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Handicap Championship

Handicap Intent

  • The concept for handicap start races is that a perfect race is everyone finishing at the same time. Handicaps are assigned to all runners with races geared toward the slower runners being able to cross the line in front, whilst it being hard for the fast runners to win but still possible. The Club Championships are where the speedy runners have their day! To win the overall Handicap Club Championship the key is to steadily improve your times and get to most races.

Handicap Rules

Handicap Start Times

  • Handicap start times aim to bring all runners into the finish together at an adjusted time pace of 6:00 – 6:30/km
  • Each person has a ‘seconds per kilometer’ handicap time
  • Handicap start time is a multiple of handicap time by the race distance.
  • All handicap start times are based on previous runs for each runner
  • Handicap adjustments will be made following each race with generally the top 6 and bottom 6 runners incurring handicap start time adjustments
  • If someone has beaten you in a previous race, it does not automatically mean they have a higher handicap. You may be close to each other and not coming under the handicap adjustment rules.
  • Changes to handicap start times are at the discretion of the Club Handicapper – “sandbagging” before the major handicap trophy events is discouraged and is against the spirit of the club.
  • New Runners Will be eligible for handicap points after 2 runs, thus allowing the handicapper to assess a suitable handicap. For these runs they will have a default 60sec/ km handicap.
  • This also applies to returning runners whose membership has lapsed.
  • New and returning members must complete membership sign up 48 hours prior to the gun time of the next club event in order to be eligible for a timed run and accrue points.

Handicap Point System

  • First finisher based on handicap adjusted time gets 60 points, 2nd 59 points and so on down to 10 points. All runners receive a minimum of 10 points.
  • All those running the long-distance race at each event are awarded points first then those running the shorter distance.
  • New members and returning members who have not completed 2 timed runs in the previous 12 months will receive minimum points (10) for their first 2 runs whilst their handicap start time is established
  • New and returning members must complete membership sign up 48 hours prior to the gun time of the next club event in order to be eligible for a timed run and accrue points.
  • All Handicap, Scratch Start and Club Championship races accrue points towards the Handicap club championship
  • Overall Handicap Championship will be awarded based on accumulated points, deducting 4 worst results for each runner from the years program (e.g. missed runs, volunteering, bad times).
  • The HC Championship points leaderboard will be published throughout the year up until the end of July. After that the leaderboard is blind until presentation night.

Handicap Awards & T Trophies

The following awards and trophies are presented in the Handicap category at the club presentation dinner

  • Overall Handicap Championship – 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
  • Handicap Events Trophy’s – Andergrove Tavern Handicap and Benita Willis Handicap
Handicap Championship Winners
2018 Kylie Harbour
2017 Carmel Mahon
2016 Stuart Sprott
2015 Andrew Short
2014 Carmel Mahon
2013 Vicki Vickers
2012 Carmel Mahon
2011 Lisa Burns
2010 Martin Lambert
2009 Janelle Tilse
2008 Martin Lambert
2007 Teresa Robinson
2006 Janelle Tilse
2005 Janelle Tilse
2004 Will Higham
2003 Nadine Thomlinson
2002 Shawn Claydon
2001 John Schoneveld
2000 Gary Nixon
1999 Judy Zahn
1998 Gary Nixon
1997 David Forsyth
1996 Janelle Tilse
1995 John Schoneveld
1994 Warrick Ward
1993 Bernadette Forsyth
1992 Les Bushell
1991 Jim Christensen
1990 Gary Nixon
1989 Warrick Ward
1988 D (Skull) Nielsen
1987 J Christensen
1986 Paul King
1985 Rob Saliba
1984 K Brandon
1983 Fred Saliba
1982 Rob Saliba
1981 Fred Farmer
1980 Fred Saliba
1979 Ian Phillips
1978 Fred Saliba