch’s hat markers back to the finish line as part of his run.

The social run saw many excellent performances, including  Jose Short, John (Rocky) Rodden, Ulrika Widdowson, Martin Lambert, Brendan Bishop, Laine Shaw, Andy List, Russel van Den Bosch, Bernadine McKinnon, Lee Taylor, Karla Hook, Carmel Mahon, Jenna Bugeja, Ashlee Scott, Robyn Madill, Chris Colwill, Ross Connor, Tim Caddy, Layla Sanders, Travis Mumford, Jade Bidgood, Jamie Sanders and Hayden Connor.

Runners are now looking forward to this weekend’s social Eungella Half Marathon Trail Run commencing from the Eungella Chalet.   Nominations are still being accepted up until Wednesday 8th April.

Runners are also reminded that the 7th June BMA Mackay Marina Run registrations are now open with a choice of events to suit everyone – 21.1km, 8km, 5km, junior 3km and 5km Corporate Challenge Team event.

For further information on any of the Club’s events including out of own runs eg Stamford Financial Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon (May), Whitehaven Half Marathon (June), check out the calendar or Facebook; ph the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

All runners whether members or casual runners are welcome to attend any of the Club’s regular weekly events.

PS Congratulations Mackay Road Runners Darren Binstead and Paul Arvidson who completed the enormous task of a full Ironman Triathlon event in Melbourne recently. Both runners suffered stomach bugs and injury woes throughout the event, but unbelievably managed to cross the finish line in very respectable times.

Rural View 5 & 10km

March 29 2015

Mackay Road Runners, once again had an outstanding attendance at last Sunday’s 5km & 10km Rural View run.  The 4.30pm handicap start race was a challenging event, thoroughly enjoyed by all, even with the many serious undulations, which included circling the Rural View lookout twice in the 10km race.  The warm conditions were slightly less intimidating due to the welcoming cloud cover throughout the entire event.

Excellent work by the Timekeepers, James Magoffin, Sandra Henderson, Angie Furdek and Andy List, who ensured that all runners were set off on their individual handicaps. The handicap concept is that the slower runners get to head out first with the faster runners having to chase them down, ultimately to all cross the line simultaneously.  Due to the friendly competitiveness of the runners, this made for very interesting sprints towards the later stages to the finish line by many of the competitors, with genuine comradery after they crossed the line, as they congratulated each other for their awesome efforts in pushing each other over the very testing course.

Jamie Sanders had an outstanding run in the 5km event, being the fastest overall in a sensational 17 minutes 34 seconds, just nine seconds ahead of Jade Bidgood and Aidan Donnollan (23:21)  The hills certainly were a tough test of their stamina, however, the youngsters clearly succeeded as they ran some of their best times over the varying undulations.

Rachel Silvestri continued her excellent form coming in third overall and first female in 21 minutes 8 seconds, ahead of fast finishing Lauren Morgan (22:55) and Layla Sanders (24:57). Excellent running by the junior girls as they toughed it out over the hilly terrain.

Other excellent performances in the 5km included Hamish Donnallan, Paige Stolberg, Zoe Bidgood, Lino Miotto, Palmira Brooks, Leanne Connor and Lainie Shaw.  Great to see the return of Ray Barratt, but sad to see that Steven Vincent will be leaving us for the Sunny Coast in the next week, both doing extremely well in their 5km outing.

Shawn Claydon had a tough task on his hands as the highest handicapped runner in the 10km, therefore the final starter.  However, this did not deter Shawn (he loves a challenge), sprinting from the gun, surging on the hilly ascents and scorching the descents to record the fastest time of the day in 36 minutes 25 seconds, well clear of a speedy Andy List (40:02) and Brad Allen (41:53).  Derek Woods had an awesome run, clocking 43:50 ahead of Greame Harris (44:19) and fast finishing Tim Magoffin (44:22).

Ashlee Scott’s 10km efforts were sensational as she blitzed the course in 42:04, coming in fourth overall, four minutes ahead of current Female Club Champion, Carmel Mahon, with Vicki Vickers a further two and a half minutes in deficit.  Karla Hook (50:58), Karen Low (51:03) and Jose Short (51:37) ran exceptionally well to record excellent times so early in the season.

Others to run well over the two lap technical course were Marie Muscat, Melissa Rich, Melissa Harris, Jane Ada, Chris Webb, Jan Smith, Ulrika Widdowson, Bernadine McKinnon, Erin Safe, Karlee Hayden, Heath Lagerche, Cooper Rath, Alex Anderson, Paul Tilse, Stuart Sprott, David Vincent, Martin Lambert, Simon Henderson, Andrew Short, Russell Van Den Bosch, Peter Quinn and Samat Widdup.

Mackay Road Runners Zambreros Burrito Bolt is an event NOT to be missed this Sunday afternoon at 4.30pm from Zambreros Restaurant, 47 Gordon Street.  The social 5 & 10km run will be hosted by Zambreros with special yummy food and drinks on offer post-race.   Zambreros, Peter Quinn has generously offered to host the inaugural event on Easter Sunday, so if you’re looking for a run (or not) and awesome treats with a difference, this one is for you…..bring the family and enjoy a great afternoon.

There will also be several social no cost training groups meeting up over the Easter weekend – Friday and Saturday at 5am from the Mackay Surf Club, Sunday 5am from the Woolworths carpark Northern Beaches and an out of town hilly run from the Kuttabul mountain precincts….for further info, phone Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Many thanks to race day volunteers and to results co-ordinator, Andy List for efficiently ensuring the event runs as smoothly as it does for all our members…..so much appreciated. For results and further info, check out the calendar.

Slade Point Club Championship 5 & 16km

March 22 2015

Mackay Road Runners held it’s second Club Championship race of the year last Sunday with a 5km Junior and 16km Senior road race from the Magoffin residence located just before the beautiful Slade Point foreshore and parkland at the Northern end of Slade Point Road. Perfect running conditions greeted over seventy runners at 6am, however, it didn’t take long for the heat to take effect in the middle to later stages of the event.

The Bernie Banton Foundation (Asbestos Cancer – Mesothelioma) was the standout winner of the day with Fundraiser, Matt Britton running in memory of his Dad, Tony, who passed away from the deadly disease. Last year Matt ran from Mackay to Moranbah via the Eungella ranges, raising much needed funds for the worthy cause.  Matt will be running the tough course once again this year, maybe in reverse (ie Moranbah to Mackay) in a bid to heavily boost funds for the foundation. Mackay Road Runners were ecstatic to help out with donations from the Club Championship run to assist his cause.

Jamie Sanders blitzed the 5km field sneaking under nineteen minutes by less than one second. His sensational run was nearly a full minute ahead of second placed Ricky Parker (20:48) with Ross Connor (21:15) snatching third ahead of his son, Hayden (21:46).

Ashlee Scott was the fastest female in the 5km and second overall, scorching over the course in just over twenty minutes, with rising junior talent, Rachel Silvestri crossing the line second in twenty-two minutes even. Layla Sanders (23:26) rounded out the final podium placings ahead of Jo Hughes, Alison Friswell and Aimee Santacaterina.

Awesome running by other 5km competitors in the humid conditions including Mark Pashalis, Daniel Stampa, Christine Fraser, Bernadine McKinnon, Di Cluelee, Jenny Harmer, Cilla Martland, Palmira Brooks and Tracey Gray.

Shawn Claydon’s excellent endurance ability over 16km once again surpassed the talented field of runners taking gold and maximum Club Championship points ahead of second placed ultra-marathon runner and recent Six Foot Track 45km runner, Andy List.  Claydon’s time of one hour and five seconds was five minutes clear of the fast finishing Andy with Greame Harris (1:09:53) scoring a great third placing two minutes clear of Derek Woods (4th). Greg O’Neill finished only six seconds behind Derek followed by Lindsey Wiggins, Shane Donnollan, Sandy Strong and Martin Lambert. Martin, who is also a Six Foot Track 45km competitor, performed exceptionally well only 8 days after the gruelling event.

Eighth overall and first female, Carmel Mahon (1:13:40) ran a perfect race holding out Alana Ford (1:16:07) and Vicki Vickers (1:16:46) for valuable overall club championship points. Karen Low (1:22:25) also had an outstanding run after her Six Foot Track encounter finishing fourth ahead of a great run by Julie Whibley (1:24:41).  Janelle Tilse (1:27:25) was rapt to finish in 6th after her Six Foot Track efforts the previous weekend only six seconds ahead of sizzling in form Jose Short.

Congratulations to all competitors in the 16km as the humid conditions played havoc on the steamy track from Slade Point Road and beyond to the Lamberts Beach Esplanade and return…..Andrew Short, Scott McIntosh, Simon Henderson, Greg Coulson, Peter Wright, Peter Ford, Ulrika Widdowson, Paul Tilse, Peter Quinn, Brendan Bishiop, Anna Ryan, Karla Hook, Karen Baker, Robyn Madill, Russell Van Den Bosch, Glen Baker, Mellisa Gaviglio, Emily Wicks, Glynis Forse, Mel Rich, John Rodden, Stuart Sprott,  Jan Smith, Adrian and Lizette McNichol.

Many thanks to hosts Tim & Sandra Magoffin for supplying the unrivalled famously sumptuous ‘Bacon and Egg McGoffins’ and opening up their home to the many competitors.  Race day volunteers as usual were a very valuable part of the success of the event, congratulations to Steven & David Vincent, Karen Baker, Andrew Short,  Kate, James and Matthew Magoffin, Sandra Magoffin and race director, Tim Magoffin.

Thank you to the runners for registering early prior to racing…this is an integral part of getting the race underway on time and give our exceptional volunteers time to ready themselves to run.  The Club will be strictly enforcing this ruling in future with registrations definitely closing 10 minutes prior to race time so that the electronic timing devices can be set to go on time. This greatly assists our Handicapper/Results Co-ordinator in compiling results in a timely fashion on the website for all members to view asap.   If runners are unable to meet the ten minute cut-off, they are of course still able to run, but their time will not be recorded in that instance.

For further info on any of our exciting upcoming events, check out the calendar or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 743.

45km Ultra Marathon – Katoomba to Jenolan Caves

March 16 2015

Finishers of the 6 Foot Track 45km ultra marathon race in the NSW Blue Mountains (Katoomba to Jenolan Caves) last Saturday.

A limited number of approximately 1000 runners were sent off in wave starts and great weather.

Left to right – Andy List (4hrs 37min and 12th in age category) , Martin Lambert (5hrs 31mins), Matt Stevens (6hrs 14 min), Karen Low (6hrs 09min) and Janelle Tilse (5hrs 56 min and 9th in age category).

The race record was broken by male and female winners – Stu Gibson (3hrs 14mins) and Hanny Allston (3hrs 34min)….Hanny was outright 9th. An ex Mackay runner, now living in Brisbane, David Bellamy did 4hrs 35 mins and amazingly finished after he had a huge tumble and broke a rib at about 12km.

It was a great event, if you would like more information, check their website www.sixfoot.com

Queens Park 5km Club Championship

March 8 2015

Ninety-seven runners braved the steamy conditions to contest the first Mackay Road Runners Club Championship race of the year….the Queens Park 5km.  The very humid conditions saw runners find it difficult to ramp up the pace especially in the final stages of the race where the sea breezes were behind them.

Shawn Claydon showed the field a clean pair of heels as he scorched over the course to score maximum overall Club Champion points, hitting the tape first in seventeen minutes thirteen seconds ahead of Ryan Palazzi, Jade Bidgood and Damien Savige.  Outstanding runner, Ryan, not being a Club Member will not collect Club Championship points in this instance, therefore, fourth placed Damien Savige rounded out the top three podium placings, followed by Andy List, Jamie Sanders, Derek Woods, Shane Donnollan, Ricky Parker, Michael Feenaghty, Greame Harris, Hayden Connor, Lindsey Wiggins, Scott McIntosh and Martin Lambert.

Ashlee Scott was in blistering form as she claimed first for the females and sixth overall in nineteen minutes thirty-six seconds.  Fourteen year old Rachel Silvestri (21:11) was outstanding, claiming second place ahead of fast finishing Carmel Mahon (21:14) with Jenna Bugeja closing in for fourth twelve seconds later. Layla Sanders, Paris Santacaterina, Nikki Giles, Vicki Vickers, Lauren Morgan and Anna Ryan rounded out the top ten girls.

Awesome running by many other athletes in the testing conditions including, Jose Short, Peter Ford, Julie Whibley, Brendan Bishop, Peter Quinn, Emily Wicks, Glynis Forse, Christine Fraser, Madonna Burgess, Flynn Wilson, Aimee Santacaterina, Adrian McNichol, Julie Kliese, Leyton McNichol, Danielle Burgess, Lizette McNichol, Hunter Johns, Leon Barben, Travis Mumford, Danielle Burgess and Emma Barben.

Josh Eisemann was clearly enjoying himself way too much as he easily chatted to the cheering photographer along East Gordon Street…..however, once he hits his straps, Paul Tilse will need to be on the lookout.

Many thanks to all the wonderful volunteers – Course markers; race set up/trailer keeper (Andrew Short); Results co-ordinator (Andy List); President and race compere (Tim Magoffin), Registrar (Karen Baker), Timekeepers (Linda McFadzen, Angie Furdek and Shane Ward), watergirl (Lani) and random draw barrell girl (Agnes Farmer), etc…..

This weekend’s Club event will be The Ocean International 4/8km from Quota Park at the beach end of Bridge Road at 5pm.  Runners are urgently reminded that registering for the race will close at 4.45pm sharp so that the volunteers can warm up for their race….you are still welcome to run, however, Member’s times will not be officially recorded.

Best wishes to five Mackay Road Runners who are travelling to the NSW Blue Mountains this weekend to tackle the Six Foot Track 45km from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves…….Karen Low, Martin Lambert, Andy List, Matt Stevens and Janelle Tilse.

Results for Members for the 5km Club Champion race have been updated onto the Club website by our very efficient Results/Handicapper, Andy List.

Tilse Toddle 5 & 10k

March 1 2015

The Mackay Road Runners Club hosted yet another successful event where over eighty runners congregated on the normally quiet streets of West Mackay. The very warm conditions prevailed for the first 5km loop, however temperatures did drop slightly in the second 5km loop much to the delight of the 10km entrants.

Club President, Tim Magoffin welcomed the excited crowd of new and existing runners, who were also invited to stay post-race for yummy treats supplied by the host and awesome cooks – Angie Furdek, Karen Low and Jo Hughes.

Course marker, Glenn Baker, set a great course which had to be altered from previous years due to road construction works at Bridge Road. Many thanks to him and his wife, Karen for skilfully negotiating the streets on their bikes to get an exact 5/10km route.

Excellent running by Jade Bidgood to take out the 5km event with Ashlee Scott scoring first for the girls, both clocking under twenty minutes in the stifling conditions. Great running by a very strong contingent of 5km competitors, including Lauren Morgan, Mel Rich, Hayden Connor, Karen Baker, Karen Low, Alison Friswell, Ella Donnollan, Hamish Donollan, Aidan Donnollan, Glynis Force, Leanne Connor, Stephanie Allen, Linda McFadzen, Angie Furdek, Jo Hughes, Brendan Bishop and Julie Whibley.

Shawn Claydon was in sensational form to sprint the 10km event, taking first place ahead of talented triathlete, Ryan Palazzi and speedster, Stuart Cameron. Also in excellent form, Andy List was not far off the pace, as was Derek Woods, Greame Harris, Lindsey Wiggins, Ross Connor, Tim Caddy, Sam Widdup and Scott McIntosh.

The race for first place in the female 10km was a tightly fought affair between Carmel Mahon and Jenna Bugeja, racing shoulder to shoulder for the majority of the event.  Carmel was the eventual victor with Jenna taking second ahead of fast finishing Alana Ford.  Melissa Harris, Jose Short, Robyn Madill, Chris Webb-Smith and newcomer Laine Shaw all showed great stamina to complete the 10km event in very respectable times.

Many thanks to race day volunteers – Stuart Sprott, Andrew Short, Rachel Bidgood, Glenn Baker, Shane Ward, Karen Baker, Tim Magoffin, Andy List and Paul Tilse.

Runners are now looking forward to this weekend’s running selection – 2 x 5km events….. Friday night at 6pm Mackay Marina Run Launch with a Twilight run from The Bluewater Quay, supporting the Leukaemia Foundation with registration from 5pm…..and  Sunday 5pm at Queens Park Rotunda, Goldsmith Street for the first Club Championship race on the Mackay Road Runners program.

Runners are encouraged to become Members asap so that they can start accruing points towards Club Championship and Handicap races throughout the year and be in contention for open and age category awards at the Presentation night in October…. www.mackayroadrunners.com.au or ph the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 997 432.

Harbour Breakwater 5 & 10k

February 22 2015

Mackay Road Runners hosted yet another successful event with approximately seventy runners signing on across both events.  The Harbour Breakwater 5km  & 10km course had to be altered at the last minute due to a closure at the halfway point on the breakwater road whereby the road sustained some damage from Cyclone Marcia.  This turned the course into a three loop event enabling runners to add a little extra or less to their chosen event.

With the hottest February day since 1956, runners sensibly adjusted their running attitudes to suit the conditions.  The oppressive conditions were lightened somewhat by a late afternoon storm which gave slight relief to the humid conditions.

Professional Triathlete, Ryan Palazzi was the stand out performer in the longer event, blitzing the field ahead of his closest rivals Damien Savige and Stuart Cameron.  Great running also came from talented veteran, Andy List who had a huge weekend of running training in the lead up to his Six Foot Track 45km event to be held in three weeks in the NSW Blue Mountains (Katoomba to Jenolan Caves). Off season tapering benefited several runners including Tim Caddy, Merv Shields and Josh Eiseman who all performed extremely well in the challenging conditions.

Champion runner, Ashlee Scott also proved her class to place first for the girls and second overall.  Her outstanding performance appeared easy for the twenty year old, as she cruised over the 11km course ahead of 2014 Female Club and Handicap Champion, Carmel Mahon.  New runner to town, Alanna Ford showed she will be a force to be reckoned with this year, with her third placing and very consistent running in recent events. Alanna comes from a fine family of talented athletes, including Dad and Club Captain Jim; sister, Anthea and brothers Alex and Peter.  Huge improvers, Melissa Harris and Anna Ryan will be ones to watch this year as well, with very solid performances by the girls in their couple of outings on the road.

Many thanks to race day volunteers including water stop, timekeepers, registrar, trailer keeper, etc….so much appreciated!

This Sunday’s Tilse Toddle event will be a handicap 5km & 10km from 24 Johnson Street, West Mackay at 5pm.  Runners are requested to arrive 30 minutes prior to 5pm so they can register for the event and racing can commence 5pm sharp.   Runners are also invited to stay for post-race refreshments and yummy treats.

Runners are also reminded to check out the club’s website calendar for info on the Club’s events and to become a member for a very reasonable cost for adults, juniors and families.  The Club hosts weekly Sunday events from February to October with many social, no cost training group options throughout the week.  For further info, please phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Shields Stampede 5 & 12k

February 15 2015

New Zealand marathon runner, based in Mackay for the last couple of years (we’ll claim her as a local), Victoria Beck has claimed an incredible victory in the Iwaki Sunshine Marathon in Japan last weekend, scoring herself a gold medal in the gruelling event in a sensational time of 2 hours 47 minutes 38 seconds.  The arduous course was particularly tough due to the weather conditions, however the reigning Queenstown Marathon champion obviously loves a challenge, winning by more than four minutes.  Victoria has done extremely well and is an awesome athletic talent.

Meanwhile, locally, last Sunday’s afternoon showers did not deter approximately seventy runners from enjoying the annual Shields Stampede 5 &12k event from Karl Langer Crescent, Mount Pleasant.  Life Members of the club, Merv & Wendy were the generous hosts of the event as well as offering yummy post-race treats as an excellent reward for the runners’ efforts….much appreciated by all.

Runners also enjoyed the challenging course which included the relatively flat suburbs of Beaconsfield and Andergrove before a series of testing hills in the final kilometres throughout Mount Pleasant’s Norris Road, Bona Vista Drive and Annie Wood Avenue towards the finish line at Karl Langer Crescent.  Scratch racing starts will operate for the next couple of weeks, so that Timekeeper/Handicapper, Andy List,  can allocate official handicaps to all members. Then, when the Club conducts handicap start races, all runners will have staggered starts ie slower runners will start ahead of the speedy ones…this then gives the slower runners the opportunity to place highly in an event and the faster runners the opportunity to chase down the frontrunners.

Club President, Tim Magoffin welcomed new and existing runners to the first handicap points run of the year, in addition to reminding all participants to register online as a Member by the end of February so that they can accrue points asap for all handicap and club championship races towards end of year trophies for open and age category awards.

Many thanks to race day volunteers Julie Whibley, Ross, Leanne and Hayden Connor on waterstop and timekeeping – awesome to have such great members of the club selflessly offering their services so others can run.  Volunteer Co-ordinator, Paul Tilse, will be drawing up a roster of weekly race day volunteers – let him know which run you can assist with….all help, big or small is much appreciated.

This Sunday’s 5/10km Martel Marina Sprint event commences 5.30pm from the Lighthouse precincts….runners are to ensure they are registered by 5.15pm sharp thus allowing our wonderful volunteers to have the opportunity to warmup before the event. Runners must wear a race number, so do not forget to bring one if you have it.  To ensure the safety of all on race day, runners must listen carefully to the course description and any advices given by the Race Director. It is the responsibility of all runners to arrive in sufficient time and be aware of the racing guidelines.  We love to run and want everyone to thoroughly enjoy all our events.

Mackay Road Runners welcomes Members and casual day runners to any of the club’s events…check us out on facebook; our calendar; ph Janelle 0400 99 7432 or the Secretary 0403 344 289

Lighthouse Warm Up

February 8 2015

Mackay Road Runners had a huge day out last Sunday, starting with a very busy and successful Mackay Regional Council Sports Expo and Sign on from 8am to 1pm, then their first event on the 2015 official Program later in the afternoon from the Harbour boat ramp carpark, which was attended by approximately 100 runners.

Runners enjoyed a rare opportunity to use the beautiful Harbour breakwater for the first run on the formal calendar.  The strong breezes made for tough running in some directions, but was favourably appreciated by the participants in the extremely warm conditions.

President, Tim Magoffin, welcomed many new and returning runners for an exciting year of running including an enormous selection of opportunities for runners to test their abilities locally, interstate and internationally. Tim warmly thanked Club Captain, Jim Ford and crew for a sensational offseason program filled with some challenging run formats over varying terrains and distances in readiness for the 2015 year. Tim also thanked the wonderful band of volunteers who helped set up on the Saturday and volunteer throughout the day at the Sports Expo…..very much appreciated.

Runners can now look forward to the first handicap point’s race this Sunday, the Shield’s Stampede at 5.30pm from 21 Karl Langer Crescent, Mt Pleasant.  This very popular run is on earlier this year, however the 5/12km route will still be the same, as well as the awesome hospitality of hosts and Club Life Members,  Merv & Wendy Shields.  Merv & Wendy are very well respected members of the Club and community,  who continue to very generously support the Club in so many ways.  Runners are invited to bring a small plate of goodies to share post-race in the very congenial surroundings of the Shield’s residence.

Runners are reminded to wear their race numbers and to sign on at least 15 minutes prior to start time.  Casual non-member runners will be issued a  race day number, however their race time will not be recorded due to time restraints on the volunteer  timekeepers prior to the race and at the finish line.  However, to ensure that you have your race time officially recorded and enjoy the benefits of being a club member, go to the Club’s website and join up for a very reasonable $55 per adult for a whole year of running from February through to October.

Members are also invited to attend the monthly committee meetings which are held 5.30pm on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Haynes Mechanical Boardroom, Paget.  Mackay Road Runners appreciate that we have so many willing and supportive members to ensure the ongoing success and growth of the Club.

For any further details, check out the calendar or phone the Secretary 0403 344 289 or Janelle 0400 99 7432.

North Wall to Lamberts Beach 8km

February 1 2015

Last Sunday afternoon, Mackay Road Runners hosted it’s last off season social run from the Harbour North Wall before the formal 2015 program commencing this Sunday. Over fifty runners enjoyed the perfect cooling sea breezes, whilst still very warm, was certainly less humid as in previous weeks.

The course consisted of a series of undulating sand dunes towards the Lamberts Beach Lookout with options to come back the same route or via the beautiful beach.  Club Captain, Jim Ford designed the course, which held many variables, so that all runners’ abilities were catered for.

Jim thanked the runners for their support of the off-season social training events and more specifically towards a generous cash donation from one of the runners.  The ace runner and his family are great supporters and well respected members of the Club and community. The Club allocated the funds towards celebratory post run drinks, fruit, chocolates, cookies, etc at the final run, which was very much appreciated by all.

Runners are now looking forward to the first 5km social run of the formal season, commencing this Sunday at 5.30pm from the Harbour Lighthouse Boat ramp car park precincts, although runners should be aware that depending on the activity of the boat car park, the start may commence from the Old Mulherin Park.    Runners are requested to arrive approx 30 minutes prior to racing so they can sign on with the timekeepers in plenty of time before the official start time.  Members are also invited to join up on line via the Registration page.

Mackay Road Runners will also be at the MECC this Sunday from 9am to 1pm at the Mackay Regional Council’s Sports Expo…..come and check out what we have to offer as there will be many eager roadrunners to assist any queries.  Many thanks to all the volunteers who are helping out on the day, the Club appreciates your support.

For further information on any of the Club’s events, check out the calendar or phone the club secretary on 0403 344 289 or  Janelle 0400 99 7432 or “SEE YOU AT THE EXPO!”

Australia Day Social

January 26 2015

Mackay Road Runners celebrated the Australia Day Long weekend with a series of social training sessions throughout the beautiful region.

Ultra marathon runner, Andy List shared his birthday with Australia’s, so nothing was more fitting for the awesome running machine than slotting in a long training run first up in the morning taking in over 20 kilometres of the City’s streets, Bluewater and Sandfly Creek trails.  Several of his training buddies, as usual, were there to support him including Martin Lambert, Karen Low, Simon Henderson, Glenn Baker and Sandy Strong. Andy and four other local runners are in training for the Six Foot Track 45km run through the Blue Mountains, New South Wales in March, so they have been tackling some serious hill trails in a bid to take on the Katoomba to Jenolan Caves iconic run.

Meanwhile, locally, the Mackay Road Runners will be in attendance at the Mackay Regional Council’s Sports Expo at the MECC on Sunday 8th February as well as commencing its first social run on the formal 2015 running program that afternoon at the Harbour.

Mackay Road Runners have a series of Signature Events throughout the year, including the Eungella Half Marathon Trail Run (April), BMA Mackay Marina Run (June), Eungella King of the Mountain (July), The Magic Mile (August) and the Benita Willis 10k (September) as well as a series of Club Championship events.  Mackay Road Runners also support several out of town events including the Stamford Financial Hamilton Island Half Marathon, The (Whitsunday Great Walk) Conway Circuit 28k, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Townsville, Ayr and Airlie running festivals.  Runners can then attend specific events if they choose with very supportive training tips and groups to assist them reach their goals.

Mackay Road Runners would be ecstatic to welcome all new and existing members to join in their weekly events throughout the coming year….the Club’s focus is to cater to all abilities, offering varying race distance options.   Interested persons are welcome to check out the Mackay Road Runners calendar for further information or ph Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Australia Day Social

January 26 2015

Mackay Road Runners celebrated the Australia Day Long weekend with a series of social training sessions throughout the beautiful region.

Ultra marathon runner, Andy List shared his birthday with Australia’s, so nothing was more fitting for the awesome running machine than slotting in a long training run first up in the morning taking in over 20 kilometres of the City’s streets, Bluewater and Sandfly Creek trails.  Several of his training buddies, as usual, were there to support him including Martin Lambert, Karen Low, Simon Henderson, Glenn Baker and Sandy Strong. Andy and four other local runners are in training for the Six Foot Track 45km run through the Blue Mountains, New South Wales in March, so they have been tackling some serious hill trails in a bid to take on the Katoomba to Jenolan Caves iconic run.

Meanwhile, locally, the Mackay Road Runners will be in attendance at the Mackay Regional Council’s Sports Expo at the MECC on Sunday 8th February as well as commencing its first social run on the formal 2015 running program that afternoon at the Harbour.

Mackay Road Runners have a series of Signature Events throughout the year, including the Eungella Half Marathon Trail Run (April), BMA Mackay Marina Run (June), Eungella King of the Mountain (July), The Magic Mile (August) and the Benita Willis 10k (September) as well as a series of Club Championship events.  Mackay Road Runners also support several out of town events including the Stamford Financial Hamilton Island Half Marathon, The (Whitsunday Great Walk) Conway Circuit 28k, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Townsville, Ayr and Airlie running festivals.  Runners can then attend specific events if they choose with very supportive training tips and groups to assist them reach their goals.

Mackay Road Runners would be ecstatic to welcome all new and existing members to join in their weekly events throughout the coming year….the Club’s focus is to cater to all abilities, offering varying race distance options.   Interested persons are welcome to check out the Mackay Road Runners calendar for further information or ph Janelle 0400 99 7432.

Harbour to Mt Bassett Social

January 18 2015

Mackay Road Runners had a very impressive rollup of nearly forty runners for the 9km Harbour to Mt Bassett social training run last Sunday afternoon.  Runners met at the Old Mulherin Park to run an easy 1.5km to the base of Mt Bassett before completing a series of hill repeats. The extremely humid conditions were very daunting, but the hardy runners ran exceptionally well to tackle the arduous course format set by Club Captain, Jim Ford.

Front markers, Shane Ward and Shawn Claydon had the enormous task of leading the pack and the massive responsibility of being the whistle-blowers, letting runners know when it was time for them to turn and head back to the summit of Mt Bassett. Jim set the field a challenge to complete each repeat as a group by the finish line, however, with each ascent, runners certainly felt the effects of the humidity as they began to tire in the testing conditions.

Andy List, Martin Lambert and Karen Low performed extremely well after a tough hill training session on the same morning, as did Scott McIntosh, Samat Widdup, Andrew Short, Bill Robinson, Noel Barnett, Peter Ford, Ross Connor, Carmel Mahon, Greg Coulson, Robyn Madill, Mark Pashalis, Karen Baker, Ulrika Widdowson, Jo Hughes, Ange Furdek, Glenn Baker, Daren Galea, Karlee Hayden and Donna Rath.. A big welcome to new runners, Di Clulee, Emily Wicks, Jenny Harmer, Heath La Gerche and Shane Ward and to returning runners, Kim Saron, Mellisa Gaviglio, Jess Rath and Cooper Rath.  Runners were then treated to post race yummy treats of a selection of fruits, cake, lollies and cookies to replenish their energy stores.

This Sunday runners are to meet at the Magpies Sporting Complex carpark at 5.30pm for a run with a difference.  As usual, Jim Ford has a plan!  Runners don’t take their watches, but have to estimate the point where they need turn to reach the finish line as close to the 54 minute mark.  The run is of a very casual nature of course, this is only a suggested outline, as runners can do whatever distance they choose, depending on their abilities at that time. All new and existing runners are very welcome to attend and to check out the Club’s calendar or ph Janelle 0400 99 7432 for further info.

The formal running program commences in a few weeks…..the 2015 Club registrations are now open online at the above address, with registrations due by the end of February.

Base Hospital 5 & 10km Social

January 11 2015

Mackay Road Runners social 5/10km training run held last Sunday afternoon from the Base Hospital car park was well attended with over fifty runners enjoying the voluntary handicap concept.  The cooling breezes were a welcome relief in the extremely humid conditions as runners left the Hospital precincts to tackle the Bluewater Trail and beyond.

Kristian Safe was the official timekeeper and also child-minder to his little baby, Axel, whilst his wife Erin joined the huge crowd of runners who had to then judge for themselves their estimated time of arrival.  The Jim Ford designed course, once again had a unique spin, with the winner being the closest runner crossing the finish line on seventy minutes. Most of the runners were way off their ‘guesstimation’, but winner Bill Robinson ran very well to take the coveted prize of a large Toberlone, to be presented to him next week. Bill was ecstatic with the win, stating his wife will probably be enticed to come next week now!

Mackay Road Runners welcome all runners to come to any of their events, there’s a distance to cater for everyone.  The off season runs are of a very casual nature, with no pressure to do the whole distance, only what their capabilities allow.  The Club would like to remind all runners, experienced or not, to ensure that they are hydrating sufficiently, especially in the very humid conditions.  This also means, throughout the week as well as on your running days and post exercise. Congratulations to all runners on their participation, including runners who achieved distances further than they have ever run before.

This Sunday’s casual training group run commences 5.30pm from the Harbour Lighthouse (boat ramp) with varying distances included up to 10km.  There are also other informal training groups on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday mornings at various locations and Wednesday at 6pm from the Bluewater Quay.

The formal 2015 Mackay Road Runners Program commences mid-February, check out the calendar for further info or ph Janelle 0400 99 7432 or the Club Secretary 0403 344 289.

Hobart Cadbury Marathon & Half Marathon

January 11 2015

Shawn Claydon (pictured) racing in the Hobart Cadbury Marathon (42.2km) this morning. Shawn placed 5th overall and first in his age, running a sensational 2hrs 45 min over the very hilly two lap course.  Another local runner, Martin Lambert cruised over the half marathon (21.1k) course to clock 1hr 37min.  Both runners found the cooler conditions to their liking and a welcome break from the North Queensland humidity.

10km Plant Paget Social Run

January 4 2015

Approximately forty runners participated in the casual off season 10km Plant Paget run from the Paget Industrial Estate, South Mackay last Sunday afternoon.

With stormy rain clouds looming, runners enjoyed yet another unique course strategically designed by Club Captain, Jim Ford.  In the absence of Jim, Paul Tilse organised street maps, placed specially marked cards and pens at various business locations throughout the suburb.  Teams of two runners then followed directions via their maps searching for the specific symbol found at each location.  Jim had given Paul strict instructions that he hold the symbol master card and the winners were the runners who had the most symbols in the exact position on their cards as the master card….sounds complicated….. well it wasn’t really!  The runners enjoyed the concept and found that they had run ten kilometres in no time at all due to the casual nature of the event and their mind being occupied with thoughts of finding locations instead of just pounding the pavement. There was a tie between four teams, but they were all happy to share the prizes anyway.

A surprise guest at the event was Mackay Road Runners Life Member, Charlie Martel who was on holiday in Mackay for a few days.  Charlie is a running legend within the local community holding many Club records including the Eungella King of the Mountain, an event he has won thirteen times.  Charlie, who now lives in Brisbane, caught up with many of his old road running mates and for once, was not last to leave an event!

This Sunday’s off season, social run commences 5.30pm from the Base Hospital carpark – all new and existing runners most welcome to attend, with distances to suit varying abilities.

Club committee meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, with the first one for 2015 being 12th January, however, all club members are welcome to attend as well as committee Members.

The 2015 official running program is located on the calendar or you are welcome to phone Janelle 0400 99 7432.